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Is today's Freemasonry what you expected when you petitioned to join?

Bro. Isaiah Coffey, publisher of the blog Kingdom of Conscience, is a 29-year-old Prince Hall Affiliated Mason in Atlanta.

Recently he sent out the email reprinted below to his local lodge brethren. He has asked me to post it here on the Taper, in hopes of getting a large response from Masonic readers here, so that he can "take these results back to my lodge and show the Brethren what a 'world-view-generalized-opinion' others may hold in regards to our fraternity."

Masons who read the Taper are asked here to take some time to read and ponder the questions, and then post your replies in the comment section, or send by private email to me at


— W.S.

Good day Brethren,

At the end of one of my previous meetings, I had the privilege to speak with our Assistant District Deputy and a Past Master of our lodge about the "subtle" or "drastic" changes that have occurred within our Order over the Level of Time.

As I had stated within the conversation between the two gentlemen, " generations and time has passed, the Secretary's desk has went from quill pens and parchment paper to laptops and Word documents."

"Our Tapers have gone from real burning flames to electric orange flames, that have a strange back-alley-late-night-neon-sign flicker."

Times have changed, people have changed, methods have changed, but the message should always remain the same.

Granted, Freemasonry is a personal travel and a means for personal growth, but whatever happened to the collective growth as a whole? Or, did it ever exist at one point in time?

A student of History must go through many lessons and lectures before he becomes rightfully degreed as a Historian. In reward of his countless hours of personal study, he may thus begin his work as an archaeologist. As an archaeologist, he can not excavate a site by himself. In addition to the knowledge gained by his personal studies, he still needs to have a team of experts (nice synonym would be Masters) that will assist him with the dig. Now due to the fact that they are working together, more ground can be covered and more treasures can potentially be found.

A student of the Craft must go through many lessons and lectures before he becomes rightfully degreed as a Mason. In reward of his countless hours of personal study, he may thus begin his work as a Master. As Gnostic archaeologists, we cannot excavate a site by ourselves; we need a team of Masters (nice synonym would be Brothers) that will assist each of us with our prospective digs. As we begin to dig or search together, more texts can be covered and more esoteric knowledge (a Freemason's treasure) that is buried beneath spiritual truths can potentially be found.

I asked the question "Is Freemasonry Recognizable?" because I wonder... how many older Brothers of our Craft may or may not show up to Lodge meetings because Freemasonry of today is not recognizable to them? There are no fraternal excavations at the current moment. What keeps an archaeologist and his team excited and ready to work is simply the hunt for the possibility of treasure. Have all the treasures of Freemasonry been found that only social celebrations of the findings from the past take place?

I'm almost certain that everyone is aware that it is quite evident that a temple needs the Cap-stone just as much as it needs the Corner-stone. The Temple needs the older Brothers just as much as the newer Brothers. The Craft needs Brethren, who are well traveled, to guide and point in the direction the younger Brethren (like myself). Now, whether one takes the path that is less traveled or well traveled will be up to those that were given the direction. The Truth is, both paths have been traveled; those Brethren who are familiar with those paths (whether unpopular or popular) can serve as a trust-worthy guide. These path or paths could equate with Fraternal Knowledge.

I have a few questions that I would like to pose; some questions may pertain to you, while some may not, while there's a chance that you may be able to answer each of the questions respectively. So for the "Older Brothers," "Younger Brothers," or rather all Brethren that have sought the Light of Freemasonry:

1. What has changed (good or bad) in your eyes over the course of time?

2. What do you miss the most about the Craft that doesn't take place anymore?

3. What is your opinion of the Brothers of today as in contrast to those when you were Initiated, Passed and Raised?

4. What did it mean to be a Freemason "back in your day?"

5. What is your perspective on the Fraternity as a whole?

6. Is your perception of the Craft the same as it was when you first were made a Mason?

7. Is Freemasonry what you thought it would be?

A) If it is, what does Freemasonry mean to you?

B) If not, what did you expect Freemasonry to be?

"...for the man who thinks that because he hath been made a Mason, and is called so, and at the same time will willfully neglect to attend his Lodge, he may be assured he will never make a good Mason, nor ought he to be looked upon as a good member of the craft. For if his example was followed, where would be the Lodge...." — Prince Hall, A Charge Delivered To the Brethren of African Lodge, 1792

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  1. Freemasonry cannot be discovered in any lodge.

    A lodge is merely a portal that points back onto itself.

