Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Freemasonry as 'Fight Club'

An excellent new Masonic-themed blog called 3 Ruffians, operated by the Illustrious Order of the Three Ruffians, attracted my attention today.

Its most recent article compares Freemasonry to Fight Club.

Here's an excerpt from the article. Hope you check out the entire article and the blog.
If you're a typical guy, then watching Fight Club gets you stirred up. As revolting as the senseless violence of it is, it makes you wonder what would, or could happen, if people really did do something to shake up their ordinary lives.

Maybe that's one more reason why men all across the country are still becoming Freemasons. It is a secret society. And it does promise real personal change to the individual. Why is that appealing? Sure we want change... each of us wants to better ourselves. That's a no-brainer.

What we also want as Freemasons... is to be a Part of something bigger than ourselves that can make some real changes in the world. We all read Secret Teachings of All Ages by Manly P Hall. And each of us has spent countless hours reading books and blogs and pouring over information about Masonry on YouTube and Google. We know that Freemasonry, at least from our Lodges, isn't really controlling the world. It's under fire out there and taking hits from religious groups and those who are either uneducated about the Craft, ignorant of its actualities... or just uninitiated. Still, as Masons ourselves, we want to stand for something, take part in something. We want to matter.

Freemasons today are looking for their Boston Tea Party. At least many of the new Brothers are. We're not Ruffians in the dark sense of the word. We're Ruffians in the sense that we know we have a lot to learn. We know we arent always patient enough. We do know the difference between right and wrong. We just want to DO something, stand FOR something and WITH others like ourselves.

Today, men across the country, as evinced by the May 18th article in the L.A. Times, are becoming Freemasons, becoming Brothers, because they Believe in something Higher and Greater than themselves. The new Brothers face the East and each look upon the same letter of God. This is their distinction. It lies within the simplicity of the only real prerequisite to join the Order... Belief in a Supreme Being. This is the belief in something greater.

Much like the protagonist in Fight Club, these men yearn to take action in their lives and in the lives around them. They want the Mysteries to be special... to make them special. They want the secrets to be answers to their personal questions. They want the men they find in their secret brotherhood to stand beside them in times of crisis and to accept them as they are. And so, they have faced the Three Ruffians and have been duly tried and prepared for new lives as Free and Accepted Masons.
Neither the blog nor the Three Ruffians organization actually exist, and thus, we can't talk about them. But even if they did exist, we still can't talk about them.

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  1. the First rule of Freemasonry is that there is no FREEMASONRY.

    the Second Rule of Freemasonry is that THERE IS NO FREEMASONRY.

    Any questions?

    Whose first?

  2. I don't remember saying, "I want you to hit me as hard as you can."

  3. That is why you do not remember.

    The east gate hit you hard

  4. I think the bigger question is are there any Masons that have these:

    I know in the 22nd Masonic District of Ohio that has them...

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