Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Italian police investigating Masonic lodges

Recently Italian law enforcement officials have begun 20 separate investigations of Masonic lodges throughout Italy, Cathlolic World News reported yesterday.

The police have collected membership lists of Masonic lodges across the country, but will not specify their reasons for the investigations.

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  1. Haha, go ahead, investigate the lodge. Read the minutes of the lodge... the Masons have encryped shady secrets into the numbers of the light and phone bills.

    I find it interesting that this was posted by the Catholic World News, ardent enemies of Freemasonry. Why all the hate?

  2. They will quit hating when we're all out there with our yellow vests and cans and tootsie rolls... on the charity side we donate over a million dollars a day and we never ask the public when they are coming out of a store or sitting in traffic...I hope this never changes....if I was the largest land holder in the world I wouldn't be asking the public for pennies for charity, I would be making a real impact... sorry that the rc church has to feel that it has to compete and try to kill the greatest Fraternity in the world.

  3. As a Catholic and a Mason--like many MidWestern and Southern Catholics--I have to disagree with Willie. The Church is not "out to get" Masonry any more than the Baptist church is. Will it report all the negative things that happen to Masonry? That should be expected. Virtually every religious organization is anti-Mason.

    Sadly, many Masons also think that the Church must be punished because of some alleged assault on Masons related to the feigned relationship to the Knights Templar and Jacques DeMolay concocted by Masons trying to give us a more storied history than we deserve.

    I'm sure there are enough negative things about Masons and the Church that can be said, from political shenanigans in the P2 lodge to child molestation by priests. I don't necessarily agree with everything either organization's leadership dictates. That's the beauty of being a human with Free Will.

    The Italian government is rightly suspicious of their lodges after the P2 affair and with its long-standing suspicion of the Church's political aims.

    Fraternally yours,
    The Libertarian


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