Monday, July 20, 2009

'For the children': Shriner Potentate arrested on child porn charges

Shriner and former Potentate Ray Highsmith, of Khedive Shrine Temple in Hampton Roads, Virginia, is in federal custody after agents discovered over 1,000 images on his computer of child pornography, some of it showing acts of sadomasochism, NewsChannel 3 has reported.

Highsmith admitted to having not one, but two memberships to an online child porn site.

Highsmith, 68, was first arrested in 2007, and was ordered by a judge to keep away from the Internet and from anyone under the age of 18. Apparently he couldn't keep his fingers off his keyboard. When he didn't show up for a court hearing, he was re-arrested, and investigators found his new stash of kiddie porn on his computer.

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