Tuesday, March 30, 2010

GL of AR's letter to Bro. Derek Gordon

This is the letter the Grand Lodge of Arkansas sent to Bro. Derek Gordon. Details on this story can be found here and here. We will post further developments as they become known.

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  1. I sure hope no other jurisdiction gets involved.
    Why would any American Mason stand for this type of tyranny while standing on Free soil?

    It is a shame what the Fraternity stands for today. Attacking a mason of 2.5 years?

    I guess Tolerance is not a Tenet of Arkansas freemasonry?

    Par for Course.
    keep it up fella's.. the south will rise again!?

  2. What does this phrase mean: "This Trial Commission is not governed by the Rules of Law"? Is that a statement to the effect that this is not a legal proceeding (Like a circuit court)? Or is it exempted from regular procedure?

  3. In answer to Monsignor's question, the term, "not governed by the Rules of Law" means the proceedings are indeed not subject to the normal rules one would expect in court. The proceedings have no legal weight outside of the jurisdiction of the GL of AR and the manner in which the proceedings are conducted bear no similarity to those you might expect in a civil court. The rules of evidence, discovery, cross examination, and rebuttal do not apply and any attempt on your part to introduce them would be quickly denied. Even using the Digest of Laws governing the GL of AR to make a point has been denied. Any defense offered would only be token in nature for one has no right to face his accuser and one is considered guilty unless proven otherwise. And, one must be VERY careful in wording any statements that might call into question the honesty, motivation, or truthfulness of your accusers, especially the WM of the lodge and most especially the GM. Doing so is cause for immediate expulsion.

    At one time, an offending Brother might be taken aside and cautioned about his actions. If that Brother persisted, he should face a Masonic Trial in his Lodge. He can be found innocent or guilty only. Punishment can be in the form of a written admonishment, definite suspension, in-definite suspension, or expulsion. In the Digest, it is still that way. But, now, the GL has taken on the responsibility of bringing to trial and punishing those it deems to be dangerous offenders. The definition of dangerous though, is solely up to them and adjusts to fit the bill.

  4. I sure wish the other jurisdictions had become involved 6 years ago when the schism in Arkansas Masonry started. If only others had joined in to question the actions of the DGM following the death of the elected GM.

    And, in addition to my earlier comment, I needed to say too that one has no civil rights in a Masonic trial or in Masonry in Arkansas. The DGM told a brother he had no right to an opinion or to speak to others of his opinion and that he had given up any rights when he took his Master's obligation.

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