Saturday, February 27, 2010

Arkansas Grand Lodge forbids Masons buying state Masonic license plates

While more and more mainstream state grand lodges seem to be joining the 20th century by accepting the existence of and/or "recognizing" Prince Hall Masons as actually being brother Masons, the grand officers of the Grand Lodge of Arkansas are still being racist asses.

Recently the State of Arkansas began issuing Masonic license plates.

Because these plates are also available to brothers of Prince Hall Masonic lodges in Arkansas, the Grand Master of Arkansas has apparently issued an edict forbidding mainstream Masons in Arkansas from purchasing or displaying an Arkansas Masonic license plate.

Sebastian Lodge No. 706 of Fort Smith, Arkansas currently has this statement atop its homepage:
NOTICE: Grand Lodge has declared that No Freemason of Arkansas is to purchase a Masonic license plate. These are for Prince Hall Masons, which Arkansas considers to be clandestine lodges. Sebastian Lodge does not condone the viewpoint, nevertheless we are to notify everyone of this decision. 2 FEB 2010
Way to go, you redneck racists! You make Georgia look progressive.

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