Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Lady ghost haunts Ohio Masonic temple

Opulent, historic late 19th and early 20th century, and newer, Masonic temples and lodges large and small are being moved, sold off, fought over, becoming part of entertainment empires, and turned into day spas and condos as Masonic membership continues to dwindle. The buildings simply can't be maintained; Masonic groups can no longer afford the taxes, water and sewage bills, and general upkeep.

One old Masonic building, though, has found a second chance in a novel way. Maybe they'll even get rich. Still operating as a Masonic hall, the Masonic temple in Kent, Ohio, also draws in visitors because of its ghost.

By Halloween, the temple hopes to have become part of a newly created "ghost walk" and book to be produced by Main Street Kent and the Kent Historical Society.

Kitty Kent died in the building in 1886 of burns sustained while she was filling an oil stove.

Her ghost now makes occasional appearances, wearing a white flowing dress.

Or so the story goes.

The Akron Beacon-Journal reports:
Treasurer and Past Master Jerry Katzenmeyer recalled a story a few years ago when a group of Boy Scout leaders visited the building for an awards ceremony. One of the men, who had no knowledge of the Kitty Kent story, decided to take a tour by himself.

"He walked upstairs on the second floor and five minutes later he came back downstairs and he had a funny look on his face," Katzenmeyer said. "He said, 'I didn't mean to disturb the house. I thought we were the only ones in the building.'"

Katzenmeyer replied that they were the only people there.

"He said he was looking down the hallway and this woman in a white flowing dress walked from one room to another," he said. "He witnessed Kitty."
Image: A random ghost photograph

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  1. Speaking of Masonic properties, the one that sold on eBay a few days ago seemed nice -- especially for the money. Nearly 6,000 square feet for less than $20,000, that's only about $3 per square foot. I don't know exactly where Battle Creek Iowa is, but it seems nice.

  2. Gosh, is this what a lady has to do to get into a Masonic temple in America?

    Arrrgh...I know. Not funny. Pardon me. I'm going back to counting my ribs now..

  3. sis:. kelly:

    Nah! My wife's been in more Masonic Temples than many Master Masons! (grin)

    BTW, did you come up with the same number of ribs as a guy?

    (biger grin)


  4. Don't know, TM, my husband's ticklish and won't let me count!


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