Saturday, February 16, 2008

Royal Order of Jesters 'exposed' by investigative reporter Sandy Frost

Investigative reporter Sandy Frost published last night "Jesters Exposed," a look behind the scenes at the Royal Order of Jesters, a Shrine-related subculture of Freemasonry whose motto is "Mirth is King."

It sounds like they have a great time. We should have all been invited to join this Masonic party club. As Sandy writes, "Not that messing around, holding oral sex competitions, getting snot-slinging drunk and gambling your butt off is a bad thing, but to allegedly do so as a nonprofit group?"

Websites of the Jesters are few and far between. Here's a little bit of info I found on the group, from the Phoenix Masonry website:
Jesters, usually so-called, but more formally named the Royal Order of Jesters, is an organization evolved out of the good fellowship of members of the Mystic Shrine during a voyage to Honolulu, February 15 to March 7, 1911. An offhand ceremony grew into a ritual, and to local Courts and a National Body, very much of its success due to the initiative of William S. Brown, many years the Treasurer of the Mystic Shrine; Lou B. Winsor, Past Imperial Potentate and Grand Secretary of Michigan, and others of their genial kind who organized and led the Body whose local units were limited to thirteen initiates yearly. Initiation, by invitation, and unanimous ballot, limited to members in good standing of the Mystic Shrine. The slogan "Mirth is King," expounded by Jester Brown, and the poem by Edmund Rowland Sill, "The Fool's Prayer," recited by Jester Winsor, have furnished inspiration. Officers, thirteen, bear the titles: Director, Tragedian, Property Man, Impressario, Treasurer, Soubrette, Light Comedian, Serio Comic, Heavy Man, Leading Lady, Judge, High Constable, Stage Manager; the national officer's titles are the same but preceded by the word Royal.
Also from the same site, we find the "Jester's Creed."
Laugh and the glad world laughs with you;
Weep and the sad world will sigh!
Mirth is our life's true elixir;
It shows you're a "regular guy."

There's nothing that so banishes worry,
Nor puts such a big crimp in sin;
Nor smooths out the wrinkles of trouble,
Like a jolly old Jester-mans grin!

It rolls off the years from your shoulders;
You'll forget that you've grown to be men!
Your youth turns once more to embrace you;
For you've grown to be school boys again!

So, if you've got grouches, don't bring 'em;
Its your laugh and your joke that we need;
For mirth is the doctor of trouble,
And Laughter, the Jester-man's Creed!
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  1. "Not that messing around, holding oral sex competitions, getting snot-slinging drunk and gambling your butt off is a bad thing, but to allegedly do so as a nonprofit group?"

    Nice work, if you can get it.

    Besides, if they did it "for profit," that would probably carry a different connotation.

  2. Besides, if they did it "for profit," that would probably carry a different connotation.

    Sorta what was going through my mind.

  3. I would love to see this persons proof of the sexual misdoings until then its hearsay and slanderous.

  4. Cory,
    Aren't the more serious issues partying at tax payer expense and the possiblity of tax fraud?
    Sad that your first thoughts are about sex.

    1. they aren't funded by Tax Payers. You know nothing about this great and honorable group of men who practice charity. Also no sex parties either

    2. Glad to see you are interested in the Jesters. The Jesters write off the costs of their partying as nonprofit groups and we subsidize what they do not pay/ Thank you, Sandy

    3. Sandy, with all due respect (if you deserve it) you have no idea what the heck you are talking about. What in the Lords good name gives you the completely ridiculous idea that there is EVER anything remotely sexual within this group. You need to get your fact straight before you slander good and moral men.

  5. Check out "The Guild of Fools and Joculators," in any book by Terry Pratchett, begining with "The Light Fantastic," or "Wyrd Sisters," for an interesting outlook on fun and jocularity.

