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The Disney-Masonic connection

Type "disney+freemasonry" into Google or another search engine, and you'll find yourself dwarf-deep in anti-masonic conspiracy territory, where you'll learn, not that it's true, that Walt Disney and Ronald Reagan were lodge brothers and 33rd-degree "high-ranking" Freemasons bent on controlling the minds of children and adults alike.

According to those who've done the research, neither Disney nor Reagan were Masons. Reagan was made an honorary Scottish Rite Mason while he was president, I've read somewhere slightly more trustworthy than the typical conspiracy site, but I don't recall where.

Walt Disney, on the other hand, was actually a member of DeMolay while growing up, and later, Disney authorized Mickey Mouse to be made an honorary DeMolay member, the only group Mickey ever belonged to, according to

During the 1950s Disneyland sponsored various clubs for its employees, including a knitting club, a shooting club, a skiing club, bowling and softball teams, and, curiously, a Masonic club, presumably for employees who were Freemasons. A blogger who collects memorabilia from Disneyland and other theme and amusement parks recently posted this photo of a Disneyland Masonic Club name badge for whom I presume we should refer to as Bro. Flemon A. Robbins.

(Check out these creepy anagrams you can get from the name Flemon A. Robbins.)

A few years ago, OC Weekly (from Orange County, California) ran a review of the Disneyland restaurant Club 33, titled "Mickey the Mason: Behind the door of Uncle Walt’s exclusive Club 33." Apparently many people think the 33 refers to that "high degree" in Freemasonry. The writer found no Masonic symbols in the restaurant, saying only that "at the top of the windows... there are designs that are almost shaped like an eye." Spooky stuff! Membership in Club 33 (in 2003) is $7,500, with yearly dues of $2,500. A buffet-style meal is $47. I don't know too many Masons who would pay those kinds of dues or prices to eat, but then, I'm not a 33rd degree "high ranking" Freemason, so what do I know? Maybe those 33rd's all get to dip into that National Treasure that Ben Gates and his pals found under that church.

Oh, wait... National Treasure was a Disney movie! Now I get it!

Image: Walt Disney at his desk circa 1950. Note the proof that he is secretly a Freemason: You can't see his ring finger on his right hand, which is where most Masons would wear a Masonic ring. Wily Walt wisely hides his hand from the photographer and public.

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  1. I actually read that Reagan was made an honorary shriner.

  2. You might be right. Reagan was made an honorary something by somebody. I can't remember if it was Shriner or Scottish Rite. They both start with an S.

    And anyway, Reagan's dead, his body frozen to await a thawed immortality. No, wait, that was Disney, wasn't it?

    — W.S.

  3. &uotFrom Paul Bessel's website at The event seemed to cause something of a Masonic diplomatic meltdown. (There seems to be a problem with the formatting on Paul's page, rendering the text invisible, so here is what it says):

    On February 11, 1988, several Masonic officials visited President Ronald W. Reagan in the Oval Office of the White House. Among the Masons present were:

    Most Wor. Raymond F. McMullen
    Grand Master of Masons of the District of Columbia

    Most Wor. Stewart W. Miner, PGM
    Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia

    Wor. William E. Chaney, Jr.
    Grand Marshal of the Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia

    Ill. Francis S. Paul
    Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction

    Sidney R. Baxter
    Assistant to the Sovereign Grand Commander, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction, A.A.S.R.

    Ill. C. Fred Kleinknecht
    Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite, Southern Jurisdiction

    Carroll M. Bowman
    Assistant Grand Secretary General, Southern Jurisdiction, A.A.S.R.

    Ill. Voris King
    Imperial Potentate of the A.A.O.N.M.S. (Shrine) of North America

    Jack H. Jones
    Imperial Recorder, A.A.O.N.M.S. (Shrine) of North America

    The Grand Master of D.C. presented President Reagan with a "Certificate of Honor," which said that President Reagan's life was a testament to his firm belief in brotherly love, relief, and truth, and his service to the public has broadened the applications of temperance, fortitude, prudence, and justice to the benefit of all mankind. This Certificate further said that in recognition of President Reagan's efforts to promote good will and understanding throughout the world, this certificate was issued to him by the Grand Master of D.C. on February 11, 1988. A complete copy of the Certificate is printed at page 67 of the 1988 D.C. Proceedings.

    According to a press release issued by the D.C. Grand Lodge, the two Scottish Rite Grand Commanders jointly gave President Reagan a Scottish Rite Certificate, and the Imperial Potentate gave him a Shrine certificate. According to The New Age Magazine and The Northern Light Magazine, the Scottish Rite Grand Commanders jointly presented President Reagan with a certificate (a copy of which is shown in The Northern Light Magazine, April 1988 issue, page 12) that "conferred the title of Honorary Scottish Rite Mason," and the Imperial Potentate presented him with a certificate with the designation "Honorary Member of the Imperial Council" of the Shrine. The Northern Light Magazine pointed out that the certificate of honor presented by the Grand Lodge of D.C. "should not be confused with the 'Mason-at-sight' ceremony performed by a number of other Grand Lodges."

    President Reagan gave Grand Master McMullen, Sovereign Grand Commanders Paul and Kleinknecht, and Imperial Potentate King, "Private Section Initiative Commendations" for the charitable and philanthropic programs of the Masonic organizations.

    In a February 22, 1988, letter from President Reagan to Grand Commander Kleinknecht (a copy of which was printed in The New Age Magazine, April 1988, inside front cover), the President said he commended "the outstanding charitable work of the Masons as one of our nation's oldest fraternal organizations." He also thanked the Scottish Rite, Southern Jurisdiction, Grand Commander, for "the framed certificate of membership," and said he was "honored to join the ranks of sixteen former Presidents in their association with Freemasonry."