    Freemasonry is a model.

    The study of Freemasonry for the sake of Freemasonry is in vain.

    The speculative Master must progress to an operative Apprentice.

    Those who pretend to know will scoff while those who truly know will laugh.

  2. 1. What has changed (good or bad) in your eyes over the course of time?

    I believe (perhaps "hope" is more accurate) that the average integrity of Masons in the past was higher than it is today. I think they took their obligations more seriously, and were more selective about their membership, which prevented men of low character from gaining a foothold and dominating the institution, like they do today.

    2. What do you miss the most about the Craft that doesn't take place anymore?

    I'm told that in the "old days," Masons enjoyed each other's company more. The lodge was more of a social gathering place, and Masons would frequently stay for hours after meetings, discussing issues, or just visiting. Today, men rush to lodge, can't wait for it to conclude, and rush out the door on their way home before their seats get cool.

    3. What is your opinion of the Brothers of today as in contrast to those when you were Initiated, Passed and Raised?

    It hasn't been so long for me that much has changed, but by and large, I think Masons today are generally of lower character than Masons were 50 or more years ago. It used to be that the pillars of communities were Masons, but today, that's seldom the case, and they've been replaced by men who aren't the sort of roll models they should be.

    4. What did it mean to be a Freemason "back in your day?"

    Again, it hasn't been so terribly long for me, but for the old guys in my lodge, and the ones I've known who have been called from labor, their word was their bond. They were men of honor and integrity, who said what they meant, meant what they said, and weren't afraid to stand up for what they believed. That's exceptionally rare in lodges today, where most men just "go with the flow," regardless of what the flow is, or their actual opinion of it.

    5. What is your perspective on the Fraternity as a whole?

    I think it's on its way out. It's rapidly being overtaken by unscrupulous gangs of men who push and pull each other through the ranks, without any regard for virtue or morality, or any of the true principles of Masonry. An astonishing percentage of Masonic "luminaries" today, are nothing more than corporate psychopaths, whose only goal is to climb to the top of the heap, and rule there with an iron hand for as long as possible.

    6. Is your perception of the Craft the same as it was when you first were made a Mason?

    Absolutely not. I thought that Masonic membership meant that a man was one of the best, most kind, decent, and moral members of the human community. To me, it was a "quality assurance" of goodness, but the reality today is that it's more often an assurance that a man is a political brown-noser; a pack dog who's unwilling or unable to think for himself, but runs with the pack, regardless of what they do.

    7. Is Freemasonry what you thought it would be?

    Absolutely not. I thought (and indeed was told) that Masons helped their members learn to better themselves through the application of wisdom and integrity. I was shocked to learn it's really just an association of pitiful followers, led by unscrupulous leaders who only excel at deception and self-promotion. Men of that sort are a blight on society and a cancer that's killing the institution, but by and large, they prevail as the leaders of Masonry today.

  3. Wow! I don't even have to post any answers because the anonymous poster pretty much summed up my opinion as well.

    Jeff Peace

  4. I attended a Prince Hall Family pucnic last night. There was over 200 in attendance. I was wonderful, I enganged in conversations with the worthy mastrons of the various chapters and had at length discussions on the ancient landmarks with 3 elder past masters. The love and brotherhood shown by all to all was beautiful. Now I did not join for family gatherings and making new social friends. I joined what I thought was a society where men gathered to discuss the mysteries of life and to philosophise about the wonders of the universe.

    Well, the lodge I joined was not what I was looking for, and I found out soon, do not try to change the lodge to ones idea of freemasonry should be.

    I have found other like minded men in a different lodge, where we do philosophise and talk the mysteries. we are trying to make the meetings more "masonic".

    So, here are two different lodges, at opposite ends of the spectrum, but are both Masonic.

    Freemasonry, to me is more than a tangible entity. It is/was a Spirit that was not meant to be institutionalised, with a hierarchy to "set in stone" what Freemasonry is supposed to be. Being a spirit, material/mundane guidlines/regulations cannot contain something of the Spiritual Plane. Rules and regulations, outside of the Ancient Landmarks, are used to control men's minds and hearts, so to stifle free, inspirational thought, to bring innovations to something that should not be stagnate.

