Thursday, August 31, 2006

Masonic genocide?

Since we've been on the topic of race and Freemasonry all week, why stop now?

Cassandra Frost, the reporter who has been investigating alleged improprieties in finances of Shrine organizations, is of Native American descent. In a blog article from last month, she wrote about the attitudes of certain founding fathers towards the American Indians. Those forefathers were Freemasons.

I'm glad I haven't had lunch yet. As I read this, I felt slightly sick to my stomach.

Sandy wrote:
Masonic Genocide?

The other day, out of curiosity, I googled around to find what historical Masonic leaders had to say about Native Americans.

Or as one church site said:

“A historical report was then given of the continual breaking of treaties and promises as an operational mode of the establishment of the United States by the non-first nations cultures that immigrated to this land. The systematic genocide of the Native People's under Masonic expansionist manifest destiny, a philosophy derived from the Crusades mentality, was openly exposed.”

Here is what some of the Masonic leaders had to say about us:

George Washington, Fredericksburg Lodge No. 4, Fredericksburg, Virginia; Alexandria-Washington Lodge No. 22

Indians were defined as subhumans, lower than animals. George Washington compared them to wolves, “beasts of prey” and called for their total destruction. George Washington's troops skinned Native Americans like animals. Apparently his first agenda item as President was the exermination of the Native Americans.

President James Monroe: Williamsburg Lodge No. 6, Williamsburg, Virginia

During Monroe's administration, the United States acquired Florida from Spain, and U.S. troops fought against the Seminole Native Americans there.

Andrew Jackson: Harmony Lodge No. 1, Nashville, Tennessee; Grand Master 1822-23, Tennessee

Andrew Jackson — in 1814: “supervised the mutilation of 800 or more Creek Indian corpses — the bodies of men, women and children that [his troops] had massacred — cutting off their noses to count and preserve a record of the dead, slicing long strips of flesh from their bodies to tan and turn into bridle reins.” Jackson was also responsible for the Indian Removal Act and the Trail of Tears.

In 1867, General William Tecumseh Sherman, a Mason, said: “We must act with vindictive earnestness against the [Lakotas, known to whites as the Sioux] even to their extermination, men, women and children.”

In 1891, Frank L. Baum (author of The Wizard Of Oz and Mason) wrote in the Aberdeen Saturday Pioneer (Kansas) that the army should “finish the job” by the “total annihilation” of the few remaining Indians.

I’m not interested in doing much more research into this topic right now.

I think these statements speak for themselves.

Are the Masons responsible for the genocide of Native Americans?

Or did any of them try to stop it?

Apparently not.

— Sandy Frost
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  1. I want to disagree here in that measuring the actions of yesterday with the ruler of today is unfair and impossible to do fairly.

    Were there atrocities carried out by the hand of Masons? Yes. But more importantly, were the conducted by the U.S. Government? Yes.

    Perhaps the lesson of these remarks is to be a better Mason...and live up to the words of our obligations for all men.

  2. Masonic Traveler,

    First we have to learn to live up to our obligations to our brothers. So long as brothers are being expelled by any Grand Lodge through conspiracy and not trial then we have to clean up our own house first.

    The Grand Lodge of Georgia is a den of snakes.

  3. Bro. Traveler,

    I don't think Sandy intended her article to judge Freemasonry or history "fairly." She is a Native American; she is expressing her opinions about her ancestors' mistreatment at the hands of men who, while soldiers and statement, were also Freemasons.

    I empathize with her, as I do with African-Americans whose ancestors were abused by men who may or may not have been Masons. (This includes more recent racist Masons like Bull Connor as well as slaveholders and pro-slavers in the 1600-1800's.)

    That said, though, I don't hold that modern-day whites, Masons or not, "owe" modern-day descendants of abused culture anything other than our acknowledgement and our sorrow that these things occured.

    — W.S.

    1. You conveniently forget the "9/11" mess was, at a minimum, allowed by "Free" Masons!

      Everything done by America is Masonic approved like installing Jewish Communism, for example!

  4. Why do we defend israel's right to land but not the native americans rights to their ancestral land?

  5. Is it a myth that native americans did not have a concept of "ownership" of land? The land belongs to the earth. We are just here traveling upon it, "borrowing" it in order to sustain our lives.

  6. Thank you for posting my blog. Since then I have blogged about how the ancestors of L. Frank Baum went to apologize to the Lakota Sioux for the racist things he wrote as well as how, in the middle of a developing news story about Hip-hop concert fraud, the Potentate of the Alkazar Temple allegedly said he didn't want Latinos in his building.
    Two steps forward, one step back.
    Thanks again for reading my articles and my blog.
    There is more.
    Sandy Frost

  7. On the other hand you then get masons like Albert Pike who had a deep respect for Native American culture, negotiated a hefty settlement from the federal government in favour of Native Americans and during the Civil War would only lead Native American troops. There have also been Native American masons going back as far as the American Revolution.


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