Friday, May 11, 2007

Why are you still a Mason?

Why are You Still a Mason? by Jeff Peace

Has anyone ever asked you “why did you become a Mason?”

It’s a common question but I think there may be one that is even more important but never really asked: “Why are you still a Mason?”

For me the answer is because I believe in what an idea can become if people believe in it enough. Freemasonry is an “idea” or series of ideas put together into a peculiar system of morality (a philosophy?). To me that series of ideas works together to promote the brother/sisterhood of all humanity under God. I am a Mason because I believe in this idea and the many ideas of how it can be accomplished. I guess that makes me an idealist whose ideal is one and the same with that of Freemasonry.

The simple and basic concept of an organization dedicated to the brother/sisterhood of all humanity under God can also be a rule or guide by which moral judgments can be made. If something promotes the brother/sisterhood of all of humanity then it is deemed moral, if not, then immoral. It’s just that simple.

When you look at the present state of affairs in Freemasonry and judge it against this basic rule then what do you see?

Did God, in His infinite wisdom, desire that we should create things to divide us, or did He hope that we would put our minds to some higher purpose?

While I know that there are many who will criticize me for saying this I must say it anyways. I think we have become so focused on all the details that make-up Freemasonry that we have lost sight of the higher purpose for which it was intended. Our rules and Constitutions were meant to serve us and the higher good; not for us to serve them. Grand Lodges were created to unite Masons; not divide them into separate groups. Freemasonry is not about political unions but harmonious relationships.

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  1. Why am I still a Mason?

    Because I believe that one man can change the world.

    Because I believe that out of the 15 men I am training to be Masons, 2-3 will become what they should be and they in turn, will train more and so on and so on.

    Because I have faith that one day, we will be less of a social club and more the philosophical/esoteric order that we should be.

    Because I am an idealist...

  2. I am still a Mason because I beleive in the power one can possess as a Mason and thus take this to potentially create a progressive society. I also love the esotericism, mysticism and the idea of secrets that surround the Craft. We must remember it is a fraternity of secrets and symbolism for a reason; because 'empowerment' cannot just be thrown into the wider society for everyone to abuse and misuse.

    Why is there always a quasi-religious attribute assigned to reasons of becoming a Freemason these days (talking in general from what I HAVE NOTICED - my general opinion). And why has this become the 'scapegoat'for some of the real reasons one joins an influencial society like Freemasonry. It seems that there is a great amount of Masons are now affraid to say their real reasons of becoming Masons - empowerment, influence in the creation of a better society, the chance to befriend like-minded great men, fellowship - So what if antiMasons and Conspiracy Theorists blame the lodge for a place where influencial good men might meet to discuss ideas they keep from mainstream society. Because in some cases it does.But would you trust some of the people in mainstream society with an idea that could be potentially dangerous if in the wrong hands?
    I am aware that Freemasonry teaches us to turn our good selves into better men under the guidence of G.A.O.T.U. But we must remember that our definitions of 'better men' could have multiple meanings depending on one's perception on the term and this varies from socitiey - society and culture - culture.As long as they are positive in nature then be not affraid of admitting your rasons of staying within the Craft.

    A lot of people, and I'm talking from centuries ago, became Freemasons because of the teachings of greater knowledge and revolutionary power to create a more progressing society that was alligned to Freemasonry's teachings at lodge meetings.And not just solely for becoming 'closer to god' .From kings to judges to janitors, all these men have dreams of using their skills to create a better society to live in, and if they find the Fraternity a good place to find men with the same ideals then this reason for still being a Mason shouldnt be denied.

    I will not be affraid to admit that I am a Mason because I find comfort in knowing that my Mechanic is alo My Brother which means that I will always get honest repair work done if i take my car in. My local Doctor is also My Brother and i can trust his diagnosis and reccomendations . I will not deny that some of my brothers are also influencial men in Business and if I need advice I will know who to turn to. Why? Because all these men all beleive in the same ideals as I do and because Freemasonry teaches them about fidelity and honesty. And I will not deny that all these small benifits empower me to advance in my dreams of creating a better environment surrounding me, my family and my community.

    The fellowship, the 'secrets' and the guidence and releif available from brothers is and always will be why I am still a Mason.


  3. I completely agree with what Brother Peace has to say on the topic.


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