    So, no, Freemasonry was not what what I had petitioned for. Knowing that my fore fathers were involved in Masonry, and it's direct invovlement in the Age of Enlightenment and revolutions, is gone. Nuetering our organisation to appease the profane's unease with our secret society, and turning it into a charity org, instead of a learning institution, where men learned about the mysteries of life, and how to detect tyranny and to promote a republic, etc.......

    oh well, I guess I'll keep searching for th elost master's word, and try to dig deeper into the annals of masonry to find that which was lost.

    Tom Coste
    Halcyon 498

  5. I don't think Freemasonry has changed so much as the society in which it breaths.

    Freemasonry has always been a personal quest for its members. In the past its noble members pursued their own enlightenment and could easily grasp the concept of allegory which is the mystery of Masonry.

    Today, particularly on the internet, too many Masons strive to take the personal quest out of Freemasonry. They prefer to mount their soap boxes and tell others what Freemasonry IS. Others balk at actually having to work for something. They expected someone to stand up and present enlightment to their mouths by spoon. When they leave unenlightened they are quick to blame the fraternity. These two groups should seek each other out, then they will be happy!

    Worse yet are the martyrs and hypocrites. These are the Masons who preach how much they have been wronged by the fraternity or how so many Masons don't keep their obligations, etc. Last time I checked speaking evil of your fellow brethren IS a violation of your obligation.

    However, the number of complainers, detractors, slanderers, and imposters on the internet are miniscule in comparison to the number of Masons world wide. So, as a reflection on the fraternity as a whole, it fails to give proper illumination.

    What I have found of masonry where it counts, in lodge and face to face with brethren, is exactly what was promised, what I wanted, and what I will always offer to the next generation.

    Friendship, Morality, and Brotherly Love.


    Bro. Arthur Peterson

  6. Good for you Bro. Peterson. I'm very happy for you, but what about the Masons who have been erased/expelled without charges or trial in Georgia in violation of the Masonic Code? Was that an act of brotherly love or ugly internal politics?

    Did you know the courts just seized the records of the Grand Lodge of Virginia for failing to reinstate a brother that was illegally expelled, and I suspect the Grand Officers will be held in contempt of court, if they haven't already.

    Yea, we got a real good thing going here in American Freemasonry. Everyone should rush to our doors and want to be a member of such a wonderful and brotherly fraternity. lol

    Jeff Peace

  7. Oh! I almost forgot. If American Freemasonry is such a great thing then why do 90% of our members never attend our meetings? Why has our fraternity steadily declined since 1963 to less than half of what it was? Where are all those doctors, lawyers, other professionals that used to be the leaders of Freemasonry? Do you think maybe they were abducted by space aliens?

    No one, including the majority of our members wants to be a Freemason. Do you think there might be a reason for that? Maybe they see something that you don't or won't. Even the public can see what a total joke the fraternity has become.

    Jeff Peace

  8. Friendship, Morality, and Brotherly Love.?
    These three things needed to be searched out as well. These three tenets in my travels have been absent. The mode has been to step on brothers to get up the title chain, back stab a young brother if they uncover misdeeds by high title holders, because uncovering TRUTH is not what we do.

    So, I decided to be pro active and search for Liberty Equality and Fraternity and found it with my present brothers. Some say that Liberty equality and Fraternity were the original tenets of freemasonry, but since the formation of the UGLE and de regognition of our Grand Orient brothers, Liberty Equality and Fraternity have been replaced by Brotherly love relief and truth.
    All six of these tenets are absent in my region, and no one seems to care about trying to figure out why things have changed?
    Oh well.............I will always keep searching and work closer with my Prince Hall Brothers who welcome us with open arms, instead of refusing to open a lodge meeting because me and my brethren showed up, or try to throw us out of an inspection, or hear slanderous lies about by brothers being spread by unimformed tylers, etc............
    mind your P's and Q's and stay out of the way of the masonic wrecking machine.......

    Liberty Equality and Fraternity were the mantra's of the 1700's Freemason, why we had to change, I do not want to say, do to the zeal of the defenders of the craft(who hate fee speech and free thought)

    Tom Coste
    Halcyon 498

  9. Jeff,

    I am sorry about your predicament, however there are certain points to note.

    1. I am not a Georgia Freemason and therefore can not comment on their policies regarding membership.

    2. If the Grand Master did overstep his authority, it is up to the Masons of Georgia to rectify the situation. If they choose not to, one can only assume they consent.

    3. As has been upheld by the US Supreme Court, the government can not interfere with the membership decisions of private organisations. This was proven by the last case involving the Boyscouts and Homosexuals being allowed. It is a constitutional right to peaceably assemble. Part of that right is chossing who we want to assemble with.

