Friday, May 16, 2008

Christian crazies urge Starbucks boycott

I can think of many reasons not to drink Starbucks coffee. But none of them would be because of their new logo.

The Star-Tribune reported today that Christian wingnut Mark Dice of "The Resistance Manifesto" has issued a press release calling for the boycott of Starbucks because their new logo — a throwback to the logo the company used in the 1970s — "...has a naked woman on it with her legs spread like a prostitute."

This isn't the first time The Taper has noticed The Resistance Manifesto. Back in January, 2006, we found a video by the group bemoaning the "fact" that Freemasons worship Satan. These conspiracy freaks are also vocal in their hatred for Hollywood celebrities, Mormons, and the Georgia Guidestones.

The new Starbucks logo [above] is a modified version of the company's first logo. The update has removed the nipples from the woman/siren/mermaid/goddess. Ouch!

I assume any woman, prostitute or not, can spread her legs, so "legs spread like a prostitute" probably means the Manifest guys have seen their share of hookers, and maybe are feeling a little remorseful over that, but even yoga practitioners can't do what the Manifestoids say the cup-model is doing. That's because those aren't legs.

What is it about nude bodies that drives so many religious people to the point of insanity?

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  1. All I can do is Laugh! I think some people just look for a reason to boycott things. Some boycotts may be valid but this is just absurd.

  2. In the symbolic language of alchemy, the mermaid, or melusine, with the split tail is symbolic of the duality of sulphur and mercury, the primal essences.

    (Coffee is also a primal essence, btw)

    The Christians are worried for the wrong reason. Forget her worrisome lady-fish parts--Starbucks is initiating the populace into the alchemical arts.

  3. It is amusing/bemusing that certain Christian Fundamentalist run around with the "sky is falling, the sky is falling" mentality looking for the Devil in a cup of coffee.

    Here is something we all can fear, what if in their Christan zeal they try to have coffee banned as a controlled substance. One of the few legal mind altering alchemical brews we have to enjoy!

  4. Yes, it's amusing, but go back to the 70s and 80s when Proctor & Gamble changed their own logo (one that they'd had for almost a century!). The crescent moon with several starts was touted as a Satanic symbol, and the company that was known for the 99 44/100 % pure Ivory suddenly found itself in the midst of a rapidly spreading publicity nightmare.

  5. Proctor & Gamble...Satanic Symbols....Folgers Coffee...It's a conspiracy!

    OMG, I think I saw the face of the Saint Drogo in the coffee grounds I threw out this morning!!!!!!!!

  6. Quite frankly, zealous people of all types who try to impose their fanatical beliefs on others must, should and ought to be exterminated. Humanity demands it for perpetuation of the evolutionary process. Without doing so, we are in danger of regression as a species.

  7. zealous people of all types who try to impose their fanatical beliefs on others must, should and ought to be exterminated.


    ... as Mr. Shrugged seeks to prove his point by way of example...

  8. Phhhttt! Bro:. Tom, you just made me spit my satanic coffee. :)

  9. My goodness! Pleading humanity while endorsing mass genocide in the same comment!

    Mr. Darwin would shake his head in wonderment at that "evolutionary process".

    I need another cup of coffee......

  10. Ok, this is silly. I run a massive online ministry and you know what, the thought never crossed my mind about the logo on starbucks, it was most certainly not suggestive to me. Hey if you want controversy I have several older pictures of Jesus on the Cross naked, maybe we should re-write history, please people find something better to boycott. LOL

  11. Possibly simply a brilliant PR move by Starbucks to get everybody to remember them in times of slumping sales and $4 gas.

    However, THESE guys will surely burn in Hell.

  12. Thanks for the laugh Chris.

    I wondered what happened to all those diehard Village People fans!

  13. The art of reading coffee is related to the art of tea leaf reading and it's called tasseography or called tasseomancy.
    Here is an interesting list of other forms of divination.
    The reason I don't go to Starbucks is because owner Howard Schultz was the brains behind a deal to buy the Seattle Sonics and move them to Oklahoma. Not that Seattle's elitist intellectual politicians didn't help.
    "What? They won a world championship?"
    OK. I know this place is not the place to rant about basketball.
    Oh. I hope Threon Dunn lived a good life and died a good death. A peaceful journey to him.
    Sandy Frost

  14. Totally silly!

    Starbuck was named after first whaling ship Pequod, mate on

    As for Starbuck coffee, some bad, some good, where I work they have a Starbucks (no I do not work in mall but nice IT shop with 1,000 chicks around) so we get it for about a $1 per tall so WTF!

    I like full bodied coffee that is not over roasted. Not easy to do, as over roasting makes coffee taste like a dirty gas grill scrapings.

  15. Sandy wrote:
    The art of reading coffee is related to the art of tea leaf reading and it's called tasseography or called tasseomancy.

    Oh, now you've done it, Sandy! Thanks to you, the nutties will point out Masonic Lodges have tassels and that's sort of close to tasseomancy and that's tea-leaf reading and that's something done by witches who are the tools of Satan so that's proof that Freemasonry is Satanic!

    They'll no doubt say it in the same babbling sentence structure as above. And throw in something about Albert Pike.

    It's all because of you. We're done for now. Woe, woe, woe!

    On second thought, I'll blame it on Tom.

    Justa Mason

  16. I usually have some Starbucks coffee and generic viagra at night because it is perfect combination to release stress


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