Friday, October 10, 2008

Space ice conks sleeping woman on head

Tin-foil hats probably won't be much protection, but you might want to consider sleeping in a hard hat, after a six-pound chunk of "space ice" crashed through a sleeping woman's roof and bonked her in the head.

"Something woke me up," said Mary Ann Foster, who lives in York Township, Pennsylvania. "I felt my head and I had kind of a big — a kind of a bump."

The giant ice cube left a two-feet-across hole in her ceiling, WGAL reported. The iceball broke into three pieces after hitting her.

"If I had been over further, if I had be laying on my back, if a bigger piece had hit me, I could be dead," she said. "Just remember, you never know what's going to happen. Just enjoy everyday."

There you go. Enjoy every day. You never know when you'll get conked on the head by space ice.

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  1. Our Zeta-Reticulan Overlords have informed me that this was completely accidental.

  2. I wonder what the annual stats are for death caused by space ice... or space debris in general. Any idea?

  3. Let me get this straight, a big chunk of ice comes crashing into the atmosphere and through her roof, but only breaks when it hits her on the head? Who is she, the long lost mother of superman?


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