Friday, April 02, 2010

Letter from an expelled Arkansas Freemason

The Burning Taper receives many emails from Freemasons and others interested in Masonry. With the writer's permission, I'm sharing with you a recent email from an expelled Mason from Arkansas.

Dear Brother WS,

I read the posts regarding the recent events in Arkansas Masonry with great interest and consternation for I had hoped this sort of thing was finished in Arkansas following the debacle of the schism of 2004-2005, sparked by the refusal of then Deputy Grand Master Franks to answer to the brethren their questions regarding the rules of succession in the event the Grand Master is unable or unwilling to fulfill his duty as specified in the Digest of Rules, Laws, and Edicts. I should clarify that statement: DGM Franks didn't "refuse" to listen to the questions of the Brethren — his reply simply consisted of an attitude of "because I said so" followed by a speedy threat of suspension pending Masonic trial. If one were so bold as to ask again, he would be met with stony silence and could expect a letter in the mail specifying time and place for his trial. Expulsion was the guaranteed outcome.

I should know, for I received trial in their kangaroo court.

Now, we find that Bro. Gordon is suffering the same fate, all because he chose to communicate via the internet to his Brothers the edict issued by the GL regarding the purchase of Masonic license plates for their vehicles.

I was always told that only the esoteric work of the Fraternity was never to be published in any form whatsoever and that anything found in print offered by the Grand Lodge was open to all. After all, the Fraternity is not a "secret organization" but an organization with secrets. Evidently, the GL of Arkansas has decided to close all communications to the "profane" or un-initiated unless it be spun, washed, and manipulated in such a manner to meet approval of the powers-that-be. I pity those who would choose to subjugate themselves under such a tyranny and would hope the eyes and minds of the Brethren in Arkansas and elsewhere be opened to the truth of such self-serving actions by those who are supposed to lead the fraternity.

As you might expect, I must ask that my identity be withheld as there are some I am proud to still call Brother and do not wish to cause them any harm from retribution by the Grand Lodge of Arkansas.

Please feel free to contact me at your leisure if you have any questions.

Fraternally yours,
[name deleted]
Expelled Mason
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  1. Well this has all become very interesting. It feels as though it would cause a true and upright mason to cry the grand hailing sign of distress to see this happen.

    Considering that the Masonic Grand Lodge organization is very much a confederacy (Individual groups recognizing each other yet not unified.) It makes me wonder can other Grand Lodges refuse recognition of the Arkansas Grand Lodge over this fiasco in order to put pressure to get over themselves?

    It's honestly sad to see this happen within the fraternity. Where each meeting we pray that "peace and harmony reside" and "that no contention should ever exist." When we do go awry, we are to "Remember also, that you have promised to remind him, in the most tender manner, of his failings, and aid his reformation" Can we please practice these ideals in deed as well as word?

  2. Bro Marius Lepage, a French
    Mason, said, "It is absolutely useless for a Frenchman to
    try to understand English Masonry unless he realizes that the
    Crown, the Anglican Church, and the United Grand Lodge of
    England are one God in three persons."

    guess I'll never understand......

  3. "I was always told that only the esoteric work of the Fraternity was never to be published in any form whatsoever and that anything found in print offered by the Grand Lodge was open to all."

    As was I and that was by a past Grand Master.

  4. It appears to be no more than an abuse of power and authority.


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