  6. I think investigations should be made into any serious suggestion of financial wrongdoing, and appropriate actions taken against any perpetrators. Knowing many Shriners personally who are good and dedicated brothers, I doubt that it is more than isolated incidents. It would be unfortunate if it is not.
    There are unfortunately bad eggs in every society. Look at mankind.

  7. Let's not take advantage of the Widow Son's hospitality. It is more appropriate that any further comments be made on my site as there are comment boxes at the end of each of my articles.
    Thank you,

  8. Hi Sandy

    Thank you for taking the time to come here and chat with us that is extremely brave and courteous of you.

    I have visited your site and will dedicate more time to go over everything you have supplied.

    Can I just ask if the allegations are hearsay, eye witness accounts or other methods.

    When I mentioned the sexual part of the story (as you pointed out) I was thinking about the family members of the Jesters who have to justify themselves to their wives, family members and friends.

    In this country you innocent until proven guilty but the court of public opinion is whole different ball of wax.


  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. you must have spoken truth, because your comment was removed by the author. She is repulsed by truth and enjoys spreading lies about things she knows absolutely nothing atall, not even a little bit about

    2. What are you talking about? Burning Taper is not my site. I am not the administrator. If you want to make such comments, please do it on my site. Please feel free to point out the "lies." After seven years, I have published over 40 articles about the Jesters, all documented. Thank you, Sandy

  10. I read through the entire posting.

    As a professional journalist and editor I can appreciate the desire to bring truthful statements to the public.

    However, true journalism isn't littered with sensationalism, subjectivity, and attacks. Such inclusions certainly harm the reporter's integrity and reputation as a source of accurate information. Blogs masquerading as journalism are typically shoddy -- no oversight (fact checking), standards, or style.

    Ms. Frost, you impeach your credibility by venturing outside of objectivity (i.e., reporting the facts) and into personal feelings about the subject(s) in focus. Also, relying on sources who may be nothing more than disgruntled former Shriners or Jesters does nothing to bolster your efforts. Where is the balance?

    As a journalist, I cannot accept what you have reported -- as it is posted -- as good journalism. As a Mason who also is a Shriner (not a member of ROJ), I am disturbed by the mere possibility that the actions as described on your blog regarding the Jesters could potentially have happened. As a man, I could never participate in same.

    In summary, tighten up your reporting if you want to be taken more seriously. Lose the sensationalism, the personal commentary, the loaded questions, etc. Your credibility depends on your ability to remove yourself from the story. Otherwise, you present yourself as someone who did a little bit of digging as retaliation for some offense you feel was committed against you by the Shrine.

    Ben R.

  11. Sad that your first thoughts are about sex.

    Speaking of which...

    I'm pretty sure that the little Billiken thing that's lighting up is his navel, i.e., belly button - based on the several other sketches and models on that website.

    That reminds me - I've got to get that little fountain fixed - you know the one, where the little boy is peeing, but it's really dispensing beer.

    I figure I'll put it out in the yard next to those things in the flowerbeds that look like people bent over so far that their butt cheeks are showing.

    Then I can send the picture to the TLC crew and maybe get an extreme home makeover.

  12. Good work Sandy. :-)

    Keep shinning a light on these organizations. It's fun to watch the roaches crawling for cover. lol

    Here's some other groups well worthy of investigation:

    1. The Quetzalcoatl (AKA: "The Q") You'll just love to learn all the things that they're up to. In Indiana they got so bad they had to change their name to "The Machine Gun Club".

    2. Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite -Southern Jurisdiction. While I doubt you'll find any sexual scandals you can find out many other interesting things. Look into the law suit between them and the City of Los Angeles. Also, another cute little involving them showed up in Nebraska several years back where they were claiming status as a "religious organization" in order to evade taxation. Gee, hasn't Masonry always claimed to NOT be a religion? (You see what I mean.)

    Keep up the good work! :-)

  13. Oooops! I almost left out the best thing to investigate.

    Pull up the real estate records from the sales of Masonic properties (lodge buildings, Shrine Temples, Scottish Rite temples, etc.). Then research the people/companies that purchased them. If you analyze the real land value vs. the amount paid at sale you will end up scratching your head and wondering how such sweet real estate deals happen for the lucky few.

