Friday, June 22, 2007

'They're just weather balloons'

What if there was a town called Bugsport, Maine? And what if most of the inhabitants were little grey aliens that the government had moved there after their flying saucer crashed in 1947 in Roswell, New Mexico? And what if the aliens were Freemasons?

And what if... Bugsport was a comic strip drawn by Bro. Ted Bastien?

My thanks to Bro. Isaiah of Kingdom of Conscience and Bro. Dean of Freemason's Corner for first sending the greys to transport me to Bugsport.

Image: Page 76 of "Bugsport." Used by kind permission of Bro. Ted. Bastien

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  1. Heh heh - I've had a link to Bugsport ever since I started my own blog.

    The implants made me do it.

  2. You live so close to Maine you're probably a member of the Bugsport Lodge. Yeah, I just bet you are.

    Clandestine! Hanging out with those Greys! Brother to parakeets! Driving those little Studebakers in local fez parades!

    — W.S.

  3. Don't tell him a thing Brother Accousti!

    Remember your "bloody oath"!


  4. I was disappointed it took me this long to find this treasure of a cartoon.

  5. Clandestine! Hanging out with those Greys!

    Masons who have communicated with me via email have often seen this mail sig:

    Tom Accuosti

    Grand Sovereign Pontiff and Secret Exposuer
    Ambassador to Zeta-Reticula

    Crop Circle Planning & Zoning Commissioner
    Aluminum Foil Beanie Fitting and Training Consultant
    Team Osiris Obelisk Siting and Surveying
    Manager, Dulces/Denver Airport Massage & Day Spa
    Cydonia Vacation Resort Concierge

    P.M., Friendship #33.3 AM&FM
    Area 51, Atlantis

  6. Bro. Ted is a man to be honored. He is a fantastic artist and a good man. I used to host his cartoon until a computer issue prompted him to abandon us for another site. I wish him well both as a artist and fellow mason.

    Bro. Steve Doss
    Port Jervis Lodge 328


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