Sunday, June 25, 2006

Planet of the Crazy Apes

In a parallel universe, seven-year-old Myles Rees will grow up to be an accomplished British Shakespearean stage actor, then move to New York and win a Tony on Broadway. He'll reprise his role in Hollywood and win an Oscar for best actor.

Unfortunately, in our Bizarro world, he was born to a stupid, oversensitive, small-minded bigot of a mother, and young Myles will probably grow up to be a crack addict with a bad attitude toward "whitey."

Myles is black. Excuse me for not being more politically correct. I don't know what black people call themselves in England... African-British, maybe?

Anyway... Myles and another black student — and three white students — were assigned roles in their school's production of the play An Enchanted Island.

Their roles? Monkeys.

Myles's mother, Lorraine Rees, calls the school's asking Myles to play a monkey "racist."

She has demanded an apology from the school.

"Everyone is aware of the racist connotations of asking a black pupil to play a monkey," she complained to a reporter from the Guardian Unlimited.

"I think what the school have [sic] done is definitely racist and should never have been allowed to happen in the first place. It is just not acceptable.

"There is no way that black pupils should even be asked to play monkeys in any type of play.

"My son is very upset by all of this. He had wanted to play the part of a hunter but was told he would have to play the part of a monkey."

There you have it... her child didn't get the role he wanted, and she's playing the "race card" in retaliation.

Poor Myles. He coulda been a contender.

Image: It's a WHITE monkey.

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