    Let me give you an example. The Grand Lodge of Georgia owned its Grand Lodge building in Macon. They sold the building to a company that turned right around and rented it back to them! When the Grand Lodge could no longer afford the rent, on what had been their building, they were evicted. Now they use the old York Rite building as their Grand Lodge. Questions to ask yourself: “Why would you sell a building you own only to rent it? “Who owned the company that bought the building?” “Who’s connected to who?”

    It’s all kind of like one of those follow the dots books for kids. All you have to do is follow the dots to uncover the truth.

  14. A friend of mine, even though I have been expelled/suspended or deemed to moral for american freemasonry, he and I remained friends. He happens to have just got into the jesters and has asked me to remove my post about what I know, and I said I would comply.

    but, if a small % of jesters are acting "unmasonic"?, why do the majority allow it?

    Just like how the Grand Lodge of Ohio disparaged RWB John Whitehouse and the whole craft sat idly by while this honest brother was maligned by his peers.

    why do men sit by when wrong is done in their presence?

    So, for my friend I will remove the truth about the local jesters, because truth is a bad thing where I come from apparently...

    Hi Sandy

    Thank you for taking the time to come here and chat with us that is extremely brave and courteous of you.

    I have visited your site and will dedicate more time to go over everything you have supplied.

    Can I just ask if the allegations are hearsay, eye witness accounts or other methods.

    When I mentioned the sexual part of the story (as you pointed out) I was thinking about the family members of the Jesters who have to justify themselves to their wives, family members and friends.

    In this country you innocent until proven guilty but the court of public opinion is whole different ball of wax.


    In this country you are innocent until PROVEN guilty?

    tell Theron Dung that and all the other band wagon masons who feel the men of Halcyon are guilty until proven innocent, and when proven innocent, dupes like theron dunce will still think Halcyon is guilty.

    A Mason that actually adheres to the Laws of the land. Thank You cory for restoring a little faith in your craft.

  16. oh yeah sandy, a bird told me that $100,000.00 came up missing during an audit when the parma lodge merged with parkside lodge in ohio.
    I asked 5 DDGM's what they were doing about it, and not one responded?
    go figure..........

  17. Howard Roark wrote:
    1. The Quetzalcoatl (AKA: "The Q") You'll just love to learn all the things that they're up to. In Indiana they got so bad they had to change their name to "The Machine Gun Club".

    Well Jeff, if Sandy's reporting is as faulty as yours, the truth doesn't stand a chance around here. I'm no apologist for Shrine misbehavior, but you're spreading a lie about Masons in my hometown and I'm calling you on it.

    The Quetzalcoatl is alive and well, and reports in the monthly Murat Shrine magazine nearly every month. It has not shut down, nor has it changed its name.

    The "Gatling Gun Club" (not the "Machine Gun Club" as you stated) is a privately owned facility, and not a Shrine property. It is currently for sale. The club sits on prime downtown property (next to our Scottish Rite Cathedral), while the majority of its active participants live on the city's south side, hence their desire to sell it. It is in need of much repair, and its active participants no longer live close by.

    And before you start up again, I am not involved in any way with either the Quetzalcoatl or the Gatling Gun Club.

    And while it is technically true that the old Los Angeles Scottish Rite Cathedral is a part of the AASR-SJ, your blind hatred of that organization doesn't excuse your sloppy accusations against the SJ, when the LA situation was clearly the result of errors by the local Valley, going back to the very day the property was developed. The property was too small for the building, with inadequate parking. When the LA Rite fell on hard times and rented the building out, the parking situation enraged local neighbors who had complained all along that if it got popular, on-street parking would interfere with their residential streets. And it did. Bad judgement? Sure. But scandalous?