    I have heard a lot about you through various forums, and have seen you post on others. I always see the same thing. Only one side of the story is ever spoken about. So, please answer this, what did you do that would cause you to be erased from the rolls?

    I am certain of one thing in this matter. A Grand Master has better things to do than to erase members for absolutely no reason. There are far too many members in the craft in any given jurisdiction for a Grand Master to arbitrarily pick names out of the hat and erase the chosen names from the rolls.

    It makes no sense, yet that is what I see you and your supporters claim. Perhaps I have not been to the forum where the reason was thoroughly explained??

    Your second post of questions requires far more time to explain than I have to contribute at this time. It would be a question best asked on a discussion forum.

    Bro. Coste,

    I turly hope you find what you are looking for. Sometimes the harder you look for something, the more elusive it becomes. Try taking a break from the search. Sit back and enjoy the wonder of living. Then, maybe, what you seek will find you!


    Bro. Arthur Peterson

  10. "I turly hope you find what you are looking for. Sometimes the harder you look for something, the more elusive it becomes. Try taking a break from the search. Sit back and enjoy the wonder of living. Then, maybe, what you seek will find you!


    Bro. Arthur Peterson"

    Thank you for your reassurance and advice brother!
    I do appreciate it. I come from the school of a masons work/search is never done. I am also a student of the history of the craft and feel, IMHO, it has changed it's purpose and spirit.
    The meanings and applications of the working tools have changed.
    Lodges should not be in a cookie cutter mold, and the brethren of their individual lodges should be able to set the tone of the lodge.

    Taking a break also allows what one is searching for to slip farther away. I have the time, patience and perserverance to wade through the years of hiding away the old secrets/meanings of Freemasonry to attempt their resurrection within our Lodge. The young proffesion men of our Lodge feel that something is missing in the system handed down to us.

    As Albert Pike stated about Webb and the "uninitiated into hermeticsm" who last edited our rituals,.."If they did not understand it, it was removed"

    As to Brother Peace, "every mason deserves a trial by his peers" unless the guilty person has something to really say in his defense, then one would not want him afforded a trial, where potentials truth could come to light........
    Brother Peace did nothing immoral or illegal, so right, ask the question then" why would he not receive a trial for his removal and accountability of his actions?"
    LOGIC does not work well with the present system, even if it is one of 7 liberal arts.

    I will never stop my searching Brother.........The Lost masons word is the property of Blue Lodge.
    Lodges once taught succesful government in action, no more though...

    Also, with new masonic material comming to light out of europe, the "meaning of masonry" is taking on a new light to me, so with every new uncovered nugget of masonic history that comes to light, it brings me closer to that which I search..........
    The stuff that was a part of masonry that has been hidden away in the tool box, never to see the light of day again......
    IMHO, ofcourse
    Brother Coste

  11. Brother Coste,

    Far too often I hear about "striking new evidence" coming out of various places in Europe. I have even been told about earth shattering evidence coming out of Russia. But, when I ask to see this evidence or at least what it contains, no one can deliver.

    Historical documents must be put through a validation process. It must be peer reviewed for authenticity. Once that has been done, it must then be studied and interpreted. Theories and counter theories will be written. In the end will it change Masonry?

    If this evidence does exist it most likely won't change Masonry regardless of how profound it is.

    Why? Because the majority of the Members of the fraternity joined for what Freemasonry is now, not what it was then.

    Bear in mind that the quotes so often used by Albert Pike are nothing more than his opinion. No one man speaks for Masonry. For every quote made by Pike you can find another Brother famous or not who would disagree with him. Pike was brilliant and a most esteemed member of the craft. However he was not the Pope of Masonry.

    As to lodges being a cookie cutter mold, I advise you to get around to more lodges. In my district alone there is not two lodges that have the exact same flavor. We have a very strict formal lodge, where every thing is done in business suits with officers in tuxes.It also is the largest. My lodge is very small with a very relaxed atmosphere. We do everything by the book, but wear what is comfortable. We have lodges which are very active in the community. We have others which are very active in supporting the family programs such as DeMolay, Job's Daughters, and The Eastern Star. There are endless variations.

    In the end each lodge is exactly what its members want it to be because they chose the path of their lodge.

    I am sorry to hear how disappointed some folks are with their lodges, Grand Lodges, or Masonry in general.

