Saturday, May 19, 2007

Genies haunt Arab family

Watch out! The spirits are angry.

Genies have been terrorizing a family in Fujairah, one of the United Arab Emirates, causing nine separate fires in their home in a single week, reported earlier this week.

"I have lived with my family in this house for 25 years, without any trouble, but during the last week we have lived in terror because of the blazes breaking out inside our home," Abdullah Ali said.

It's not just the fires that are scaring the bejeebers out of the Ali family. Their electricity and water supply comes and goes, and clothes fly mysteriously around the house.

Abdullah's son Sulaiman told a reporter that "one day last week a fire started in a room in the house and we called the Fujairah Civil Defense who came and controlled the fire. As they were leaving they were shocked to see another fire break out in the same room. After extinguishing those fires, two more suddenly broke out in other rooms.

"There is no other reasonable explanation but the genies are doing this,” Sulaiman, a colonel in the Civil Defense, said, adding that he did not believe that genies (spirits with supernatural powers, known as jinn in Arabic) were responsible until he witnessed the strange events unfolding in the house for himself.

"I saw with my own eyes my colleagues' hoses becoming tangled up with each other to prevent the water coming out to extinguish the flames. It was so strange."

Spooked by the strange events, the family had an exorcism of the house performed.

"Furniture and clothes began flying as the ceremony was taking place. The genies were not happy," Sulaiman explained.

This is not the first genie infestation in Fujairah. Last August similar unexplained fires were reported by 7Days. Residents then also blamed the fires on mischievous genies.

Have you had any experiences of genies, imps, ghosts, goblins, gremlins or dark Satanic forces gone wild at your house? Inquiring minds want to know!

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  1. Bro, Thanks for the comment on my blog. I think it is good advice. Sometimes I get caught up trying to make the sites for others, but really I should just be putting me in to it. I do enjoy sharing articles I enjoy, but mostly I just care for the poetry , photos, and stories of brethren Ive he the pleasure of meeting.

  2. My grandmother lived in a haunted house in Upstate New York. Haunted by several ghosts. Columbia University documented some of the manifestations in the 1960s. All were benevolent, but one was fairly scarey. It did no harm, but was noisy.


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