Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Alcohol prohibition has got to go

Currently, while the Georgia Legislature is in session, a petition drive is underway to "Repeal Prohibition of Sunday Sales of Alcoholic Beverages at Stores in the State of Georgia."

Georgia is one of the few states that bans alcohol sales in stores on Sundays. Nowhere in Georgia can you legally buy beer, wine or spirits to take home with you on a Sunday. Some cities in metropolitan areas allow Sunday sales "by the drink" in a restaurant, but generally speaking, Georgia is one dry place on Sundays.

It's archaic, and it's time the law forbidding Sunday sales be scrapped.

Nearly 15,000 Over 26,000 37,300 42,000 Georgians have signed an online petition which will soon be submitted to the Georgia General Assembly, Georgia Lieutenant Governor and Senate President Casey Cagle, and Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue.

If you are a Georgia resident, I urge you to sign it, too. It matters not whether you are a user of alcohol. Banning the sale of legal products simply because the day is held "holy" by some — but certainly not all — Georgians just isn't right.

It's time Georgia joined the 21st century.

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  1. At the Grand Lodge of Ohio's annual communication last October, the subject of alcohol in the buildings ca,e up again. See, in Ohio, Masons are prohibited from having alcohol in the Lodges.
    An elder mason stood to talk and plead that his old Temple cannot sustain itself on "masonic" revenue streams, and if alcohol was allowed, they could rent it out for weddings and generate revenue......

    next a younger mason stood and claimed that since the Lodges DO NOT allow alcohol, his wife has no problem with him going to Lodge!

    Now, why should one masons untrusting relationship with his wife influence what anothe rLodge wishes to do in another part of the state?

    If the brethren of the Lodge vote for it, Grand Lodge should stay out, if another Lodge's members vote to prohinit alcohol, so be it, no alcohol in that temple. That people not associated with your own Temple can influence how you fund and survive as an entity, is wrong. It should fall under racketeering for obstructing others from generating business.

    so , like in ga.m since some feel sunday is the holy day, all georgians must be punished.

    just because masons have bad relationships with their wives and masonry is the place their wives allow them to attend because their is no alcohol, all the other upright masons should not be affected by it...

    control and power corrupt

    plus saturday was the real holy day

  2. I suggest the young Brother gets divorced now because if his wife doesn't trust him, he's in for a rough life!

  3. I think I'd rather see the ban spread to all seven days than be removed from just the one. Having been on just about every possible side of Alcohol, Including standing over the dying bodies of both a drunk driver, and his victims, 3 members of a family of 4(may as well have killed the Father too, who wasn't even in the car). It seems to me that people have the right to kill themselves however they like. Including tobacco, alcohol, and the myriad of drugs. But when people don't seem to have the self control to keep from hurting others with it, be they family members or innocents, then I don't see that as a right. What's wrong with being clear and sober so much that people abhor the natural state?

    Maybe I am totally lost, or wrong, or both. We all have rights, but not the right to infrenge others' rights, am I wrong? Shouldn't myself or my wife or you and your family have the right to drive down the road without the chance of a person voluntarily without their natural faculties posing such a risk? Or the same, from a person voluntarily lost in chemicals and going nuts with a gun? There are enough sources of natural problems and insanity without having them so easily available on the governmentally backed markets (only the govt legally buys and sells alcohol and tobacco)


    I know, too many purses open collecting along the lines....dumb question.


  4. The problem is GL's and some Lodges and their members have turned the place on enlightenment that met about taverns into Churches.

    Masonry is NOT a religion nor is it a cult. Both of which seems to be the way Masonry comes across. No alcohol allowed, and never question the overbearing power of a GL.

  5. Byron,

    I empathize with you over the loss of loved ones, but that's all the sympathy I can give.

    Life has risks. Life has victims.

    In high school, a friend died in a motorcycle accident. Let's ban motorcycles. My best friend died a few years ago after eating tainted Mexican food. Let's ban restaurants. Refined sugar causes obesity and diabetes. Let's ban sugar! 300,000 or more people die each year as a result of medical errors and from infections from bacteria in hospitals. Let's ban doctors and medical centers! Ban bacteria! Let's not stop there. People drown. Ban water! People get burned. Ban fire!

    As Benjamin Franklin said, "Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."

    — W.S.

  6. Thoroughly agreed, WS. I've never lost anyone to alcohol, but when I was in Law Enforcement, both civilian and military, I watched it's effects, along with other drugs. People are irresponsible, and with the "rule of law" society outweighing the natural law, I really don't know how things can improve. I reckon it's like my take on the gun laws. If some loonatick opens fire in my direction, my only right at that moment is to return fire. Provided the law allows me to have the proper equipment. But how do I defend against these other threats?

  7. By your logic in your first posting, you shouldn't have a gun, not even to "defend" yourself. Because some people use them irresponsibly, they should all be banned.

    How do you protect yourself?

    You accept that the risks exist, and then you minimize your chances of interaction. Stay off the roads during times when people are more likely to be drinking and driving. Read the health department scores on restaurant walls before you order. Get second opinions and investigate your surgeon's background before you undergo a medical procedure. Wear a life jacket.

    You go on with your life, aware of but not focused on the potential for damage or harm.

    And you let others do the same.

    In the case of allowing Georgians to vote on Sunday alcohol sales, you said you'd want to ban it altogether. The original U.S. prohibition of alcohol showed that by doing so, lives were in more danger, not less, not only from the increased violence from bootleggers, but from the dangers of home-brew itself.

    The current prohibition on Sundays doesn't stop people from driving drunk. Most people don't drink from a bottle or six-pack when they buy it at a retail store; they wait til they get home where they can drink, if not responsibly, at least in the relative safety of their own abode.

    — W.S.

  8. more people drown than die from guns.

    lets ban swimming pools.

    I really do not have the freedom on whether or not I want to vaccinate my child. Public schools make it mandatory. Jury is still out about the effects from vaccines. Autism is just one.

    Ohio is making it mandatory now that your child MUST have a chicken pox vaccination before attending public schools.
    Now, just about every one I know had chicken pox, and we are all fine?
    Why would my Gov't want to fill my daughter with chemicals she does need?

    rant, etc.........

    Religious reasons for anything need to be out of our societies views on laws. Freedoms are what they are:Freedom... and if a bunch of Yahoos believe their God did something on a special day, then YOU honor it and leave the rest of society out of it!

    Get rid of federal income tax, and let state stores sell porn, tobacco, drugs and guns to make their money and let me keep all of mine. If I want a 12-pak or a joint or a gun or debbie does dallas, let the Gov't prosper from my vices, your vices and every ones vices....but give us back our freedoms to decide how to spend our FREE TIME as we see fit!

    You know, I have seen many families destroyed from this invasion of the middle east, we should ban wars too!


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