Sunday, October 18, 2009

Where the tide ebbs and flows?

Police found the beaten and mutilated body of a man in his late 50's, with its tongue cut out, hanging by its neck from a bridge in Tijuana, Mexico on Saturday. There were "cuts on several parts of the body."

Mutilated bodies turning up in Tijuana is nothing new, news reports claim. Nearly 14,000 people have been killed since the Mexican government began a crackdown on drug traffickers in 2006.

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  1. ...and kidnappings of Mexican nationals here, in Arizona...

  2. Sounds like a "snitches get stitches" sort of affair...

  3. I live in San Diego, just across the border from Tijuana, Mexico.

    The scourge of drug trafficking has caused a crime wave of enormous proportions in our neighbor to the South.

    I have Mexican friends that have moved here with their families to avoid the violence.

    It is a tragic situation.

    Peter Yancey
    Lodge New Isis #8
    Los Angeles, CA
    George Washington Union of Freemasons


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