Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Union of Diversity

The Union of Diversity by Bro. Jeff Peace

Freemasonry is perhaps one of the most beautiful and enlightened ideas ever conceived by man — a brotherhood based on tolerance, reason and the spirit of humanity. In many ways it was ahead of its time in 1717 and foresaw the coming of modernity by two hundred years. The value of its message to mankind is greater now that at any other point in its long history. It gives to us a peculiar system of morality based on reason alone that leads to a profound sense of happiness and contentedness. What we choose to do with this will determine how favorably or unfavorably that history looks back on us and our generation.

We have before us the opportunity to unite people from all walks of life, to demonstrate to them the value of community and brother/sisterhood, to teach that human beings are more than just mere laborers struggling to survive in an ever competitive world, to show that we have a higher purpose and value in the whole of the creation.

To accomplish these things we must begin by tearing down the many barriers that we have created between one another and bring to Light the unity of all things. Freemasons from all of the various Orders, Jurisdictions, and Lodges must come together for the higher and more noble purpose of serving mankind. Our ability to rise above our own petty differences will lead the way for others to follow. We can no longer afford to feed our selfish desires and egos. We must lead by example.

Any Masonic body that sets itself above the rest is not Masonic. It acts only to preserve itself and further divide mankind. We, as Freemasons, must bring to an end the demands for conformity within our beloved fraternity and open our hearts and minds to the great diversity that is humanity. Tolerance has always been a key element of our philosophy; an aspect that is almost sacred due to its ability to heal the gaping wounds within society. When we demand conformity we murder the creative nature of the soul, and lower ourselves to the same fundamentalist doctrines that drove the Spanish Inquisition.

Let today be the day that we declare our independence from the doctrines of conformity and once again raise the flag of a brotherhood based on tolerance that forms the sacred union of diversity.

— Bro. Jeff Peace

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