Thursday, August 24, 2006

Giving Masonic sign of distress in court lands man in hot water

A Flint, Michigan man is in hot water with the local judge, who himself is in hot water.

Judge Herman Marable, Jr., has been charged in a lawsuit brought by attorney Kenneth M. Scott with denying due process to 209 people who were brought before him in his court by citing them with contempt of court.

Marable was both the complainant and the judge, which violates court rules. Many of the 209 people spent time in jail for the contempt citation, and paid $5,500 fines.

According to Spero News:
Spero News reported in April that Marable had a man escorted from court by officers for using an apparent hand gesture from Freemasonry that some interpreted as threatening, while others felt was a plea for favorable treatment in the courtroom from Marable. The judge, however, assured the man’s employer that he was not in any hot water over the incident. Police contacted the local center of Freemasonry and determined that the leader there had instructed the member to go before Marable for a favorable decision based on their purported shared affiliation.
It is undocumented, but from the story, it seems that Marable is a Mason.

Another attorney has recently sued Marable on the same grounds. That suit was dismissed last week. Marable claims he is the "subject of political machinations."

Image: Photo of Judge Herman Marable, Jr., singing karaoke at the World Karaoke Championship

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