Monday, March 06, 2006

Science is just too controversial

Recently we've touched on creationism a.k.a. creation science a.k.a. intelligent design here with posts about the death of Henry Morris and in a post about Josh the Baptist's awe of Kent Hovind.

I recently discovered a blog called Gnosos. The blog's creator is a 25-year old Ph.D. candidate who calls himself Zeteo Eurisko. He writes about his background:
For those of you that don’t believe that an indoctrinated YEC [young evangelical Christian, or young earth Christian, I'm not sure — I haven't found yet where he defines the term] mind can muster the intellectual velocity to escape the orbit of a fundamentalist upbringing, I am the exception. I was home schooled and home churched throughout my childhood and adolescence in an isolated environment of fundamentalist doctrine and Biblical literalism. My science education was learned physically at the feet of Ken Ham, Henry Morris, John Morris, and Russell Humphreys. Their word was my confidence; their books, an extension to my Bible.

Enlightenment began for me at 16, when I entered college early, as many home schooled students do — academically ahead in all aspects except turning a trained intellect on the Bible. A complete biography of my de-conversion will wait for another post, but suffice it to say that now I consider myself an honest agnostic religiously and a methodological naturalist scientifically (Yes, that means I “believe” in evolution).
In his March 1 post at Gnosos, Zeteo Eurisko relates the story of how he attended a talk at his college given by Kent Hovind, the young earth "scientist" who travels the country telling children and young people the earth is no more than 6,000 years old and that dinosaurs have roamed the earth during that time, along with many other ludicrous, non-scientific things). Read more about Hovind at and

At this particular talk, Zeteo Eurisko was the last person allowed to ask a question during the Q & A session following Hovind's speech. Why? Because Hovind had the microphone cut off in mid-sentence after Zeteo mentioned Hovind's credentials.

The cartoon panel is from the March 5, 2006 Doonesbury.

Correction: In its original form, this article inadvertently credited P. Z. Myers as being the author of the blog Gnosos. The correct author is Zeteo Eurisko, a friend and correspondent of Myers. We regret and apologize for the error.

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  1. Kent Hovind is a complete moron. He has a 'set' of ready- made statements he likes to peddle, but he's incapable of rational argument. I once made the mistake of asking him what the terms of his James Randi-style 'award' were, and he told me (seriously) that one must prove how bananas evolved into monkeys. He either thinks he's one hell of a comedian, or hasn't got a shred of common sense.

  2. I once caught Hovind's act on some obscure cable channel. You're right — he's funny, but not when he means to be. I rolled on the floor howling the first time I saw his schtick. Not since the first time I saw Ernest Angley have I so thoroughly enjoyed watching a religious broadcaster do a clown-impersonation.

  3. I enjoyed your post, but I think you're mistaken about the author of Gnosos.

    From his profile (, the author of Gnosos is a 25 year old male working in engineering.

    As you point out PZ Myers is an associate professor teaching biology at a university in Minnesota.

  4. Thank you for pointing out our error, Western Geologist. We have corrected our article to show Zeteo Eurisko as the Gnosos blog author and as the man who attended the Hovind event. Our confusion came from Zeteo Eurisko's mention of Professor Myers as having been a correspondent of Zeteo.

  5. Well I must say that it is quite disturbing that you have turned away from the faith after knowing the truth. I have to assume that your parents are Christians since you were raised in the church. I can't imagine how they feel about you. I'm sure they are thoroughly disgraced at the dicisions you have made in life. The truth is that without Jesus, you are nothing my friend. He created you, and I am sure you have heard a message similar to this one before in church. You simply choose not to believe it because you think you are wise. I'm sure you have seen Romans 1:22, but please allow me to rehash what it states. "Professing themselves wise, they became fools..." That, my Masonic friend, is you. As you profess yourself smarter than Christians, you deny Jesus, and therefore are without Him. If you don't accept Him into your life, then have fun burning.

  6. Dear loving Christian who apparently takes glee in hoping people burn in Hell,

    Please read the article again. The bulk of it was a quotation from Zeteo Eurisko's blog, relating that he had had attended a Hovind event. The bio about him having turned away from his church was his, not that of anyone associated with the Burning Taper. Zeteo is not a Mason, as far as we know.

    — WS


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