Monday, November 19, 2007

Michigan's Euclid Lodge formed outside the Masonic 'mainstream'

The brothers who recently formed Euclid Lodge in Grand Rapids, Michigan never meant to be at the forefront of the revolution that is now underway in American Freemasonry. They just didn't feel that it was possible to accomplish what they wanted to accomplish as Freemasons while laboring under the current administrative structure.

The brothers making up Euclid Lodge have no ill will towards the Grand Lodge of Michigan, calling it "a fine organization that accomplishes its stated and apparent goals." Euclid members just didn't agree with those stated and apparent goals.

Among the points of difference these men of conscience had with the Michigan grand lodge were:
  • Freedom of conscience and the admission of atheists into Freemasonry: "The brethen of Euclid Lodge feel that a good man who is an atheist is a better candidate than a hate-filled man who is a 'believer,'" Euclid's newly elected Worshipful Master W. Bro. Brandt Smith told The Burning Taper in a recent interview. Anderson's Constitution never said an atheist could not become a Mason; it said that a man who became a Mason would not be a "stupid atheist." Does that mean that Freemasonry would teach such a man not to be an atheist, or that Freemasonry would teach him things that would lead him to no longer be stupid?

  • Women as Masons: Society has changed, and so has the place of women in our society. While Euclid's members do not initiate, pass or raise women as Masons, they do acknowledge women as Masons if they "have been regularly received into a just and perfect lodge."

  • The lack of Masonic education: As in many jurisdictions, the study of Masonry's history, symbolism and ultimate purpose is woefully ignored, with time that could be used for such enlightened discussions given over to matters these brethren considered of lesser importance, or even trivial. They instead wanted to study Freemasonry itself.

  • Initially, these brothers believed that Freemasonry had been misrepresented to them. Eventually, they discovered that hosting charitable events and general socializing were in fact the true nature and norm of most of American Freemasonry. While they agree that charity is a good thing, they found that they had little interest in hosting fundraisers, instead wanting to focus on more enlightening and esoterica matters.

  • Ritual: The brothers of Euclid wanted to explore rituals of the Craft, and not to be required to only use the Preston-Webb ritual required in Michigan. The brothers have chosen to use French Modern Rite.
W. Bro. Smith says they hope they can work together with the Grand Lodge of Michigan in the future, on matters important to all Masons, but "the philosophy of [the Grand Lodge] was just too radically different from what we came here to do. It would have been dishonest of us to continue to labor under a philosophy that we did not necessarily support."

Euclid Lodge currently has 14 active members, with five other Masons having petitioned for membership, and two candidates awaiting initiation.

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  1. Brother Brandt,
    God bless you on your endeavors!
    I know you are a bright and industrious man, and the brothers with you will reap the new harvest you are now planting. Crops need to change up the soil and fertilizer every now and then. I hope we meet on the level soon.
    Bro Tom Coste

  2. Another Lodge which was the first formed outside the Grand lodge of Alabama.

  3. atheists rule!
    I bet an atheist is more educated and literate than 90% of most masons today!

    the old landmark on atheism is that one who fully understands the teaching of freemasonry they could not be a stupid atheist libertine.

    no where in the old charges does it say an atheist cannot join.

    chris hodap is writing for dummies and it shows his lack of understanding of the ancient landmark.

    nowhere does it say atheists can not join.

    that is your small minded tyrannical GL's that say it, not our founding brothers.

  4. anonymous said:
    I bet an atheist is more educated and literate than 90% of most masons today!

    Beginning with capitalization and punctuation, clearly. Another superior Mason, I guess.

    Brave words from yet another anonymous blowhard. I have stated my disagreements elsewhere, but I have scarcely reacted like a "tyrannical GL." Perhaps someday you'll understand the concept of gentlemanly discourse. Try again when you want to act like an adult and a brother Mason — if in fact you are one.

    I understand the landmark in question just fine. What is really being hammered out with these new lodge eruptions are the pangs of the debate over what amounts to the Masonic version of orthodoxy, conservatism and reformation. Some want to admit atheists, some want to recognize female Masons, some want to be strict Traditional Observance, with long periods of contemplative silence, some want alternative rituals... As has been said a lot this week, we are living through exciting times.

    As I have said all over the place, I wish all of these men nothing but the best. Brother Brandt has been a true Mason and gentleman in his posts around the internet, and I admire his courage and convictions, along with his Euclid brethren. He has provided information when he and his brethren have had no compelling reason to do so, and they have handled their announcements with calmness, manners and intelligence, even when their detractors haven't. Would that everyone — on all sides of this debate — would do so. Especially some of their supporters.

  5. your right, I'm a demoley kid LMFAO at you "elders" battle over atheism, god, power, freemasonry etc......

    I am sure glad that joining blue lodge is not mandatory for us.
    I would hate to have to be ordered around as an adult!

  6. more out of WVA....

    Today, Grand Master Charlie L. Montgomery expelled Frank Haas, Past Grand Master from Masonry by edict that he had prepared and read at a stated communication of Wellsburg Lodge #2. Richard Bosely was also expelled. There is also a report that Wellsburg Lodge was placed on probation for requesting a Masonic Trial for MW Haas. We will obtain further information and post it here.

    Brethren it should be brutally clear now that NO DISSENSION WILL BE ALLOWED.

