Saturday, January 13, 2007

'Victory party' to be held at closed Masonic children's home

A recent story in the Dallas (Texas) Star-Telegram baffles me. Not because it's about anything deep and meaningful, not really, but it involves Masons, racism and more political correctness than I can stomach.

Star-Telegram writer Bud Kennedy tells us there's going to be a "victory party" on Monday, Jan. 15 (the Martin Luther King, Jr., federal holiday), at the old Masonic children's home and school in Fort Worth. A victory party!

What are they celebrating?

Sue Regian, widow of Joe Regian, who served as the school board's president and who was instrumental in getting the Masons to allow black children to live at the home and attend the school, recently recalled some of the hate mail her husband received.

"Some Masons didn't want black people there," she said. "A lot of letters were really, really hateful. They said, 'Masonic Home is going to the niggers.'"

In 2000, after 101 years of operation, the school and home accepted its first black child. By 2005, the school and home had closed, in part because the donations from white Masons dropped off tremendously, and in part because the Masonic home settled a $6.9 million lawsuit from the 1990's alleging abuse of children.

On Monday, black leaders are meeting in the chapel of the now-closed school to celebrate "victory." Was this Martin Luther King's legacy? Who is victorious here? The white orphans who once lived there? Or who were abused there? The black orphans who moved in in 2000? Are the Masons who stopped donating to the home the winners here? Are the black leaders who are using the chapel on Monday to whoop it up over a nearby highway being renamed for King the victors?

Nope. The real winner here is Michael Mallick, head of local real estate development company The Mallick Group, who bought the 200-acre college-style campus last year.

The developer plans to build more than 500 homes around the historic 1920's school and dormitories and the beautiful, cut-stone 1958 chapel.

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  1. Just a question, but is this intense racism what the masons are about?

    How many masons precisely think in this way? You should keep statistics as part of your masonic duty.

  2. I've been told that the alleged "abuse" was between the students - so it was more a lack of supervision than child abuse. A huge settlement... and the kiss of death. Interesting how the lack of funding and the arrival of black students was tied together. The promise of more litigation was probably what made it a liability to the grand lodge. From what I heard it was a great campus and a great institution with a lot of potential... now gone forever.


  4. Learning of this makes me feel so ill. I am 43 and I don't remember a time in Canada where racism was prominent.
    I can say that such attitude by masons here would not be tollerated. They would be forced in check very quickly. To see that the behavior of racist masons in the US south is so forefront creeps me out! I look at my husband and father who are past masters here, and I cannot even imagine them being racist. This is so sad. It just solidifies that Canada and Canadians have a better grip of the pulse of races and cultures. I empathize with Masons who are working so hard to have a unified Grand Lodge in the US with no racism, or eletism

  5. You should work from within. Your blog is not good for the brotherhood. If you were profane this would not be a problem but you are under oath not to bring the order into disrepute. Audi Vidi Tace . Or be Taced.



  7. I'm so glad that Canadians are so much better then Americans. There is and never was any racism in Canada. I wonder how that actually happened? Pfft.

  8. Anonymous writes: "There is and never was any racism in Canada. I wonder how that actually happened?"

    I think it's because the only black people they've ever seen in Canada were on TV.

    They've never had to live in an area populated with drug dealers and gang bangers, and seen people shot to death on the street in front of their house. They've never known what it's like to have their homes burglarized every other month, their cars stolen from their own driveways, their weak and elderly victimized, their public school systems reduced to shambles, and their public healthcare systems overwhelmed by masses of people who take no responsibility for their own health.

    I live in the South, and I know what it's like. Innumerable people I've known who moved here from other places, have told me they couldn't understand why racial tensions existed until they moved here, and were shocked by the reality that confronted them.

    When I see pictures of snow in Canada, I think it's pretty, and it isn't immediately apparent to me why a lot of the people get so tired of it. That's because I don't have to live with it day after day, month after month, and I don't fully understand what it's like.

    People who don't understand the racial tension in the US -- not just in the South, but any part of the country with a large black population, have never had to live there. Before criticizing the people who do, walk a mile in their shoes through a black neighborhood at any time of day or night, and see if you come away from the experience with the same opinion.

    it is good to know that the whites are so controlled in the south?
    I did not know that white trash did not gang bang, or kill loved ones,

    Hey anonymous, did you know most pedophiles and mass murderers are white!

  10. Anonymous said: "You should work from within. Your blog is not good for the brotherhood. If you were profane this would not be a problem but you are under oath not to bring the order into disrepute. Audi Vidi Tace. Or be Taced."

    Is that a threat? Are you going to silence me? Are you going to throw me in the river like they did Morgan, or hang me from the bridge?

    I worked from within for years. And the Order has brought disrepute upon itself: Rampant racism all over the South, whiting out upstanding members without trial, harboring sex criminals, slandering and duplicity and threatening charges and outrageous suspensions against innocent members, Christianizing what should be nonsectarian.... I think many men have brought disrepute upon the Order.

    I've simply reported it. And will continue to do so.

    — W.S.

  11. I cannot speak for all lodges in the south, but the lodge I am a member of (#438, AF&AM in the 64th district of the Grand Lodge of Texas) has a membership consisting of all "races" creeds, social backgrounds and ethnicities. I am very proud to be a member of a lodge that truly judges the internal and not the external qualifications...