    However, as I said in my previous post, the number unhappy is miniscule to the number of active, productive, satisfied masons.

    The number on the internet may make it look high, but MOST masons aren't on the net discussing their ailments. They are in the real world doing the do.

    ***stepping down from soap box***


    Bro. Arthur Peterson

  12. Bro. Peterson,

    Gee, let me see now, why did they erase us?

    They are a bunch of racists trying to defend their racist agenda.

    We were a bunch of young urban professionals who they saw as a threat to their archaic racist practices.

    Do I need to clarify that for you?


  13. "They are a bunch of racists trying to defend their racist agenda."

    If this is how you spoke of your brethren before you were erased then I now see why it was done.

    "We were a bunch of young urban professionals who they saw as a threat to their archaic racist practices."

    Why would they see you as a threat? Surely not because you referred to the previous quote?

    Do I need to clarify that for you?

    Obviuosly, unless my suppositions are correct.

    Let us not usurp this blog for our own discussion.

    I post on . You are welcome to start this side discussion there, and I will be sure to join you.


    Bro. Arthur Peterson

  14. Oh no, not so fast there Bro. Peterson! Let's make sure everyone who reads this blog has the opportunity to get a clear understanding.

    First, none of us gave a second thought to racism. We wanted an educational club for our lodge. We also wanted to form a TO lodge.

    It was after the erasures that we learned what had really happened. When we went seeking help from other Grand Lodges we learned the whole truth. Grand Lodge officers from Connecticut and New York explained to us that the Grand Lodge of Georgia perceived us as a threat to their racial agenda. They made an example out of us so that they could claim Prince Hall is not the only organization they didn't recognize. Further, as young urban professionals that had attended college with African Americans they felt we would likely to accept an African American candidate and make him a Master Mason.

    The other Grand Lodges do know what happened and why. It's ugly, very ugly for all Freemasons.


  15. Fair enough Jeff. I will continue to post here on this subject as long as WS allows it.

    I do object however, since we are on an extreme tangent that does not serve the purpose of the original post.

    My appologies WS.

    Now a few more questions for you for clarity.

    Why would you go to other Grand Lodges for help with your own?

    No Grand lodge has the right to intervene in the dealings of another. If they object to the another Grand Lodge does business the most they can do is revoke recognition. That is only done in EXTREME cases.

    Now you state that you only wanted to start a TO lodge and a Masonic Education Club. This seems hardly worth erasing someone for.

    Is it possible that you tried to make your lodge a TO lodge and the majority of the brethren objected or is it possible that you established a TO lodge without the consent of your Grand Lodge?

    The same question goes for your education club. Was this done outside Masonic custom as defined by your Grand jurisdiction?

    "They made an example out of us so that they could claim Prince Hall is not the only organization they didn't recognize. Further, as young urban professionals that had attended college with African Americans they felt we would likely to accept an African American candidate and make him a Master Mason."

    Now this is a very worrisome statement. To say that Grand Lodge officers of any jurisdiction would be so bold as to make such a statement is very difficult to believe.

    First, a Grand Lodge officer of your jurisdiction would have to tell them for them to find out.

    Second, it would be very unethical for them to pass such a communication on to you. That could very easily be seen as attempting to interfere with the sovreignty(sp) of another Grand Jurisdiction.

    If this is indeed what is going on then yes, it is very very ugly.

    Now have any of these other Grand Lodges or Grand Lodge Officers publically commented on this situation?

    More to the point is how do we, the inquiring public, know that what you say these Grand Officers said, is in fact true?


    Bro. Arthur Peterson

  16. Jeff,

    While wating on your reply, I found an interesting post on another blog. I believe you may be one of the persons referenced, but cannot say for sure as no names were mentioned. If I am wrong please correct me.

    here is the blog post:

    If this is indeed you in the RRCG post then we can summise this much.

    1. You wanted to start the RRCG.

    2. Your Grand Lodge said no, and went further as to label RRCG as clandestine.

    3.They offered you a chance to renounce your ties to RRCG, and suffer no repercussions.

    3. You refused.

    4. They erased you as they warned they would.

    Seems pretty cut and dried to me.

    If I started an organisation under the umbrella of being Masonic, my Grand Lodge has every right to have a say in the matter.

    If they determine that it is not in the best interest of Masonry in our jurisdiction, I expect them to take action.

    That is what I vote them in to office to do. That is what every mason votes them into office to do.

