Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I want to believe

It's Conspiracy Day at The Burning Taper. Worry and paranoia over everything is just a click away these days. Cult propaganda, government cover-ups, the secret agenda of tour guides — it's all waiting for you online.

Here are few articles that recently caught my eye.

The Wiccans are taking over the minds of youthful members of America's evangelical churches, thanks to Harry Potter, according to a shill for Tim and Beverly LaHaye. Tim, of course, has made a fortune selling his Left Behind series of Christian mythology about what happens on Earth after Jesus returns.

A columnist for Collegiate Times has debunked all conspiracy theories as "laughable myths." Obviously, he's an apologist for the Illuminati.

Philadelphia tour guides have been belled and collared with "registration," and are programmed to tell "hilarious lies" about the history of the City of Brotherly Love.

Here's a link to brief histories of a devil's dozen secret societies, sponsored by the International Institute of Social History. Now does that sound like an Illuminati front group, or what? You'll be an expert in disinformation once you've read these "Cliff Notes" of The Conspiracy.

And get ready to enjoy the new exploits of Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. The as-yet-unnamed The X-Files movie sequel hits the big screen on July 25.

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  1. One of the comments from the "Earth worship on the rise among Evangelicals" follows.

    "we have Al Gore leading them too! and yes, the pastors fail to teach against any group and even have as their deacons members of Masonic lodge. Who can you trust? not man!!!Trust in your savior Jesus Christ only. You need to search the BIBLE for yourselves."

    Obviously everything wrong in the world is

    1.)Al Gore's fault
    2.)The Freemason's fault
    3.)NOT our fault
    4.)All of the above

    Truly amazing how some "religious" people have to have a scapegoat rather than accepting responsibility for their own behaviors and actions.

    If my trust is in G-d, my faith is well founded. Why is it anyone else's damn business regarding the specifics of my faith?

    Just another example of my G-d is better than your god and y'all are going to burn in hell.


  2. Interesting thoughts on the direction of faith. I suppose that we will have much overlap as information disseminates. No doubt the 3 suriviving religions of the west are full of violence. Nothing but killing and standing armies for 1000 years.


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