Sunday, May 27, 2007

United Grand Lodge of England actively recruits on college campuses

The United Grand Lodge of England has officially lowered the minimum age to become a Freemason from 21 to 18, and has begun an active campaign to recruit members from the student body and staff of Great Britain's universities, the Sunday Telegraph said today.

Seven lodges across the country have each targeted a university in their respective cities to "promote and encourage freemasonry among undergraduates and other university members." If successful, the project will be expanded.

"Young members pay half dues and the dining fee is also reduced," one Mason told a reporter. "A few members of staff have been initiated already."

"It's good for undergraduates to join because we have members from all walks of life — doctors, policemen, magistrates, clerks," said a Mason from the Lodge of St. Peter in Exeter.

Image: Freemason's Hall in London, home of the United Grand Lodge of England

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  1. CT also lowered the age to 18 last year.



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