Tuesday, June 06, 2006

"Oh my God! I'm giving birth to Damien!"

Okay, I couldn't let this one go.

A soon-to-be-mum in England induced the birth of her child early so she wouldn't download him on the Devil's Day (today), June 6, 2006.

When told her due date was today, Melissa Parker's "blood ran cold," and she immediately began having nightmares. "When I got my due date I thought 'Oh God, I’m giving birth to Damien from the Omen.'"

God help the child, growing up with such a superstitious mother.

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  1. Ok, that's just scary. Good grief. Today is just another day like any other.

  2. Actually, I think this woman is just starring in her own private little Hollywood style movie where she plays a pivotal role. Probably the first time she's ever felt important in her whole sad, pathetic little life.

    Either way, though, you're right, the child is to be pitied.


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