Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Monkey burglarizes Texas gardening store

This just in to our All-Monkey News Network news desk:

Owners of a Richardson, Texas gardening store were burglarized by a monkey, surveillance video shows.

"You can see the back legs, the front arms and the white head, co-owner Jerry Duncan said while pointing the monkey out in the dimly-lit video.

About 40 plants were missing, and pieces of concrete were shattered in the parking lot, according to primate-pun-riddled news reports.

"They need to train him better," Duncan said. "Especially if he is going to do the big jobs."

Image: The alleged monkey in his getaway car.

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  1. I am shocked you have wasted valuable bandwidth with this story. Certainly it can be put to better use with still more non-relevations about Michael Jackson or those Jon and Kate people.


  2. Monkeys are instantly funny! Bring back the Chimp Channel!


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