Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Small town fun at the drive-in theater

There's a drive-in theater just up the highway about 15 miles from me. It's one of a small handful left in Georgia, and the only one within at least 100 miles of me. They always play first run movies, and it's always a lot of fun, whether I take my young son and his friends or I take a date there.

Just a moment ago, I checked its website, to see if there was anything playing this weekend that my 10-year old son (and I) would enjoy. There isn't. Beverly Hills Chihuahua is this weekend's feature. Even my son isn't entertained by those talking animal movies anymore (thankfully!).

But I noticed something kind of interesting is happening there tomorrow afternoon and evening, and thought I'd share it with you. It's a benefit for the local Shrine Club. From the Swan Drive-In's website:
The Swan Drive In Theatre is hosting a Fund Raising Event for the North Georgia Shrine Club on Thursday, October 23rd, 2008.

100% of all proceeds, admissions and concessions will go to the North Georgia Shrine Club.

From 5 PM until 7:30 PM will be Karaoke provided by Jimmy Stanley's "Showtime Karaoke." This is an open mike event. We encourage everyone who wants to participate in Karaoke to come out and sing.

Harold Lee will be performing as Elvis from 7:30 PM until 9 PM.

9 PM, the movie "Hancock" starring Will Smith, Rated PG13

Bring your lawn chairs and/or blanket, wear your poodle skirts if you want to, Elvis will have you Rocking! A Full Concession will be available, TRY OUT THE FUNNEL CAKES!

Classic Cars and Motorcycles, Car Clubs, Street Rods, etc. are urged to participate.

You can arrive at any time from 4:30 PM thru the entire evening.

Movie will end at approx. 10:30 PM

Admissions will be $6.00 for Adults, $3.00 for children, ages 4 thru 11.

Come join the fun and help raise funds for a good cause. This is a great opportunity to have fun and give support to North Georgia Shrine Club.
This actually sounds like fun.

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  1. Yes, it sounds like fun. I wonder if the money goes to "club activities" or any of it goes to charity? Sometimes Shrine Club events in this area are misleading. Participants believe they are helping the children at the hospital, when the funds actually pay the utilities on the clubhouse. I "wish" the Shriners were clear on this. I would attend more of their functions.

    s/Noonshyne, the ex-shriner

  2. It does sound like fun... It seems fairly wholesome and "Main-streety"

  3. It clearly says "100% of all proceeds, admissions and concessions will go to the North Georgia Shrine Club."

    Not Shriners Hospitals.

    Seems pretty clear. Gotta keep the lights on somehow.

    And yes it does sound like fun.

    Mmmmm. Funnel cakes.

  4. Chris, I don't think in the mind of the general public, it's clear. They won't make a distinction. Logic dictates if you give money to a charity, it goes to charity. You don't assume it's going to pay the light or rent bill for the Shrine Temple (especially in Canada where dues are supposed to cover that kind of thing).

    Personally, I'd like to see a Lodge try the same thing as a charity fund-raiser. It'd be fun and for a cause. And do it without a 'How To Join' booth so it looks like some kind of membership drive.


  5. Chris, "100% of all proceeds...Shrine Club." My Kiwanis Club is a 501c4 tax exempt civic organization. We are warned all the time that to maintain a tax exempt status, all net proceeds obtained from the general public MUST go to community service projects. Administrative funds can come solely from the members. I wonder what the tax status of a Shrine Club is?

  6. what will they do if an African-American tries to sing??
    Remember its NORTH Georgia......

  7. I think Chris is right. When the Shrine Circus comes to town, it makes sure to explain that tickets for the Circus are for the benefit of the Shrine but are not tax deductible which is different than most charities which are under 501(c)3 making the donations tax deductible. (at least that is what Wikipedia says.



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