Friday, October 20, 2006

'No more deviant love for you!'

Despite 17 centuries of the Church's "unofficial" approval of dividing and alienating families, Pope Benedict has finally had to put his foot down.

Yes, after all those years of breaking up families by burning daddy at the stake, twisting kids' minds and abusing kids' bodies at the hands (and mouths) of pervert priests, and making average Christy Catholic into a neurotic with all those rules against divorce and sex while making her wear those cute little Catholic school skirts, the Pope has at last said enough is enough.

Maybe it was the "Priest gets naked with Mark Foley" story that drove the Pope to rally the troops for Family Values.

Earlier today His Holiness spoke in Verona, Italy to a national convention of Italy's politically powerful Roman Catholics. He urged them to defend the traditional family and in an apparent reference to gay marriage said they should oppose any moves to legalize "weak and deviant" unions.

While he did not specifically mention gay marriage, thousands of listeners at the fairgrounds in Verona's outskirts strongly applauded the two parts of his speech about the family and "other forms of unions."

Ironically, he urged them to fight "with determination... the risk of political and legislative decisions that contradict fundamental values and anthropological and ethical principles rooted in human nature." By ironically, I mean, he played the "anthropological principles" card, meaning, I assume, that he thinks it's "natural" for one man and one woman to be married, but yet, denies the right of marriage to his own Christian Soldiers, er, I mean, priests.

The Pope said they had to defend "the family based on matrimony, opposing the introduction of laws on other forms of unions which would only destabilize it and obscure its special character and its social role, which has no substitute."

In another section of his speech, the Pope made another apparent reference to homosexual marriage, stating that the Church had to say "'no' to weak and deviant forms of love."

He said the Church wanted instead to say "'yes' to authentic love, to the reality of man as he was created by God."

Since his election in April 2005, Benedict has firmly backed the Roman Catholic Church's strong opposition to legalizing gay marriage or to legally recognize unwed heterosexual couples.

Studies have shown that the more homophobic a man is, the more likely he is to be a closet homosexual.

More info at The Daily Mail.

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