    If I am in error as to my assumption that the above blog post was referring to you, please accept my appologies. I will be awaiting clarification.


    Bro. Arthur Peterson


    Full link to above mentioned blog

  18. Screw it! for some reason the end keeps getting snipped off the link.

    just add e.html to the end of the link.

    Bro. Arthur Peterson

  19. Jeff,

    Please disregard my previous posts. I have found a lot out about you, RRCG, and the Grand Lodge of Georgia. My, isn't the internet wonderful.

    All I can say is I am sorry.

    The Freemasonry I have experienced and the Freemasonry you have experienced is to distinctly different things.

    If you are ever in North Carolina, I'll gladly buy you a few rounds while you listen to how sorry I am.

    I would never imagine in all my years that Freemasonry could be used the way it has against you.

    I am truly disgusted with what I have just found on the net.

    If this is what constitutes Freemasonry in Georgia, I'll have none of it.


    bro. Arthur Peterson

  20. Brother Peterson,
    The Light about Brother Peace has resounding affects where I am from because myself and my Brothers experienced simialr things, but due to different situations and circumstances, our fate was not the same as Brother Peace's.
    WB Chris and myself saw Brother Peace's Grand Hailing Sign ahwile back and have been Working help shine the Light on certain situations.

    Sometimes doing something Noble is more fulfilling than doing something good.

    Brother Coste

  21. Brother Arthur Peterson [contritely] writes:

    "Jeff [Peace]: Please disregard my previous posts. ... All I can say is I am sorry. The Freemasonry I have experienced and the Freemasonry you have experienced [are] distinctly different things. ... I would never imagine in all my years that Freemasonry could be used the way it has against you. I am truly disgusted..."

    Obviously, brother Peterson deserves a lot of credit for researching the facts and admitting he jumped to the wrong conclusion, but the sort of error he made is unfortunately typical among American Masons today.

    Even though he knew nothing about Jeff or his grand lodge, he quickly gave the "presumption of innocence" to the lodge, while denying the same presumption to Jeff. That isn't fair, and it certainly isn't Masonic, but it's a very common mistake these days.

    If we want better Masonry, we're going to have to start holding our fraternity and its leaders to MUCH higher standards of accountability!

  22. Bro. Peterson,

    I've become so accustomed to having to defend myself and the brothers here in Georgia that anymore I tend to shoot first and ask questions later. I wrongly assumed you already knew about and understood the situation.

    The GLGA has refused repeated requests from us and even other GL's to simply issue dimits and let us go. It is the most mean spirited and un-Masonic behavior anyone has ever witnessed.

    I was able to join a lodge in Ohio but the others are still stuck in Masonic no-mans-land. :-(


  23. Bro. Peterson,

    I would like to answer this question for the record. You asked "Is it possible that you tried to make your lodge a TO lodge and the majority of the brethren objected or is it possible that you established a TO lodge without the consent of your Grand Lodge?"

    No, as proof of this our WM actually went with us to meet with the GM in support of our club, and pointed out how positive it had been for the lodge.

    PGM Gary Lemmons also spoke about the positive nature of the club and how it could serve to solve many of the issues being experienced by other lodges around the state.

    It's important to understand that this was not a lodge issue or an issue with the club itself, but with what might happen if it were allowed to continue, and how that might change the status quo regarding race.


  24. No. I really thought the symbolism and ritual were what it was about. Because I am naive, it took me several years and a lot of time and effort to recognize that, a few good men aside, I was involved with a bunch of old, dumb rednecks. The racism so prevalent in my state at least (Alabama) is just a symptom of the fact that the vast majority of Masons here are old, dumb rednecks. Maybe some day things will get better (after all, old dumb rednecks eventually go on to their reward), but I'm not wasting years of my time waiting for that to happen. Life is to valuable and too short to waste it on old, dumb rednecks. I would not encourage any of my friends, any young man, or any man with intelligence, education, or good sense to become a Mason. When I realized I wouldn't want my son to be involved with the racist morons in my lodge, that was the end of the line for me, literally and figuratively.

  25. Lol! These postings should win an Academy award for script writing. One person writing all the responses. Truly this is the funniest thing ever posted...

  26. If you are referring to my comment, you are mistaken. I have occasionally posted comments on this blog, always with the name "NEMO." The previous post is the only one I put here. It is a reflection on my experience as a Mason for 10 years in the State of Alabama. I couldn't care less whether you like it or not.

