Thursday, June 28, 2007

Award-winning 'Who's on First: The Movie' co-stars, co-directed and co-produced by sitting Worshipful Master

A few days ago in the article titled "The Mason's Nightmare," you met W. Bro. Steve Barr, the current Worshipful Master of North Hollywood Lodge No. 542 in California.

Bro. Barr is also active in the film industry. He recently co-produced, co-directed and co-starred, along with Danny Grossman, in SoCal Film Group's short feature Who's On First: The Movie.

Who's On First: The Movie recently won a silver medal in the Rebel Planet Film Festival's Short Short category.

Bro. Steve plays the clerk, and Danny Grossman is the customer. The routine was written by Chris Gavaler.

Lou Abbott and Bud Costello's original "Who's on First" was the very first bit they ever did on radio, performing it live on the The Kate Smith Hour in the late 1930's.

Image: Bud Abbott and Lou Costello. Abbott was a Freemason; Costello was not.

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  1. Thank you brother for the refreshment. That is very funny. I think it is a great update to a timeless classic.

  2. Very funny stuff. I read the entry on Bro. Barr's "actor's nightmare" as well, but it did not sink into my skull until this moment that Bro. Barr and I meet in the same temple. Small world!

    Of course Bro. Barr and I don't meet in the same lodge, but when we go to our respective meetings, our feet tread the same green carpet, that of the North Hollywood Temple. This crossing of real life and virtual life is making me a little light headed...

  3. Hilarious!!! The original is still better but your's uptodate!!!!Great, really like it!!!


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