Friday, March 03, 2006

The Freemasonic Brotherhood / Intelligence Agencies Compartmentalized Power Structure

Okay, brothers. The jig's up. The word's on the street. As the germs on Smithers' face chorused: "The Freemasons run the country!"

The conspiracy has been revealed. The Freemasonic Brotherhood / Intelligence Agencies Compartmentalised Power Structure pyramid to the left tells all. Click to enlarge. We might as well 'fess up.

Addendum: For you literalists out there, including whoever wrote the first anonymous comment now accompanying this article... this is comedy. A joke. A momentary laugh in a world too serious. Something we found on the Internet at some paranoid's website. We don't take it seriously. We hope you're smart enough not to either. D'oh!


  1. Monarch abuse at the very core! I knew it!

  2. That's retarded. I can cut and paste any organization's name into that pyramid and post it on the Internet. Does that make it true? I guess to you it proves everything. You're obviously NOT a free-thinker.


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