Friday, March 26, 2010

Grand Lodge of Arkansas pulls charter of lodge for publicizing edict banning purchase of Masonic license plates

On Feb. 27, The Burning Taper reported on the Grand Lodge of Arkansas's edict forbidding "mainstream" Masons from purchasing Masonic license tags from the state of Arkansas because the original project was developed by, and a part of the proceeds went to, the Arkansas Prince Hall grand lodge.

In that story, we mentioned a notice on the website of an Arkansas mainstream lodge, Sebastian Lodge No. 706.

The website has been removed, and the lodge has had its charter revoked for its post.

The following is now posted at
SebastianLodge.Com is down for the foreseeable future.

Thank you for visiting.

We have had well over 20,000 visitors in our one year in operation. We hope that we can return and provide one of the most-visited Masonic website on the net.

Our charter was revoked for being un-Masonic as to our website. I, Derek Gordon, apologize for mentioning the order to not purchase license plates. As the order said, all members must be notified. This seemed to be a great way to get it there as many members visited. I, being secretary, webmaster, legal domain owner, and creator of this website, never meant to upset Grand Lodge. Rather, I sought to protect our lodge because so many saw the letter as racist. I realize it was not meant to taken that way, but its poor penmanship didn't get the proper message across. Other Arkansas lodges have the same kind of post, yet they still have their charter. Some Arkansas lodges and members have posted the entire letter from the Grand Secretary online and those two have yet to see punishment.

To my former brethren of Sebastian Lodge, I apologize to you for this instance. I felt that we were safe after finding the post on so many other sites. There's much more to the story, but out of respect for Masonry and for the title of Grand Master and the Grand Lodge I will humbly refrain.

I further urge all Masons to support Sebastian Lodge in reobtaining its charter. By this I outline that I was doing what was seen as acceptable by precedent. The lodge itself was not involved in this directly. I am ashamed at the outcome.

Currently, I'm awaiting a Masonic trial for expulsion that I cannot make it to. It is scheduled for the weekend of April 17th, 2010 when the Military has summoned me to work. The Grand Lodge will not return my phone calls and one can only imagine the desired outcome.

Should you wish to contact me, it is possible by emailing webmaster706 @ I'd suggest removing the spaces around the @.

"Few men have virtue to withstand the highest bidder." — George Washington

Derek Gordon
Former Secretary, 706

Deplorable! Arkansas Masons should be ashamed of their grand lodge and its officers.

An announcement similar to Sebastian's original statement still appears on the website of Boone Lodge No. 314:
NOTICE: Grand Lodge of Arkansas has declared that no Arkansas Freemason is to purchase a Masonic Arkansas license plate. These are for Prince Hall Masons, which Arkansas considers to be clandestine lodges.

This notice fulfills the requirement of the Grand Lodge of Arkansas for each subordinated Lodge to inform their members.

The publishing of this notice does not necessarily reflect the views of Boone Lodge or its members.
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  1. Trial to expel the webmaster? Don't make an error on your income tax my Arkansas could be "toast"!!


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