Thursday, November 29, 2007

Masonic Senator Trent Lott under the microscope

Scottish Rite poster boy W. Bro. and U.S. Senator Trent Lott, 33°, KCCH, Grand Cross, is making news this week.

On Monday, he announced he would resign from the Senate after 35 years on Capitol Hill. He was re-elected only last November.

Some political pundits
think he's leaving by December 31 to take advantage of legal loopholes that will allow him to become a lobbyist after one year, instead of waiting two years as he would have to do if he retires after Dec. 31, thanks to a new law kicking in on January 1.

Bro. Lott's brother-in-law, Richard "Dickie" Scruggs, is also in the news this week.

Attorney Scruggs, famous for winning huge lawsuits against the tobacco industry, was along with his son, two other attorneys and the Mississippi state auditor, indicted for conspiracy Wednesday in bribing county circuit judge Henry Lackey.

Scruggs' office was searched by the FBI on Tuesday.

Lackey was presiding judge in a series of suits against insurance companies over non-payment of claims resulting from Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Trent Lott's home was destroyed in the hurricane, and he was party to one of the lawsuits being handled by Scruggs, reports say.

Bro. Lott became Senate Majority Whip in 1995 when fellow senator and Masonic 33° brother Bob Dole resigned to run for president.

The website Big Head DC gives us more — a lot more — news about Lott. The site has outed the conservative anti-gay rights Republican as being gay.

Gay male escort and freelance writer Benjamin Nicholas, it is alleged, has been "involved" with the 66-year old senator.

Said Nicholas on Monday: "Here's my public comment, on-the-record: Senator Lott and I have no current affiliation with one another. I’m sure he would appreciate no further scrutiny." [emphasis mine]

Big Head DC is known to sometimes mix news with satire, so your guess is as good as mine whether the allegations against Bro. Lott are true.

However, Larry Flynt, publisher of Hustler magazine, has confirmed that the magazine has been investigating Bro. Lott for several months. Flynt has offered up to a million dollars for "documented evidence of illicit sexual or intimate relations with a Congressperson, Senator or other prominent officeholder."

Bro. Lott is no stranger to controversy. In 2003, he was heavily criticized for his statement at the 100th birthday party for South Carolina Senator (and 33° Brother) Strom Thurmond of South Carolina. Bro. Thurmond ran an overtly racist campaign for president in 1948 on the States' Rights Party "Dixiecrats" ticket. Lott said of Thurmond: "I want to say this about my state [Mississippi]. When Strom Thurmond ran for president, we voted for him. We're proud of it. And if the rest of the country had followed our lead, we wouldn't have had all these problems over all these years either."

Bro. Thurmond, an avowed racist for much of his life, fathered a mixed-race daughter in 1925 by his family's 16-year old black maid Carrie Butler. The Thurmond family confirmed this as fact, shortly after his death in 2003.

Bro. Lott's first political job in the 1960s was as an aide to segregationist Democratic Congressman William Colmer.

According to the Scottish Rite website, it took Bro. Lott nearly eight years to progress from Entered Apprentice to Fellowcraft. His "busy schedule of a congressional aide and freshman House member made advancement a challenge."

It then took him six days to go from Fellowcraft to Master Mason.

Amazingly he found time to get involved in Masonry, because within a few years, though busy as House Minority Whip, he was invested with the red cap of the Knight Commander of the Court of Honor (KCCH), followed soon after with the 33° Inspector General Honorary.

The Scottish Rite site concludes: "On October 3, 1997, he was elected to receive the Grand Cross, the highest honor the Scottish Rite, Southern Jurisdiction, can bestow. Only a few modern political figures have attained this exalted rank."

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  1. Ain't nothing wrong with being "on the square"

  2. I'm glad a true American--Larry Flynt--is going to expose this hypocrite. I don't agree with Larry's politics or morals, but his dedication to defending liberty is admirable. He has helped drive a number of crooks from power in Congress and the pulpit, from Livingston and Foley to Swaggart and Haggard. It's funny how the main-stream media always seems to get credit that should go to him.

    Go Larry!

    Fraternally yours,
    The Libertarian

  3. I have to say if, and only IF, Trent Lott is guilty, he should face the music. It saddens me to see a brother in such a position, doubly so if he is innocent. Brother Lott's politics have rarely agreed with mine, although this is the case with many Masons I know. Despite that difference of opinion, I wish him the best in the future. Of course, wishing him the 'best' does not equate to him getting off scott-free if he is guilty. Sometimes punishment for misdeeds makes you a stronger person. Peace out.

  4. Bro. A.A.:

    Bro. Trent Lott has not been accused or charged with any crime, so there's nothing (we know of) for him to get off "scott-free" about.

