Monday, September 14, 2009

Dan Brown's 'The Lost Symbol'

Dan Brown's new novel, The Lost Symbol, hits bookstores tomorrow. Will the wait have been worth it?

He'll sell a zillion copies, probably the first day.

What will be the effect on Freemasonry? Will there be an upswing in people wanting to become Masons? Will there be a groundswell of opposition to Masonry by conspiracy theorists and fundamentalist Christians? What will be the effect on the world?

For fun, go take a look at the "leaked" notes by Dan Brown which our sister site posted over THREE YEARS ago, in anticipation of this book, whose working title, we all thought, was "The Solomon Key."

Tomorrow we'll know if it was all smoke and mirrors.

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  1. Well, he already gave away the bit about drinking wine from a human skull. Just as long as he doesn't let on about the potluck suppers and old couches in the lounge area!

  2. Just finished reading it...

    Very similar to the previous books. You get a decent story in-between the facts they generally spout out at you. Through out I think Brown showed his respect for Freemasonry and knocks off most of the conspiracies... Maybe some of the "Tea-Baggers" might read it and believe it, but for the less crazy it is good read.

  3. I am surprised how many in the masonic community seem so excited about this.

    Someone writes another book that involves Freemasons and includes a bunch of misinformation and many react by saying, "wow! a book about us, I can't wait to read it!"

    These types of novels have been around before. Fantasy novels such as this, just like the Templar connection nonsense should be ignored.

    I disagree with some lodges viewing it as a P.R. opportunity. Why help this guy sell more books?

  4. Someone can call me in a week and let me know if anyone but Masons are talking about this. Though I can guess the answer. We won't hear about it again until they start hyping the post-production-effect-laden movie.

    SD Mason, I'd rather attract new members for what we are, not what they think we are in a novel.


  5. Justa,
    You, really want more people to join for the mysoginistic old men, stale doughnuts and coffee?

  6. Got it and already read 7 Chapters....its GOOD!!!! I love the way Brown "defends" Masonry at one point when explaining to a character that Masonry isn't a religion.

  7. I am reading the "Lost Symbol" now and about 3/4 of the way through. It seems pretty positive on Freemasons although there seem to be some artistic license in order to sell books. We'll see how it ends.


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