    Later, it is noted in the 1988 D.C. Grand Lodge Proceedings that the Grand Master issued a Decision in which he said that a non-resident Mason, regularly employed in full time Masonic work within Washington, D.C., challenged the authority of the Grand Master and the Grand Lodge. In response, the Grand Master ruled that the authority of the Grand Master and the Grand Lodge extended to the exercise of sovereignty within the confines of that Grand Lodge (Washington, D.C.) over all Masons, resident or transient, so long as they are physically within the confines of that Grand Jurisdiction.

    Then, on September 23, 1988, the Grand Master issued an Edict, which said that Brother C. Fred Kleinknecht, Sovereign Grand Commander of the A.A.S.R., Southern Jurisdiction is a sojourning Mason employed within the confines of the Grand Jurisdiction of D.C. and therefore subject to the laws, rules, and regulations of the Grand Lodge of D.C., and he has "persistently and willfully disregarded the authority" of the Grand Lodge of D.C. and the courtesies due all Grand Lodges and Grand Masters, and he had "scornfully rejected lawful requests" to him by the Grand Master of D.C. to appear in response to an official Summons issued by the Grand Master, and has "unilaterally assumed the right to edit, without the concurrence of the Grand Master or the Grand Lodge, a White house produced tape account of a Masonic visit with the President in the Oval Office on February 11, 1988.; Therefore, the Grand Master issued an Edict which said Brother Kleinknecht was suspended from all the rights and benefits accorded Sojourning Masons in that jurisdiction, and all Masons all D.C. Masons that so long as that Edict was in effect all Masonic intercourse with him was illegal.

    The Proceedings say that after the issuance of this Edict, the Grand Master of Maryland acted as a mediator in an effort to settle this dispute. On October 6, 1988, in the office of the Grand Master of Maryland, the Grand Master and Grand Secretary of D.C. met with the Sovereign Grand Commander and his Grand Secretary General, who was also a Past Grand Master of D.C. The Grand Secretary of Maryland was also present. An "accommodation" was arrived at, and the Maryland Grand Master issued an announcement, and the D.C. Grand Master rescinded his Edict on October 20, 1988, saying that at the Maryland meeting Kleinknecht had "transferred custodianship of the White House produced tape of a Masonic visit with the President in the Oval Office on February 11, 1988, along with all known complete copies made of that tape, to Grand Master Bryan for safe keeping in the office of the Grand Lodge of Maryland." It also said that during the meeting Kleinknecht had acknowledged the "primacy" of the Grand Master of D.C. within his jurisdiction, and he and the Grand Master has signed a "memorandum of understanding" prepared by the Maryland Grand Master and distributed by him to all Grand Lodges in the U.S. Therefore, the Grand Master's Rescission Edict stated that Brother Kleinknecht was restored to all the rights and benefits due Sojourning Masons in the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of D.C.

  4. Thank you for the information, Bro. Hodapp. Most interesting....

    — W.S.

  5. Ok! Enough is enough! I grew up on Disney. It is not Disney who is the evil mind manipulater. It is the evil entities that infaltrate the corporation through evil people that have sold their souls out. Like politics and anything else on this earth under the duality we exist. Disney was a creative,positive man who wanted to do good. His cartoons,"Snow White,Cinderella ect.." were positive! Davy Crokett.Old yeller and others were good movies from him. The corporation has fallen into bad hands at this time and I assure you Disney is turning over in his grave. Love and LIght!

    1. Walt disneys brother who was a partner and took over the company after walt died was a Freemason and yes it is evil in the first degree Jesus said
      All oaths are evil its in the bible, one of the first thing you do as a first degree mason is take an oath to secrecy , I know a mason and im trying to help him quit.

  6. No Fay it is actually true.
    Disney just wants to mess up childrens mind. he is evil. i stopped watching it now.

  7. Masonry is not evil. It's just not Christian in a classical sense. Masons are students of the esoteric. I think Disney movies are full of Esoteric references. Masonry got its ideas mostly from Kabbalah. Some sources say Jesus was the first Mason. They actually have plausible proof!

    The reason why masonry was so secret was because of the Roman Catholic Church. It undermines classic religious beliefs. Although it essentially talks about the same thing, it is actually quite disturbing to the ordinary-minded religious types. It takes a little bit of sophistication to get the nuances of their interpretation.

    Generally, the study of the Esoteric does put you on a plane that is transcendent of classic religion, but not contrary to it.

  8. i think it is very true
    Walt Disney freemason we can not ignore all the images on the old movie films, they are there so it is a proof. wether it is evil or not everyone should judge for him self. when i was a kid i watch these movies and nothing bad happened to me...

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  10. "Image: Walt Disney at his desk circa 1950. Note the proof that he is secretly a Freemason: You can't see his ring finger on his right hand, which is where most Masons would wear a Masonic ring. Wily Walt wisely hides his hand from the photographer and public."
    Really? That's your evidence he was Mason? No offense, but that's really stupid. There are plenty of photos showing his ring finger. He either wore a simple band or nothing at all. Here is a link to a four photo collage, two of which, clearly show his right ring finger with nothing on it. One shows his left ring finger, but that's a wedding band.
    You claim this is a blog belonging to a Mason, whom I presume is you. If so, what is your Mother Lodge? Mine is Acacia Lodge #17, Free and Accepted Masons of the Grand Lodge of Utah.

  11. Really. Yes, that's the evidence, the hiding of the ring finger!

    Oh, come on, Infoman. Don't you have a sense of humor? Don't take things so seriously. Sarcasm and comedy run amuck on this blog.

    -- WS


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