    He is simply being outed as gay, and talked about for his apparent willingness to abdicate his responsibilities to Mississippi residents as their senator in order to sidestep a new law so he can begin making the really big bucks a year sooner.

    Whether he is, or isn't, regarding either of these issues, isn't a matter of being "guilty" of anything other than hypocrisy.

    — W.S.

  5. "Whether he is, or isn't, regarding either of these issues, isn't a matter of being "guilty" of anything other than hypocrisy."

    Very little could be worse, in my opinion, from an elected official.

  6. Apparently you have a higher regard for elected officials than I do.

    I thought hypocrisy was a prerequisite. :)

    — W.S.

  7. "Apparently you have a higher regard for elected officials than I do.

    I thought hypocrisy was a prerequisite. :)"

    I apologize if it seems apparent that I have a high opinion of elected officials. The problem with our political system is we keep electing politicians. ;,) I have high expectations for what their duties are, but low expectations for their fulfillment. My low expectations are rarely disappointed.

  8. My problem with this article is that the actions being attributed to him as pure, unadulterared speculation, and a violation, in my eyes, of the obligation not to injure a brother in his person or good name.

    Now, if you have evidence that he is quitting for the express purpose of becoming a paid advocate, then I would be glad to review it. You would, I imagine, feel pretty bad if you found out today that he is quitting because of pancreatic cancer or because of a family illness.

    THEN you continue with issues about a relative of his who is facing legal issues. How does that one equate with the other? If my brother were to rob a bank tomorrow for whatever unfathomable reason, that would not make ME any less of a mason. Why would you juxtapose those two?

    Is this what freemasonry teaches you? WS, you made a good point about GOOFUS yesterday, and on reflection, I corrected myself. How could you make such a good and valid point, then turn around the next day and post this attack on Br. Lott?

  9. Exactly. YOUR problem.

    Where in the article do you see an "attack"? Where do you see a single word of editorializing by me? It's just news and links.

    A man as powerful and famous as Bro. Lott deserves coverage. And when his brother-in-law makes news the same week, about an issue that Bro. Lott was involved with (lawsuits against insurance companies over Katrina claims; Lott was a plaintiff), that's news, too.

    And who are you to talk about "attacks" against brother Masons? How many articles and forum threads have you written or participated in badmouthing UGLA, GOUSA, Halycon, and even me?

  10. The UGLA, GOOFUS might well be internet constructs. Even so, if they do not approach me as a brother I will not recognize them as such. The internet is loaded with scammers, and I recently encountered one on MySpace. It's like going into a WalMart and making Masons on site, how do we know they are for real? The only one for real here is Euclid. That lodge seems to really be on the ball. If GOOFUS ultimately disappoints them, it seems certain the connection will be severed. I don't think their approach to 'everyone with a buck and a paper bag is welcome' will work very long at all. Given that, Brother Lott does deserve at least the benefit of the doubt that everyone howls Halcyon deserves. If Halcyon deserves it, and I truly hope they are innocent of wrongdoing, then certainly Lott deserves it. That is the freedom this country gives its citizens.

  11. It's strange how those who speak loudest against homosexuality are generally 'caught in the act'. If this is true, it doesn't bode well for the future of the anti-gay establishment. It's almost becoming an earmark of those who speak against it that they 'protest to much, methinks'.

  12. Brother WS;

    When you cannot defend your position, I guess the best you can do is point the finger back at the person making the criticism.

    YOU posted the accusations by innuendo against Br. Lott. YOU posted the juxtaposition of his brothers legal issues.

    How do the two relate except by innuendo to defame Br. Lott with his brothers problems. I guess maybe you can't see that, and I am sorry if you feel the best response to my notation is to point the finger at me.

    Also, I find it somewhat intriguing that when someone ELSE is doing the probing and questioning it is bad, but when you do it its somehow ok? How does that work, because I sure would like a bit of that journalistic teflon... not that I need it or anything.

    I stand up in my own name when I criticize, and when I am wrong, I say so, as loudly and as publicly as when I make a error. I haven't shied from the tough issues, either, and I support my position with facts and evidence.

    In the instant case of Halcyon, I used the letter that MR. Miller sent out to his lodge, and published on the internet to support my conclusions. You don't seem to like critical observation of Halcyon, yet you haven't shown me where my conclusions are incorrect. I stand by with baited breath for your insight... not being sarcastic, I have ALWAYS listened to you, and as often as not, immediately implemented the changes you suggest.

    Badmouthing the UGLA... I don't think I have "badmouthed" the UGLA. I have disagreed with its positions, I have disagreed with its statements. I have NEVER called for anyone to take any action against it, and never suggested anyone not join it.

    If I think something is wrong, isn't it my right, as it is yours (one you seem to have no problem exercising) to state my disagreement and why?

