Saturday, November 10, 2007

Prince Hall Masons help install new 'mainstream' lodge officers

While the mainstream grand lodges of most southern states continue to pretend it is still 1950 by refusing to recognize black men as Masons, some of our brethren north of the Mason-Dixon line seem to have progressed well into the 21st century.

Cornerstone Lodge in Duxbury, Massaschusetts installed new officers on September 29, including W. Bro. Jack Sutton as Worshipful Master. W. Bro. Sutton was raised in Texas, in Waco Lodge No. 92.

The installing officers were guests from the Massachusetts Prince Hall Grand Lodge, Past Grand Master Chester Robert Isles of Prince Hall, and R.W. Grand Marshal Gerald Thaxton of Prince Hall.

W. Bro. Sutton served up Texas chili at the meal following the installation.

It's good, and pleasant, to see brothers dwelling together in unity.

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  1. Jacques DeMolay #1390 in Houston, TX had a black WM last year, and currently has black men seated in the South and the West. I realize this may be the exception, not the rule in the south, but the openness to diversity and the equality of all men was one of the things that drew me to this particular lodge. I would not sit in a lodge that was close-minded on the matters of race, religion or sexual preference, because such discrimination in un-Masonic in my mind.

  2. We have black (that seens so strange to me because we have blacks masons in almost all lodges and in the area)masons at whatever meeting they want to show up at. They are Brothers after all.

  3. While South Carolina still maintains segregation among lodges, it is my only choice in participating in Freemasonry. As a Northerner living in the deep South, I have learned that one must sometimes accept cultural differences before you can expect to invoke any change. I don't agree with the segregation, but the reality is that cultural change in the South will not happen overnight. So it becomes prudent and necesary to become educated in and understanding of local culture. Ony then can you really begin to introduce the ideas of change.

  4. Simply put, this is how things should be. I am glad to see that the true spirit of Brotherhood prevails at least somewhere in our Craft.

  5. We don't need prince hall masons in our craft to be a true brotherhood. We are better off without them

  6. "We don't need prince hall masons in our craft to be a true brotherhood. We are better off without them"

    Can you explain why, or is that just an unsubstantiated claim?

  7. Eventually Masonic philosophy will win out it Masonry even in the south. It is good to see that Masonry progresses if not a little slower than some.

  8. Im wondering, isnt Georgia one of those states that doesnt recognize Prince Hall, and if that is true, I wonder which has a better yield if indeed the forces of nature respond to thoughts, which I believe they do. Is a prayerful collective thought better or is a just and moral deed of more yield. I suggest that justice first is required.

  9. Anagram anonymous:

    This is awesome! More of this will be happening in UGLE lodges in the future. The brotherhood is going forward! I can't wait until the Southern GLs inevitably falls in line. We are all brothers when we work best together!

  10. We don't work best when we have PH masons coming in our lodges. There is nothing awesome about that.

  11. "We don't work best when we have PH masons coming in our lodges. There is nothing awesome about that."

    Wow some of these statements are funny. Did you not know that Prince Hall Masonary is one of the only Set of Grand Lodges here in the UNITED STATES that can trace their original charter back to the Grand Lodges in England.

    History note. During the Civil War most of the lodges in the US lost their charters and had to recert or like some others go to other states to be recognize as a Grand Lodge to work.

    I see nothing wrong with PHA. They have their original charter and displays this Constitutional Document to work every 10 years. They have proven to be very helpful in the Southern areas and are strong within the community. The statement made above shows backwards thinking.


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