  27. Actually, I will add something else. I'm not like the RRCG/UGLA guys who post here. They wanted their own Masonry they could own and control. That's just a power trip as far as I'm concerned, and I want no part of it. Instead, I am bitterly disappointed that I wasted years, including several spent as an officer in lodges and appendant bodies of Masonry, only to realize that the whole thing was a waste of my time. It's not that Masonry would be better if I were in charge. It's that real live, honest to God Masonry is a waste of time. I don't want my own little pseudo-masonic body of which I can be the grand poobah. Instead, I want nothing to do with REAL, GENUINE Masonry, which, as I have observed at length, is essentially a social club for idiotic rednecks. Period. If it's better in some other state or some other lodge that I haven't seen, that's fine. But what I have seen sucks, unless you are an old man with nothing better to do than listen to the bills read while you pick your nose and fart.

  28. C'mon Nemo, surely you don't believe the RRCG brothers wanted something they could control? They wanted to have a club in their lodge. It was supported by their lodge and Worshipful Master. All this talk of control is pure BS. If you took the time to learn the facts of what happened you would see a group of good Masons who got screwed by their GM.

  29. No, I think they wanted to be the grand poobahs of something of their own. Now, I suppose they are. I hope they are enjoying it. It must be great to be the Ill. Bro. High Muckety Muck over 5 people. I really don't care about them one way or the other. Of course, real Masonry will be about as real as their thing is, with about as many members. The world will not miss Masonry, real or phony.

  30. Nemo,

    For a long time I thought as you do about the UGLA. However doing some research online reveals a different story.

    I advise you to do the research before passing judgement. You have to dig deep. The truth is not always easy to find.

    I am not saying I support the establishment of the UGLA.

    However, once you dig into the story you will find that the reasons behind it are not what you think.

    You will find my name all over the net condemning the UGLA and especially the Masons who formed it.

    I was wrong because I did not have all the information.


    Bro. Arthur Peterson
    New River Lodge AF&AM #736
    Jacksonville, NC

  31. This will be my last word about the RRCG/UGLA, not meaning to be rude, but because they are not relevant or important to anything. I followed the thing with interest, because they were trying to do this in my city (Birmingham). Their website made clear at the time that they regarded the RRCG as an appendant body of Masonry, like the Scottish Rite, and sought recognition as such. If they want to tell their story in a different way now, that's their business, but they won't convince me, because I remember the facts. They wanted to own and control their own appendant body of Masonry, and it didn't work out for them. I'm sure they had some well-intended motivation as well as the (very human) desire for power and prestige. But I interpreted their actions, then and now, as a power play that ultimately failed. I don't bear them any ill will, and that's all I can think of to say about it. Reading what they write on the internet now won't change what I saw at the time it happened, though.

  32. Nemo,

    The RRCG, like all other appendant bodies (clubs), was created to fill a need in the fraternity. The young Masons in Atlanta wanted an educational body and we created it. It had absolutely nothing to do with either power or prestige. If you want to believe that fine, but it isn't true.

    The RRCG still meets and works together as a group here in Atlanta. At the time several of us were erased we had about 15 members , today we have about 50.

    Masons still want education and the RRCG still provides it, even though it is now done in secrecy as opposed to the open and fraternal matter in which it was originally intended.

    Jeff Peace

  33. No problem. I wish you all the best. I don't feel strongly about what your group is doing one way or another.

  34. 50 members??!!! lol now that is funny!! One person writting as 3 or 4 people was funny but the lies continue to grow. lol!!!!

  35. Probably no one is reading these comments now, but in all candor, Masonry must not be a complete waste of time, or I wouldn't feel strongly enough about it to have written the previous comments. I am very disappointed and frustrated with most of the people I dealt with. Their limitations as people were just too much for me to continue putting my time and energy into it. That alone, however, is not a total reflection on all of Masonry, much less Masonry over the last two hundred years. I don't know if I'll ever get actively involved with it again, but I would be less than honest if I didn't say that some of my previous blanket statements about Masonry being a waste of time were overstatements.

    To the guy who keeps saying I wrote all the comments to this post: I only wrote the comments under the name "NEMO." If you don't like that, you can kiss my a**.

  36. Nemo,

    Mr. Anonymous is your typical backstabber. It's probably Ed King or one of his cronies. Don't let him get to you. He's a good example of everything a Mason shouldn't be.

  37. Bitch, Moan, and Gripe the three Masons.


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