Friday, August 15, 2008

Second Jester pleads guilty in prostitution case

Micheal Stebick, former prosecutor for the Erie County, New York district attorney's office, former New York State Supreme Court law clerk, Freemason, Shriner and former Impressario of the Jesters Buffalo Court #18, has pleaded guilty to one felony count of conspiring to violate the federal Mann Act after admitting to driving a prostitute from New York to Kentucky in a motor home so she could be "rented out" for sex to members of the Royal Order of Jesters at one of their weekend "meetings."

Stebick is the second Jester to enter into a plea agreement with federal prosecutors for Mann Act violations. Last March, retired police captain John Trowbridge pleaded guilty to one felony count of violating the Mann Act by transporting prostitutes to Jester parties in Kentucky and Pennsylvania.

Ronald Tills, the former New York Supreme Court judge, is also under investigation for violations of the Mann Act, but has not made any pleas or agreements with federal officials.

As part of his plea agreement, Stebick forfeited his motorhome which was used to take the prostitute to a Jester party in Kentucky.

This matter goes deeper than just some horny old guys taking a hooker to a party, according to Sandy Frost's article at Newsvine. Government documents show that Stebick, Trowbridge and (so far allegedly) Tills hired the prostitute from Len Wah Chong, owner of massage and acupressure businesses, who in April pleaded guilty to Sex Trafficking of Persons by Force, Fraud and Coercion. Chong allegedly used the businesses as fronts for prostitution and had up to 11 illegal alien women kept as "sex slaves."

I can hear the Masonic apologists' even now.

"The Shriners and/or Jesters do great things for 'the children,' and Widow's Son is painting the entire group with a broad brush based on the actions of a few 'bad apples.'"

The three "bad apples" could have had, and probably did have, their way with the woman in the motor home without transporting her from New York to the Jester party in Kentucky. They took her to Kentucky to service the sexual appetites of many "bad apples" waiting there. I'm sure those Jesters were just as anxious and then happy to see the guys with the girl arrive at their party as elderly blue lodgers are to see their young Junior Warden show up with a box of donuts before a meeting.

Image: A 2000 Challenger 335 MHA motorhome, similar to the one forfeited per Michael Stebick's plea agreement.

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  1. Donuts?

    I have no associations with whores?

    I respect the obligation I made to my wife!

    So Mote It Be

    You took an obligation...blah blah blah

  2. My donut comment should not be read as disparagement against donut makers. I love donuts.

    I was simply remembering when I was Junior Warden of my lodge, and how popular I was for a few moments each time I brought donuts for the pre-meeting yak-fest at my lodge.

    — W.S.

  3. It is sad that these individuals, a cop and a prosecutor could engage in such behavior. Actions such as these will continue to bring shame to Masonry as long as the Shriners and Jesters are affiliated with the order. The time for the red fezzes to go their own way is long overdue. Thank TGAOTU that Traditional Cosmopolitan Masonry has never felt the need to associate with such organizations. Why would they? They are not Masonic.

  4. The problem with this "isolated" incident is that it is yet another "isolated" incident to add to the steadily growing list of "isolated" incidents of Shriners getting caught with their hands (among other parts) in the cookie jar and with their pants down. (*Sorry! Couldn't resist the temptation to add those puns.)

    F. Roy-Dean Schlipp

  5. "ISOLATED"? FBI investigation states 192 plus locations, all "rites,lodges and shrines nationwide", "up to 70% of all donations to Shriners Hospitals used to perpetuate the slavery trafficking expressly for Master Mason use nationwide"..that 4 locations per state!!!!, wrote off very large sex parties defrauding the I.R.S. and U.S. citizen taxpayer dollars up to $60,000 per hour!!!!! Recent discoveries verified that Indiana Master Masons in the government are directly associated with Mexicos largest meth factory and mass kidnapping for involuntary human experimentation (RESEARCH) for stem cell and nano technology (masonic invested research) with over 3000 deaths (adolescents and young adults) reported in 2007 and still operating. Indiana Masonics (indiana justice system) now directly connected and also OTHER high level documented organized cartel crimes.


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