  12. Bro. Rod,

    I'm happy to hear that your lodge accepts all races and creeds as brothers. All lodges should do so. Yours is a credit to the Craft.

    — W.S.

  13. Tubulcain420 said...

    "Hey anonymous, did you know most pedophiles and mass murderers are white!"

    Yes, I did know that, and statistically speaking, they should be. That's because whites compose about 70% of the total US population, which means that all things being equal, they should commit about 70% of all crimes. It doesn't turn out that way, however.

    People who've accepted the "political correctness" of the late 20th and early 21st century, are intent on characterizing blacks in the US as a downtrodden group of innocents upon whom grievous misfortune and injustice has been heaped, and they use statistics like the one(s) above to distort the truth.

    In China, the majority of pedophiles and mass murderers are Chinese, while in Africa, the majority of them are Africans. Is that really surprising? Consider the racial composition of the country! If the majority of criminals in Japan were Australians, THAT would be surprising, and it certainly wouldn't speak very well for the behavior of Australians in Japan.

    According the statistics of the US Department of Justice, (, at the end of 2005 -- the most recent year for which statistics have been published -- there were 2,193,798 prisoners held in Federal or State prisons or in local jails in the United States. Their racial composition was reported as follows:

    "At year end, 2005 there were 3,145 black male prison inmates per 100,000 black males in the United States, compared to 1,244 Hispanic male inmates per 100,000 Hispanic males and 471 white male inmates per 100,000 white males."

    In other words, 3.14% of the total adult black male population in the US, was incarcerated at the end of 2005. That's compared to 1.24% of adult Hispanic males, and 0.47% of adult white males. To put that another way, adult black males in the US at the end of 2005, had proven themselves to be approximately 7 times more likely than adult white males to commit crimes that resulted in their incarceration, and approximately 3 times more likely than adult Hispanic males.

    How many people in Canada, or even in predominately white areas of the US, do you think are aware of that?

    Relying upon the US Justice Department figures above, if a US resident lives in a city where the total adult male population is 100,000, and 5% (5,000) of that population is black, 157 black men will have committed crimes that resulted in their incarceration. If the adult male Hispanic population in that same city was also 5% (5,000), there would be 62 male Hispanics incarcerated. Assuming the remaining 90% (90,000) of the adult male population was white, 423 adult white males would be incarcerated.

    In such an example, it would be true that white males would be nearly 3 times as likely to be incarcerated as black males, but that doesn't consider that they outnumber their black peers by 18 to 1 in the general population!

    If a city is predominantly black, as are many major cities in the US (particularly in the South), consider what an impact that has on society. If the adult male population of a city is 100,000 (the same as in the example above), and the racial composition is 70% black, 5% Hispanic, and 25% white, the number of Hispanics incarcerated would remain the same as in the previous example, 62. The number of black males incarcerated would rise to 2,198, however, while the number of white males incarcerated would fall to 118.

    That's the unfortunate reality of life today in the US. It goes without saying that all blacks aren't bad, but as a whole, they're more than 7 times as likely to commit crimes as whites, and in areas with large black populations (as in the southeastern states, where more than half of the total US black population resides), it's difficult to understand what an impact that has on society without actually experiencing it firsthand.

  14. or is it because most officers are white racists?

  15. So to paraphrase what "tubulcain420" said: "The reason that on average, blacks in the US are 7 times as likely to commit crimes as whites, is that the majority of law enforcement officers in the US are corrupt racists."

    Now that every law enforcement officer in the country has been insulted, perhaps it might be a good time to point out that law enforcement officers in the US don't convict criminals, nor do they sentence them for their crimes. That's the job of the judicial system, so by implication, you're effectively insulting it as well.

    Of course, the judicial system in the US can't function without the general public, as no one in the US can be sentenced to substantial periods of incarceration without first having an opportunity to be tried by a jury of their peers. That means you're also effectively insulting the general public.

    What you're basically saying is that the unusually high incarceration rate among blacks in the US, is merely evidence of a great conspiracy to keep the black man down. All over the country, millions of law enforcement officers are corrupt racists, who solve only crimes committed by blacks, while ignoring the far greater number of crimes committed by members of other races, or figuring out clever ways of framing innocent blacks for those crimes.

    Next, hundreds of thousands of members of the US judicial system, from attorneys, to judges, to federal courts, are all in collusion with the corrupt and racist law enforcement system. Despite the fact that many of the leading jurists in the US are black, they all go along with the great conspiracy, and they manipulate the outcome of judicial proceedings in order to ensure the conviction of innocent blacks.

    Finally, millions of Americans who serve on juries (a much higher percentage of whom are black than are found in the overall US population), also conspire to unjustly convict their fellow citizens, and sentence them to lengthy jail terms.

    Yep, that's what it is. It's a conspiracy by millions and millions of people in the US (black, white, and other) to keep the black man down. It couldn't possibly be that a significant percentage of blacks do a great deal to help keep themselves down, could it? No, surely not!

    Instead, the vast majority of blacks convicted of crimes in the US are just innocent victims of racism, while the vast majority of law enforcement officers, judiciary members, and the general public are corrupt racists.

  16. The Black community is its own worst scourge. Black on Black crime out strips all the other minorities combined. That being the case it's not proper to blame the White community for all the Black community's woes.



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