    I think the whole GOoUSA (is that the anagram we have decided is ok?) is nothing more than the same old UGLoA with a different name. I think its a waste of time, but one I have stated publicly I have no interest in... at all. Period.

    So what? Does my opinion carry so much weight that it matters to the GOoUSA? They have, through their mouthpiece Brad Cofield, stated that contemporary freemasonry is a waste, etc etc, so why would they care if I feel the same way about them?

    As for poor Halcyon Lodge... those men stand convicted by the words of the former master of that lodge. They violated the rules and regulations and fiduciary trust they were entrusted with. Why would a mason not object to what they did? And, for the record, I am not the only mason who objects.

    So, tell me brother, why is it when I do what you do that its bad, but when you do what you do, its bad?

    Just asking. I know you read my blog, I think I have posted 3 out of... 56 posts about GOoUSA/UGLoA/Halcyon. How many have you posted since this whole mess started?

  13. Seriously Mr. Dunn I am sick and tired of you putting words in my mouth. Do I have to serve you with a cease and desist order? I am really fed up with this B.S. Just shut about me already.

    I am a grown man and I am capable of speaking for myself.


  14. YES, Devout, you do... please try to do that... I would be most entertained by the attempt to shut me up... California has ANTI SLAPP laws, and I would be more than happy to join you in a civil action. So, file away, Brad...

    You just want me to shut up since I am an effective spokesman for Regular Freemasonry! And why is it that you guys, the "great" future of freemasonry always, ALWAYS, run to the courts, or threaten legal action when you cannot win in the forum of ideas???

    I have not slandered you, I have disagreed with you and the whole GO thing. You don't like that. Sorry, brother, but when you offer your opinion on a public forum, it WILL get a response.

    So don't waste my time and the readers here with bloviating threats, like others in Halcyon have done when they have been criticized... go for it. I will NOT be intimidated.

    And, when you do, I will bring along all the evidence about your previous activities, which can be found by searching your name Brad Cofield on or are you going to threaten THEM with a restraining order as well?

    C'mon, I bet you can't even see how unmasonic the very idea of trying to shut someone up is...

  15. I wouldn't put much faith in these attacks against Bro. Lott. His personal life is his own although although I don't believe what they wrote about his life style. This site and it's owner should be ashamed of themselves for attempting to smear this good man's name. Why do you call yourselves Masons? I have seen many such attacks on Masons and Masonic organizations by you folks. Is this the only way you can get your point across?

    Manny Blanco, pm

  16. Dear Brad,
    Why would you attack Brother Theron when he has written what he knows to be true and his opinion of things. UGLA, GOOF or whatever name these bogus groups use need no help in getting a bad reputation. They do this strictly on their own. Brother Theron has been very kind to the GOOF group as well as UGLA. You only attack him because you know he has written the truth. Once again you should be ashamed of yourselves. You might have convinced a few hand picked men who attended a Stated Meeting but you will not con men who are true Masons and dedicated to the Craft.

    Manny Blanco, PM

  17. In recent times I see members of the UGLA/GOUSA crowd extending a hand of friendship. I thought to myself that I should re-read their blogs and see if maybe I could be wrong about this group? I am sorry to say that I am not. I read this Blog on the good Senator and his family and thought
    "How could anyone that is associated with writing such terrible things be a true Mason in any way, shape or form." I then read a transcript of a man claiming to be a Mason on a Radio Station trying to hurt a Governor who just happens to be a true Mason. To Brethren or those seeking Masonic Light I ask that you read these posts and judge for yourself if this group is true Masonry or are they just a few people who are out to stir things up, lie and try to make a name for themselves? How could anyone base their being a Mason on this type of foundation? The people they have unsuccessfully tried to "out" being good men have broad shoulders and cannot be hurt with such lies but it is still a shame. The UGLA/GOUSA group can never expect to considered Real and True Masons when they have stooped to this low level in order to increase membership. Please before anyone joins such a group be it GOUSA or any Fake/Bogus Masonic group check it's authenticity, ask them when they were founded, if they are part of Regular (Grand Lodge of that State & Most Worshipful Prince Hall of that State) Freemasonry? Call one of these two Grand Lodges in your state and visit them if you can. One of the biggest clues to men on the INternet not being true and honest Masons is the fact that they do not sign their names & Lodge Affiliations to their posts. This would allow the reader to do a web search of their name and their organization. Masonry begins in a man's heart. Does anyone think that this group of people behind these Blogs can possibly truly be a Mason?

    Sincerely & Respectfully,
    Manny Blanco,PM
    Moreno Valley Masonic Lodge # 804
    Moreno Valley, CA
    Grand Lodge of California

    "True Masonry exists but one has to look for it"


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