    The tragedy is that volunteer amateurs often run our facilities and businesses, and we sometimes suffer as a result. But if you, as a former Mason, really contend that isolated incidents among thousands of lodges, chapters, councils, valleys and clubs, and millions of members honestly makes mainstream Freemasonry a massive haven for crooks and petty tyrants, you are every bit as irresponsible as those you claim to be better than. Does wrongdoing occur, covered up by friends in the fraternity? Wouldn't surprise me. A lot happens in this world out of friendship, for good or ill, and some things are ignored in this fraternity in the possibly misguided name of harmony. It's a tough balancing act sometimes. But mainstream Freemasonry doesn't deserve the kicking you continue to give it.

    But go ahead, let the spewing continue. Just be a little more careful with the facts when you're slinging dirt.

  18. 2 Bowl Cain writes:

    "Why do men sit by when wrong is done in their presence?"

    That's probably the most profound and fundamental question ever asked here, and one that certainly can't be answered easily.

    Especially in situations where "brotherhood" and "teamwork" are emphasized, no one wants to buck the system or go against the flow. That's one of the great dangers in Masonry, as Chris suggests in one of his posts above.

    In a nutshell, it's basically lack of courage, but simply realizing the problem isn't enough to make it go away. As Masons, we're supposed to "subdue our passions," but it's difficult (if not impossible) for humans to completely overcome our animalistic nature.

    Those with sufficient intellectual curiosity to spend a few minutes educating themselves should really review the sad truths revealed by the Milgram Experiment and the Stanford Prison Experiment (conveniently researchable at ""). Both are extremely enlightening, and exceedingly frightening.

    In the Milgram Experiment, initially conducted by Stanley Milgram at Yale University in 1961, human willingness to inflict bodily injury and death to fellow humans at the instruction of authority was shockingly demonstrated (no pun intended). One would hope that the percentage of average people willing to kill other people, simply at the instruction of perceived authority figures, would be zero, but it isn't, and the experiment has been replicated numerous times in various countries and cultures, with sickeningly similar results.

    In the Stanford Prison Experiment of 1971 psychologist Philip Zimbardo at Stanford University created a research prison and arbitrarily assigned rolls of "guards" and "prisoners" to paid volunteers. Unfortunately, the experiment devolved so quickly that it had to be terminated after "guards" began torturing certain "inmates," while other "inmates" actually supported the torture, rather than attempting to defend their fellow men.

    I believe it was Albert Pike who said words to the effect of: "We are all subject to the same inclinations." That's undoubtedly true, but to create civilized societies, all humans have had to learn to subdue our passions to some degree. If it wasn't so, as one of my friends so ineloquently stated many years ago: "People would be doing it on the sidewalks."

    Simply put, however, some people "advance" more than others. Those who are relatively advanced, need no threat of imprisonment to dissuade them from committing serious crimes; they simply recognize that they "shouldn't" do certain things, and they refrain from doing them.

    No such ideas exist in the animal world. If a dog wants another dog's food, or another's toys, it simply takes what it physically can. There's no understanding of theft, or violation of morality; it's simply subsistence on a relatively basic level.

    Humans of even relatively modest morality, however, should easily understand that it's "wrong" to physically take others' food and/or possessions. Likewise, most understand that they shouldn't harm others or deprive them of their lives, yet it's shocking how tenuous that grip on morality really is, even in our society today.

    Virtually all people claim to understand that it's wrong to harm other people, yet most believe it's perfectly justifiable during the course of war, even though the actual combatants may have no quarrel whatsoever with each other. Someone they perceive to be in a position of authority, simply tells them to go hurt somebody else, and they continue doing it today just like other people have since the beginning of time.

    It's within human capacity to end war -- not just one war, but all wars -- if only people would stick to their own moral compasses without allowing anyone to persuade them to make exceptions. No country would ever attack another country in the first place, which would negate all other countries' necessity to defend themselves, and war would vanish from the face of the earth.

