Thursday, June 21, 2007

Audio podcast of 'A Tour of the Masonic Lodge'

I've been asked by a couple of readers to produce some of my Masonic lectures and articles as audio podcasts. I began that project last night.

You can now listen to "A Tour of the Masonic Lodge," which is a lecture based on W. L. Wilmshurst's book The Meaning of Masonry, discussing some of the symbols in a lodge, including the great and lesser lights, the officers' stations, and the checkerboard floor. I originally delivered this talk to my blue lodge in April, 2005, and posted it on The Burning Taper in February, 2006.

I'll be adding more podcasts as time allows. Keep your eye on the righthand menu bar for new audio material.

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  1. hey W.S.,

    I tried to listen to your talk, but the audio levels are on the low side. Don't know if anyone else is experiencing this, but I have to use headphones just to hear you, and even then you sound a little like a voice from beyond.

    But it's great to hear your voice in any fashion. You aren't from the South by chance, are you? ;D

  2. I recorded it at the loudest settings possible, and am using a quality microphone. When I crank up my speakers, it comes through fine, but at my normal levels, I can barely hear it myself.

    I'm no sound engineer, but I'll tinker around with it and see if I can make it louder and clearer.

    If anyone out there in podland knows anything about the software program Audacity, and can suggest how to improve the sound quality, please email me.

    Are you saying I have a southern accent? I have no accent! It's the rest of the world that has an accent! LOL!

    — W.S.

  3. Yes...please...more podcasts! I am a bit of a podcast junkie and there are only a few Masonic podcasts out there, e.g. X-Oriente, and The Digital Freemason. Please make more as I am always happy to hear information and inspirations from fellow Brothers.

    By the way, you might want to contact one of the Brothers from the above mentioned podcasts to get some info on your sound difficulties.

  4. Oh yee great podcaster, my respect to your durability with Audacity, WAV, Skype, etc. Check out one more secret, at least about masons in Turkey. I knew you'd be interested.
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  5. My friend Rod in Los Angeles has amped the volume on the first podcast for me, and given me some tips on improving the quality on future recordings.

    The revised version is now the one online. Please download it again.

    — W.S.


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