Tuesday, November 07, 2006

More Masonic bad news: Rape and embezzlement?

A couple of items of Masonic news caught my attention today:
  • The clubhouse of the Shrine Club of Huntsville, Alabama, has been seized by national Shrine Club officials to pay off a debt they say the local club owes to the Shriner's Hospitals. Money raised through bingo games and earmarked for charity were allegedly spent on the club's internal expenses.

    "We are all pretty well shook up about it," club president Eric Terry said of the club's seizure. "We don’t like the way they handled it. They ought to have come in there and done it the right way instead of marching in on a Sunday morning and making demands."

  • In Perth, England Scotland, a manhunt is underway for a man who brutally raped a woman last Saturday night after she had attended a function at the Masonic lodge in Atholl Crescent. Officials called the rape a "deeply disturbing attack."

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  1. There is nowhere in England called Perth!
    There is Perth in Scotland,another one in Canada and a third in Australia. Then there is a Perth Amboy in USA - But no Perth in England!


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