    In short, the world would change if everyone resolved to do "right" without exception, but that will never happen. Despite our best intentions, most people simply don't have the courage and conviction to do right, particularly when it's a difficult course.

    Heck, most of us don't even have the conviction to quit smoking or stick to our diets, let alone stick to our moral compasses in the face of adversity, and that, my friends, is the reason "men sit by when wrong is done in their presence."

    Most of us simply abandon true morality by deferring to the path of least resistance, often without even giving our choices much consideration. We simply instinctively do what we believe suits our immediate interests, and don't take the extra steps of analyzing situations to realize that what's best for our fellow men, is ultimately best for us as well.

    -- Diogenes

  19. Hodapp,

    You're a con man. The "Q" is notorious for running girls and having strippers at their meetings.

    While I may have got the name of the club wrong, I have the moral issues straight.

    And, as for the AASR-SJ. Nothing is done in any Valley without the approval of the SGIG, who is a member of the Supreme Council.

    And, yes, I hate the racism and corruption and have no problem pointing it out for all see. At least in this way guys like you can no longer easily dupe the public when the are aware of all the serious moral issues in the mainstream fraternity.

    My new web site on mainstream Freemasonry will be up soon. :-)

  20. Howard Roark wrote:
    My new web site on mainstream Freemasonry will be up soon.

    I'm breathless with anticipation. Really. Edge of my seat stuff.

    What screen name alias will it appear under this time so we can all be certain it's you and not just some provocative poseur?

  21. I find all of this pretty funny. I have been Demolay when I was younger and I am a Mason and Shriner. If all the ills that are purported to be part of us existed as stated this would be serious. However, having been in leadership positions in all the appendant bodies I haven't seen fiscal mismanagement. I have seen stupid people do stupid things when they were in charge - but there were enough checks and balances to make sure they couldn't do any lasting damage. Is there financial shennangins going on - probably. Whereever there is a pile of money and if no one is watching trouble usually happens. However it is NOT widespread in my experience. Is there sex going on outside of marriage? Probably. But not any more than what goes on at the office we may work at or the bowling league we may participate in. These allegations are as old as masonry. I find those that make them are mixed up angry folks who see shadows where there are none. Reporting extra marital sexual liasons certainly is titillating, but it doesn't pass the smell test. Financial mismanagement is certainly of some concern, but it isn't widespread and certainly is NOT institutionalized as much as some outside (and some inside) folks would wish. Get a life folks! This ain't news. It's gossip.

  22. Mr. Hodapp is very motivated to make mainstream Freemasonry look as good as possible. Each time someone is duped into joining his fraternity he has an opportunity to pocket some cash from the sale of his Masonic books. Of course he doesn't care whether the new person will be duped out of even more cash joining Masonic side orders that promise "even more Light" for another $50-$500. As long as he makes his cut he's happy.

    It's not surprising to see him and all his buddies out here doing their best to defend their cash cow.

    Don't be fooled folks! It's all just a money making scheme like the plethora of others out there.

  23. I agree. At my Alma Mater, a woman stole quite a bit of money. I do not blame the college and its students and teachers for her actions. They are hers alone. Another woman stole money from the state fair fund. I still go and support the state fair.

    Not belonging to the Shrine or the Jesters, I cannot speak to what they might do. The possibility is obviously there for abuse. The possibility is also there that they do great things in those meetings.

    Although it does not indicate all the areas with Shriners or Jesters, I have seen the Shrine do some great things for local children. I know many to be good men and good Freemasons. We are all rough ashlars, and arrive with foibles.

  24. Of course, I do not agree with Howard on this issue. I had to say this as we posted at nearly the same time. I do not know Chris personally, but I highly suspect his motives are out of interest in Masonry. If he offers some information to the general public, he should receive money for his work. I'm sure the publisher does.

