Thursday, April 01, 2010

Comments welcome!

Because of the huge amount of robot spam postings during the time The Burning Taper was temporarily dormant, the comment feature was deleted for a time.

The settings have now been changed, and we once again welcome comments to our posts.


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  1. my name is ronald chasteen----i have been following the grand lodge------by the burning taper------they are making the biggest mistake for masonry in arkansas -----we have become a joke to all the other states----and grand lodge could care less-----ronnie hedge and gene warren-------want absolut power nothen else-----i was expelled this year for life-----im a 20 year mason---lecturest---funeral services----work hard all my masonic life for the order----they let a w. master of my lodge--gary lamb----make up lies on my ---and break every by-law you can think of expell me from jasper lodge in 2008----i lectured this man--gary lamb---got him in the east----he had never set in a princable chair before---trouble started when he decided he did not need a dispasation to set in the east--grand lodge has a grude agenst me---mainly i was close friends with ---buddy moon----pgm-of arkansas----ronnie hedge and martin warren---have refused to give me a trial ----good reson----they know im not guilty------have tons of wittness----they know this----just the grudge thing and absolut power-----i think they has kicked the wrong man---dont like my name slured--then no chance to prove other wise----oh yea---they gave me no trial---but expelled me for life--but-----yes they kept my -perpetual dues money----holy hell-----no this is not masonry------ronald chasteen


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