Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Old school Grand Masters warn against "clandestine" Grand Lodges

As our Alabama Brother at Free-Mason-Alert said yesterday, the 2006 Conference of Grand Masters which met in Febrary isn't real happy about some of the recent changes in Freemasonry. And they're tossing around the word "clandestine" rather haphazardly these days, not only in referring to new Grand Lodges being formed like the United Grand Lodge of America and the Grand Lodge of All England, but also to lodges being chartered in Europe and South America by the Regular Grand Lodge of England. The U.S. Grand Masters don't even like the Grand Orient of France, and that august body has been around since 1773. And the Grand Lodges of ten states still don't recognize Prince Hall Freemasonry (African-American Freemasonry), which is as regular as white men's Masonry, chartered by the United Grand Lodge of England in the 18th century.

In a rather obvious attempt to protect their "turf," they claim that these lodges and grand lodges are being formed by those wanting to "capitalize" on the renewed interest in Freemasonry brought on by recent books and movies. The "old school" Grand Masters fail to see that these newer lodges and grand lodges are in fact attempting to bring real Freemasonry back into existence before the crowds who become interested in Masonry come knocking on lodge doors. When the crowds show up and find out that modern "official" Freemasonry (at least in the South — I can't speak for other parts of the country) has been reduced to Southern Baptist title-seekers holding fish fries and barbeques to raise money to buy a new air conditioner for the lodge, and that no one can rememember the passwords from ritual to ritual, and that there is no such thing as Masonic education, or Masonic secrets, or Masonic history — or Masonic Brotherly Love — they won't stay around long.

These new lodges and grand lodges are the true Light of the 21st century, reflecting the Light from our Noble and Ancient Past. The days of the Antient Barbequers are numbered.

Note that whenever a newly formed lodge, grand lodge or rite asks the Antient Grand Lodges what the "standards for recognition" actually are, they never get an answer.

From the 2006 Grand Masters' Conference:
"Grand Lodges that do not meet the standards for recognition are being formed and promoted at an alarming rate. There are several of which you should be aware. The Regular Grand Lodge of England is creating lodges in many European and South American countries. There have been reports that plans are to create lodges in America as well. There is a movement called the United Grand Lodge of America of Accepted Free Masons that is also trying gain a foothold on this country. Another group calling itself the Grand Lodge of All England is attempting to create lodges in England. The Grand Orient of France has also created several lodges in this country. With the renewed interest in Masonry brought on by recent books and movies, it appears numerous clandestine groups are trying to capitalize on this situation. Beware!"

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  1. Looks like the old guard is due for a changing. :)

  2. i love how we as masons promote the tolerance of all faiths and worship but intolerant to all practices of masonry.
    that sounds like religious intolerance to me, is not masonry a practice of self improvement with a belief in a creator? What is different forms of masonry but different ways to honor the creator. The dying animal is kicking and fighting harder than ever because it is losing it's life blood!
    God bless brave masons who stand up for what is right instead of burying your head and collecting titles!

  3. I am amused. It has been how long since the "Regualr Grand Lodge of England" was formed and then there is a splinter called the "Grand Lodge of All England" . . .

    There are times for breaking icons, and there are times for waiting.

    the so-called oppressive Freemasonry of the GL's which are being left, well, that will only last as long as we do not have another flu pandemic.

  4. It's amazing how disaffected some people become when they can't get their way. The mind will fabricate all sorts of reasons why you are right and everyone else is wrong.

  5. The reason for the reponement of The Grand Lodge of All England at York by an act of constitutional restitution is clearly and fully explained on our website www.grandlodgeofallengland.org in the article "Sussex v Sussex - the Case for genuine Anglo-Saxon Freemasonry". (Webpage: Articles and Papers). This is a definitive statement which could not be clearer.

    As far as our relationships with any other organisations are concerned:-

    "Any attempt to link or associate The Grand Lodge of All England with any individual, body, bodies, organisation, organisations, association or associations, whether Masonic or non-Masonic are to be regarded as entirely false and possibly malicious unless supported by a written Treaty of Amity or Agreement ratified by The Grand Assembly of Masons at York or a Convocation of The Grand Lodge of All England at York." (Webpage: Aims and Principles).

    We hope that this clarifies matters so that misunderstanding is not generated, intentionally or otherwise.

    Peter Clatworthy
    Grand Secretary
    Grand Lodge of All England at York


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