  25. Be without fear in the face of your enemies,
    Be brave and upright that God may love thee.
    Speak the Truth, even if it leads to your death(expulsion).
    Safeguard the helpless.
    That is your Oath

    holiness is in right actions and courage on behalf of those who cannot defend themselves
    and goodness is what God desires in the head and heart- man makes decisions to be good or bad.

    and when you stand before God, you cannot say,"But I was told by another to do thus, or that Virtue was not convenient at the time"
    This will not suffice......................

    Always protect the helpless.............................................................................

    Freemasons SHOULD NEVER ABUSE their own!

    Long Live RWB John Whitehouse..... The Only Honest mason left in cleveland!

    RWB Bob Trigg lives outside Cleveland, so that is why I do not mention him... but he is a stand up brother.

  26. I'm with Pragmatist on this.

    The fact that virtually any member in good standing may aspire to serve as Worshipful Master of a Masonic Lodge or Potentate of a Shrine Temple is a double-edged sword. I think it's great that the tenet of meeting on the level applies to our positions of leadership; however, some truly lack the professional experience or managerial acumen to lead in such positions, especially when it comes to money.

    Spending money unwisely is much different from stealing it. Advisors and committees within the Lodges and Shrine Temples can help safeguard against the former. Independent, third-part auditing can help prevent the latter.

    Ben R.

  27. Hmm... the AASRSJ Mobile, Al GAVE away their building which covered a half-city block for $200,000.00.

    It was sold because the SGIG directed it sold. Valley of Mobile moved and started raising money to build a new temple smaller and in the style of a Blue Lodge. They raised $100,000.00. The Personal Representative for the Valley stole the money.
    FACT look it up he was tried and convicted in federal court. The SGIG tried to keep a lid on it so the state-wide membership would not know what happened.
    FACT the SGIG caused a major split in the Valley of Huntsville when he ordered the by-laws changed and gave them a copy of what he wanted passed. He caused many other related problems within the Valley and a major Blue Lodge supporter to the Valley.
    FACT he did the same all over the state he ordered that his by-laws would be passed which gave him complete control of everything within each Valley. The Valley's can vote a line of officers and he has the power to say no I wnat these people in the line. Which he has done.
    FACT the Valley of Huntsville Honor Court sent several letters to the Supreme Council about the SGIG and his activities. The GC formed an investigating committee of the SGIG's of FL, GA, TN and they reported back that he had did some wrong and the SGIG told the GC he would block all elections if they tried to do anything to him.
    FACT The SGIG did his best to cause a split with SR and YR in Birmingham which he did. This was done in an effort to run off men of great character within the SR Honor Court so he could fill postions with yes men. The Valley of Birmingham has gone from 4500 members in 1993 to less than 1900 2005. Honor men that he ran off are now at YR committed men doing what they can for Masonry.
    FACT The Valley of Birmingham at his direction put their building up for sale but could not sell it becaue he would not reply to many offers to buy. This Valley will be gone soon becuase of the declining membership and the lack of money to operate it. He steps on anyone he cannot completely control or asks him questions about their Valley. As the former Almonder said "Brothers ask about where your money is going" this great brother was treated less than human in open LOP by this SGIG this brother sadly left something he was committed to for over 50 years.
    Is this what being a mainstream Mason is suppose to be? a destroyer a controller, a back stabber?

  28. Ben R.,

    Reality check dude!

    The events described by Masonic Avenger show signs of conspiracy, not incompetence. The same is true with the sale of the Grand Lodge building in Georgia.

    I just learned that the US Senate is opening an inquiry into certain Masonic organizations. Things should get interesting.

  29. I'll believe your claim when I see it on C-SPAN. Either way, I'll resting easy knowing that the Masonic organization to which I belong are audited by independent third parties and, in some cases, as well as state and federal regulatory bodies.

    I find it interesting that so many people who aren't members of these organizations are so obsessed with the inner workings. If you really care that much, join and try to change the way things work.

    Ben R.

  30. Howard Roark,

    Thanks for the tip about possible U.S. Senate investigation/s into Masonic organizations! Do you know who in the Senate this might be and if they are looking into the Shriners?