    You are living in historic times for West Virginia Masonry.

  7. Hodapp's words are empty and meaningless rhetoric. Bro. Peace extended to him the right hand of friendship and brotherly love and was blown off with more meaningless rhetoric.

    If Hodapp truly wanted the best for Freemasonry he would have acted like a brother instead of a Masonic politician. Of course Hodapp has much to lose in all of this. He would hate to see those fat checks from the Dummies books go away.

    If he were truly interested in what was best for the brotherhood he could have just handed out the book for free to all lodges and brothers in a PDF file.

    Money is a powerful motivator.

  8. Now it begins and its only been a week or so. The Jeff Peace Corps of multiple personalities, sock puppets, trolls and straw men take to the airwaves. Watch out all you guys with big dreams and hi hopes. He has the Minus touch. He destroysall he touches. Too many of us have seen him do the same sh** over and over. Back on your meds jeff before you hurt yourself.

  9. I noticed how brother jeff peace and the Halcyon brothers have nothing to do with West Virginia's debacle.

    So why should Bro Peace be mentioned in the same sentence with the WVA situation?

    Seems like the Powers to be are doing a fine job without brother peace or halcyon or Euclid Lodge?

    Keep focusing on brother peace while rome burns

  10. I wish a lot of success to Bro:. Brandt and all the brethren of Euclid.


  11. The Southern Jurisdiction is the last stronghold before we have Universal Masonry. It is a shame that southern white racist protestants are the last hope for Independent American Masonic Sovereignty and therefor keeping the globalists agenda on track. They spent decades keeping the occult attributes of Masonry out of the limelight and now the backlash is pushing them out. Sad ;( old men keeping America intact, for now...but the winds of change are stirring and those who are driving them may not know the true Masters behind the changes which they are initiating. If the Grand master of Georgia acted NOW to accept the Prince Hall in a way that preserves the Southern Jurisdiction it might offset the effects of the great lie that is racism. They are not really racist, as much as they know that preserving the Jurisdiction is important to preserving the entire Masonic experiment that is America. ...Maybe hoping for that is like hoping for Ron Paul...futile.

  12. ROCK ON Euclid!

    I send my warmest fraternal greetings to the Brothers of Euclid Lodge, and wish you the best in all of your endeavors!

  13. Anagram Anonymous:

    I notice that my comment has been deleted. Any reason? It was anonymous, but so are many of the comments remaining. Just curious. I do understand that a blog is not a democracy and the admin. seems pleased to act as the same people they make complaints against. Censorship from those against censorship. Isn't this just a little hypocritical? The post was here earlier this morning, why is it not now? If it was simple error, please accept apologies. If it is censorship, can you honestly tout open and free discussion here?

    My comment simply pointed out the logical fallacy that ANONYMOUS stated; 'I bet an atheist is more educated and literate than 90% of most masons today!'

    It's entirely ridiculous. An atheist is no more prone to education or literacy than any other member of the population, nor are they any less like to be literate or educated.

  14. Brethren,
    Thank you for your well wishes and support. It is greatly appreciated. We hope to be able to live up to the example set by great Masons such as you.

    Brother Chris Hodapp,
    Thank you very much for the nod in regonzing that we are doing our level best to act in a manner befitting men and Masons. Though you and I have never had the opportunity to meet I do consider you a friend and my obligation requires that I show you as much polite and brotherly behavior as you have extended to us. For that I thank you.

    My dear Sister Kelly, though we have not spoken before I have watched your correspondance on this blog. You have always shown yourself to be a fine Mason. If there were a million more like you the entire world would be a better place.

    Brother Tom Cost, what can I say. You have the courage of your convictions and have shown yourself to be a fine Mason.

    Brothers and Sisters. I ask you to look at this gathering. We have some of the finest citizens of this civilization together. One of the goals of Free Masonry is to build these friendships across all boundaries. We have accomplished that. May this continue and spread.

    Brandt Smith
    Euclid Lodge #3

  15. Brother Brandt, Master, Wardens and other Brothers of Euclid I will keep all of you in my thoughts, and look forward to the day we may clasp each other on the back, and exchange ideas in person with rest of our brothers present. Inspiration can feed many Brothers hunger, and I see much Inspiration and dedication.
    I raise my glass to and yours!
    My God bless all of our endeavors and may this Thanksgiving Holiday meet you well!

    tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito

    Brother Tom Coste
    nemo me impune lacessit

  16. To the anonymous poster who complained of censorship:

    Your comment wasn't deleted; you posted your remarks about education and literacy under a different article and then forgot where you put it.

    — W.S.

  17. Glory to Eve who disobeyed the rules and ate the fruit of knowledge
    and also to her grand-grand-grandson... Tubalcain.
    the initiatic path is always, or often, about disobedience.
    Brother Tom Coste
    (Thanks Fred for the words)

  18. Your comment wasn't deleted; you posted your remarks about education and literacy under a different article and then forgot where you put it.

    *tap tap tap*
    *tap tap tap*

    Dammit. I think my irony meter needs batteries again.

  19. It's funny that people don't understand the meaning of the word irony. That lack of understanding on the part of the poster is truly ironic. *tap tap tap* I also enjoy that the one person celebrates those Grand Lodge members that disobeyed the rules.


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