Monday, June 09, 2008

Sandy Frost wins 'Excellence in Journalism' award for Shriners investigation

For the second year in a row, investigative reporter Sandy Frost and have been honored by the Society of Professional Journalists, this year being awarded second place in the Online Media, Special Report/Enterprise (Original) category for "Shriners Investigation."

Congratulations, Sandy!

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  1. Praise Sandy the Goddess of Truth!!!!!!

  2. Aww, thanks you guys!
    I'd really like to share this second SPJ award w/WS and all of you. As I read the excellent writings here at the Burning Taper, I realize that my investigation is on the right path because what the documents seem to point to is a pattern of behavior that some Shriners act as if they are above the law.
    "Section 101.3(l) of the Imperial Bylaws defines Shrine Law as follows: 'Shrine law
    means the articles of incorporation of the Imperial Council, these bylaws and any general or special orders at the time in effect, but it does not include the law of the land.”
    I don't think that a non profit group is supposed to operate like that. Maybe it's because they are just a bunch of Jesters?
    I had a funny thought the other day.
    What would Albert Pike Do?
    Thanks again and back to work,
    PS. Hey, Cooksey, what if we're all part of "the Goddess of Truth," whether we chose to embrace her or not?

  3. Pike would probably write 256 pages about death march symbolism of the Assyrians and not bother himself about a social club within a club.

    I don't believe Pike was a Shriner, was he?

  4. Well done Sandy,

    As they say the pen is mightier than the sword and you without question have one hell of a pen.

  5. Congratulations for getting rewarded for your biased and unbalanced vitrolic Sandy, and rarely letting the individuals you convict before the justice system does defend themselves. Also, you howl about the Shrine hiding things, while many of your supporters in the GOUSA will reveal little to nothing about their operations, some of which are presumably non-profit. It's also painfully obvious that this is a personal crusade, much in the vein of Limbaugh's crusade against liberals.

    Congrats for getting what you clearly do not deserve, except from a painfully corrupt and profit-oriented news media. I applaud good investagative journalism that does not presume guilt of those innocent until proven so, and attempts to give a voice to both sides of the issue. Your last aricle (at least) did not include even an attempt on your part to talk to the defendants or a Shriner or a Jester-why is that? Of course, we'll anticipate the 'geez, it's good that the laudry's getting aired'. To which I agree, but it should be done with fairness. Not with anger built up over percieved wrongs, which I'm certain you personally feel. It's transparent in your writing.

    Meanwhile, perhaps you should investigate the dark corners of the GOUSA. Maybe you'll scare up some land-grabs and other things. The spiders that look the friendliest are the ones with the most poison.

  6. WHOA, MNISN, who pissed in your Cheerios today? When you follow a thread in investigative journalism it takes you places you never expected to go. When you find a smoking gun what are you going to do, sugar coat it so it doesn't offend the senses or call it like you see it?

    Ask yourself this, what would Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein do.....

  7. I think "Nobody" has some valid points. I'm currently looking forward to more of his views.

  8. "When you find a smoking gun what are you going to do, sugar coat it so it doesn't offend the senses or call it like you see it?"

    Shouldn't an investigative journalist-oh, I don't know-investigate? Who said anything about Sandy offending anyway? I take offense at her journalism that seems to leave out important information and chooses only to represent a SINGLE side. I take no issue with reporting the 'Brazil' matter except to be deeply offended by the PURPORTED actions of those individuals. I do not know the actions to be true until the trial is over, but I can see another possibility. Apparently, Sandy and the unthinking ASSUME it's true. That assumption does not make it so. It's clearly shoddy journalism. Wouldn't you interview a Shriner or a Jester if you were reporting this? I know several news reporters, and they ALWAYS look for a comment from the other side. As they should. ANY journalist with integrity and knowledge will tell you that. Meaning, Miss Frost won't tell you that-she is either without knowledge or integrity or both. She calls for openness when it comes to the Shrine (I agree it should be open) but not when it comes to those who stroke her ego. Yeah, that's REAL integrity. Did anybody know about Brother Theron Dunn's own investigation into Shrine misdeeds before he passed? Of course not. You want to see a smoking gun and not worry if it hit anything.

  9. How about an article on this court case here on the Burning Taper? Isn't this possible land-grab, whether well-intentioned or not, news?

    (following quote from Theron Dunn @ )

    "for the curious, its all a matter of public record.

    Click yes at the bottom
    Under civil on the left, click by case
    For year enter 08
    For case number, enter 649002
    Click the button at the top that says “ALL”"

    Everyone interested in the outcome should read this. Maybe Halcyon thought they were doing the right thing and maybe they did the right thing wrong. Maybe they were convinced into pulling a land-grab by unscrupulous individuals removed from the Southern jurisdictions. Maybe the individuals in the South had been planning this kind of thing for a while. Maybe a scam artist comes with a pleasant demeanor and some knowledge of those he's scamming. Maybe the GL of Ohio is evil. Maybe this could have all been solved if people on both sides, or either side, remembered their oaths. Maybe the members of Halcyon Lodge will be exonerated. Maybe the GL of Ohio will be proven in the right (at least legally). Maybe the outcome of this case will answer some of these maybes. I won't take sides; I don't know enough (except from one side, which apparently is plenty enough for Miss Frost's readers) and I want justice to be served. Maybe that will be done to the detriment of both parties.

  10. This entire Halcyon situation is terrible. There is much that is hard to understand with the takeover of a Lodge. I have never seen something like this happen before. (Doesn't mean it hasn't happened) Many people who were part of the original Masonic Family must be suffering. it must be like losing a home. I could probably understand a few disgruntled members leaving and joining the other group (GOUSA) but not taking the Lodge, it's property and it's charity. I feel that it was also dishonorable for this new group to accept property that is not theirs. How can there bo honor in accpeting something that is obtained in a very questionable manner? Just my opinion. Either way the courts will decide.

    Sincerely & Respectfully,
    Manny Blanco,PM
    Moreno Valley Masonic Lodge # 804
    Moreno Valley, CA
    Grand Lodge of California

  11. O.M.H.? Who owns it? I know one.

    Let the tears flow again.

  12. Halcyon rocks! We're still the #1 lodge in the US of A. :-)

  13. Halcyon is THE Masonic Lodge. Join the revolution! Halcyon Masons work hard and play hard. That's why we're #1 and why we will always be #1.

    Yes, we're the best and we know it. To be a member of Halcyon isn't a right - it's a privilege.

  14. I find it kind of ironic that the same people who bas Ms. Sandy Frost are the same people who applaud Ed King for his "excellent reasearch"

    As always, consider the source.

  15. I find it kind of ironic that the same people who bas Ms. Sandy Frost are the same people who applaud Ed King for his "excellent reasearch"

    As always, consider the source.

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  17. BC,

    The Sandra Frost bashers and Ed King supporters are Hate-Masons. They represent a small faction within Anglo-American Freemasonry that is essentially a hate-group that operates like the KKK.

    I guess Ed King and the Hate-Masons missed the Masonic lecture about Freemasonry being dedicated to the brotherhood of all mankind and not just the lily white boys represented by Ed King, PalmettoBug , MyNameIsStillNobody, etc.


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