Sunday, August 06, 2006

United Grand Lodge of America officers installed

On Saturday, August 5, 2006, Masonic delegates from several states met in Atlanta, Georgia, to put form onto the substance of the United Grand Lodge of America of Accepted Free-Masons, at the First Annual Communication of the UGLA.

The provisional officers were replaced with elected officers.

Bro. Aaron Peavy, of Birmingham, Alabama, was elected as the first Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of America. Bro. David Cooksey, also of Birmingham, was elected to the position of Grand Secretary, and Bro. Brian Roper, of Atlanta, Georgia, was elected Grand Treasurer. Other officers are ceremonial, and are appointed by the Grand Master.

Image: Some of the Masons who attended the First Annual Communication of the United Grand Lodge of America of Accepted Free-Masons. From left to right are Bro. Mike Harderson, Bro. Darren Simpson, Grand Secretary Bro. David Cooksey, Bro. Tom Coste, Grand Master Bro. Aaron Peavy, Bro. Evangelos Armiros, and Grand Treasurer Bro. Brian Roper.

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  1. "VIVE LE REVOLUTION!!!" Now it begins in earnest, brothers!

    Darren Simpson

  2. May Universal Brotherhood Reign Supreme On All Humankind From This Day Foward; and that these men may work and prosper in Light while exemplifying this goal!
    Congradulations GM Peavy

  3. Here's wishing that they accomplish what they set out to do. Best of luck to everyone concerned.

    The Tao of Masonry

  4. Where are all the chains and fancy aprons?
    oh yeah, and the depends and walkers?
    no white hats?
    does this new GM get a car? Like ALabama's GM wanted?

  5. I notice that over at the website Lodge Room US/UK some title-waving, rather pomopous-sounding Antient Masons have responded to the news of the UGLA with ridicule, writing things like, "So what? Our chess club just elected officers, too," and generally mocking the efforts of the Masons who created the new grand lodge.

    It's a shame these brothers, Gregg Hall and "Traveller," who bill themselves as a Grand Master and a Past Master, respectively, have so little respect for brothers who are trying to improve Free-Masonry. Their childish comments are truly unMasonic, in my opinion.

    — W.S.

  6. Well I'm glad they admitted their system of Free-Masonry is no more than a chess club or a bad dinner club at best!
    Gallileo and Copernicus were both ridiculed for stating the world was round........
    I would be honored to be in that class of men being ridiculed!

  7. YAWN?
    mmmmm profound?
    thoughtful and insightful?
    I used to do alot of that as well in meetings.
    yawn? is that zen like?
    Yawn? does it being capitalized make a difference?
    I believe during the 1700's people with that attitude were considered "loyalists"?
    Yawned as Franklin,revere,adams,washington and the like were busy moving forward, not content with the status quo.
    Stagnation of lessons in ritual will eventually die off. The lessons are enightening to a 1700's uneducated man, but elementary to a 21st century, educated man. How many ways can we spin "do unto others as you would have them do unto you"?
    not enlightening, basic stuff.
    definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results?
    can anyone say GL system of Lodge?
    sorry new stuff and inspirational meetings bore yu , anonomyous.
    call me when the next fish fry is!
    I'll bring my Fez and malox.

  8. I used to do alot of that as well in meetings. yawn? is that zen like?


    The Tao of Masonry


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