Sunday, June 22, 2008

A good guide to shadowy organizations that rule the world

Next time those pesky conspiracy theorists start ranting in your face about Freemasons, Bilderbergers, Trilataterists and Skull and Bonesmen, send 'em packing with some words of wisdom from the Good Guide to the Shadowy Organizations that Rule the World.

In the guide, for example, you'll learn (not that you didn't already know) that while Freemasons are perceived by the masses as the wizards behind the curtain, our real power is next to zero. In fact, it's right next to zero — a one. On the Guide's scale of power, Freemasonry has a Mythical Power of Nine, but an Actual Power level of One.

Check out the hype and the hooey about not only the Masons, but all those other spooky secret cabals.

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  1. The Freemasons can barely keep enough members on the rolls to pay the utilities much less rule the planet.

  2. There in lies the beauty of the plan for the New World Order!

  3. That link takes over my browser.
    "Shadowy organizations that rule the world" indeed.


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