Monday, May 26, 2008

Cheney: 'How many dead Americans is Iraq worth?'

President George W. "Captain America" Bush is probably out riding a motorcycle today. Vice President Cheney is probably going hunting (with) his friends. And I plan to drink wine and fire up my new grill.

But at least 4081 American families will "celebrate" this Memorial Day with sadness. Their sons and daughters won't be joining them at family parties. They're dead, you see. Killed in Cheney's Quagmire.

Bring 'em home. Now.

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  1. "How many dead Americans is Iraq worth?"
    $5 a gallon?
    $6 a gallon?
    You are correct.
    Bring 'em home now.
    There is a new domestic terrorism and it is being legislated against us.


  2. Hey, I am in the process of getting a Pee Wee Herman Schwinn bicycle with a huge basket on the front to ride back and forth to work and the countless little trips to the store.

    It is time to think outside box, to explore a different paradigm and come up with ways we don't have to be a slave to oil.

    If our government doesn't get it let's show them we do!

  3. How utterly un-American of you, SQ!

    Don't you know the official U.S. mantra?

    "Consume! Consume! Consume!"

    — W.S.

  4. Yes, WS, am very well acquainted with that mantra, TVM.

    And I was reminded of it just last week when a friend caught me "dumpster diving" in some one's trash to rescue a item I have recycled and put to good use.

    Now I have a new nickname around these part and there is a lot of jesting at my expense.

    But hey, the reclaimed item looks marvelous in my back yard!


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