Sunday, April 02, 2006

Prayer for release of Freemasons and descendants of Freemasons

The Jubilee Resources Webb [yes, that's how they spell it] Site has kindly provided a 12-page prayer of renunciation and rebuking of Freemasonry, suitable for use by you as a Freemason, or if you're just haunted by the fact that an ancestor was a Freemason.

This prayer covers it all, paragraph by paragraph. Repeat it, and you're invoking Jaaaay-Suz to save you from Witchcraft, which the prayer calls the "principle Spirit behind Freemasonry." Cast out Satan, Baphomet, the Anti-Christ, the Angels of Death and Deception, plus... long-term headaches and epilepsy will go away!

There's a Prayer Paragraph designed to save you from every Blue Lodge degree, every York Rite degree, and every Scottish Rite degree by name. Apparently praying this prayer even helps you overcome fear of gang assault and rape, those fears having been brought on by you having become a Master Mason.

The final paragraph mentions all other Masonic organations including DeMolay, Rainbow Girls, Order of the Eastern Star, and the Shrine. But wait — you get more! This prayer will also release you from your bondage to the Elks, Odd Fellows, Buffaloes, Ku Klux Klan, Foresters, Woodmen of the World, and even the Druids.

The organization that posted this strange document, the Oaks of Righteousness, is located in Atlanta, Georgia. It's uncertain if they are part of a church, or freelancers. The site features a husband and wife team — Richard and Virginia Robinson — calling themselves pastors, dressed in matching dress shirts. Digging through their website further, I find recurring themes that they're trying to help their prey, er, clients, get rid of "generational" sins. Sheesh... it's bad enough we gotta worry about our own shortcomings; these folks think we're damned 'cause Old Grand Dad had a drinking problem or was too shrewd in business, or worse — didn't go to church!

The Oaks of Righteousness team seems to be loosely affiliated with a "multi-cultural" church called Liberty Church, located in Marietta, Georgia, a suburban area north of Atlanta. This site features eight more couples in similar pose and similar shirts as the Robinsons. Apparently each couple "pastors" a different congregation within the same church. Maybe it's an MLM pyramid — Multi-Level Ministry. Who knows?

Read the PDF file here.

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  1. I can't believe the ritual involved here in praying to renounce something. And here I thought that ritual prayer was something only from the Catholics and the Freemasons.

    Thanks for ferreting out this piece of judgmental self-righteousness. I am constantly amazed at these congregations you uncover and the depths of their intolerance. Their way must be the only way, so they think, and they will do everything they can to spread that dreck. When did this fundamentally take hold of the United States?

    This my faith is better than yours, and is the only one, so your going to Hell if you don't believe this way. If that is their faith, then keep it. It's detrimental to the people of this country and this world. It reminds me in so many ways of selling salvation. Scare everyone into thinking that there are still boogey-men responsible for their personal failures, and it makes things better, all the while paying your Biblically necessary 10%, because God needs your money.

    A memory comes to me of a church I attended some time ago. It was a very large and well attended establishment. In the sermon I attended, the pastor straight out said "God says I need a new Rolls Royce" for the work he was doing for the son of God. Dumbfounded, it was the last time I attended the place, and needless to say my tithing never hit the plate. I guess a donkey wasn't good enough like it was for Christ. These wealth motivated impious mind controlling thieves are beginning to get annoying. But ever worse are the ones who are starting to believe them because of items like this.

    Excellent post brother. As always, good to see where your light shines.


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