    And thanks to the rest of you for your juicy little tid bits.

    I'm also interested in the Halcyon Lodge/Ohio situation. If any of you have documents to support your allegations, please feel free to send along more details to

    And for the rest of you people, let me re-emphasize that I will respond to your observations and comments only if you post them at

    Then I will at least know there is a possibility that you have actually read my articles.

    Have a nice day,


  31. Ben R.

    If you're what you claim then you should have no problem telling us what news source you work for and your qualifications.

    If you write for some Masonic magazine then it hardly qualifies as journalism. I suspect this is most likely the case.

    Also, as a professional journalist you should be willing to reveal who you are. Why hide behind a screen name? What do you have to hide? Who are you hiding from?

    Since you first appeared on the BT with the Jesters article I think we can safely assume that you are a Jester. I think we can also assume that you were sent here to discredit Mrs. Frost because she spilled the beans about all the debauchery taking place in your little ape-man worshiping club.

    You guys are really pathetic!

  32. Howard,

    I hold a Bachelor of Science in Journalism degree from a college that has one of the finest programs of its kind in the world. I serve as managing editor of a business-to-business trade magazine. I am not a publisher of anything Masonic, nor am I a member of the Jesters.

    I owe you nothing. All you do is complain. You're a great deal of talk with little substance in the way of action behind it. Words. Lots and lots of negative words. That's your purpose. You're the type who can't be happy unless he's bitching about something. Very sad, really.

    Go to the library and read a book about traditional journalism. Learn about objective vs. subjective coverage and why reporting in the style of the latter earns no credibility. Amateurish "reporting" on the Internet doesn't make a person a journalist. Sorry to bring that reality to your doorstep.

    1. I admit in my online bio that I write with bias. I am biased against corruption. And crimes against girls and women, especially sexual exploitation. Your credentials mean nothing in this ever changing world of journalism. I am s one-woman news room who has uncovered the biggest nonprofit fraud of our time - prostitution and human trafficking at taxpayer expense. I have also been active with the Society of Professional Journalists and was named a Diversity Fellow in 2011. What have you done?

  33. Here's objective for you Ben R.

    The user Ben R. has failed to provide his credentials as a journalist. He has attempted to obfuscate the questions put to him through vague answers.

    The user Ben R. has also relied on the age old 'ad hominem' argument to discredit those who have directly questioned his credibility.

    The user Ben R. is, therefore, not a reliable source of information.

    The user Sandy Frost is who she claims to be and can be contacted and verified. She signs her name to her posts and articles. Unlike the user Ben R. she does not hide behind a screen name or avoid answering direct questions.

    These are the objective facts Mr. Ben R.

    Logic would indicate that you should be granted zero credibility at this point.

  34. Then, Howard, by your own logic we can determine that you also fail the test since:

    1. you use a fake screen name
    2. You're known for sock-puppeteering
    3. When someone actually knows more than you or calls your bluff, your response is an ad hominem attack (It's like clockwork and you fool nobody except the weak minded)

    4. You offer nothing other than bogus credentials

    5. Through your awesome skills of research and deduction, you accuse people of being someone they're not, are wrong every time and then either attack or retreat.

    6. You claim to have information, yet never site any sources.

    6. These personal attacks reflect a pathological obsession with Brent Morris, SJ A & A SR, books by Chris Hodapp and your own feigned masonic experience. And it is apparent, yes it is, that this obsession is partly because you've failed where others have succeeded.

    Your supporters glom around you because they cannot communicate, can barely spell, and appear to have similar emotional problems.
    To give you credit, you can spell and form a sentence, which is why they rely on you. That alone, however, does not mean that your much vaunted "logic" stands on solid ground.

    You, friend, are a classic sociopath and are dangerous to yourself and others. I pray you find help Mr. Peace before the damage you cause finally brings a further downfall.

    How can you accuse others of the same things of which you are guilty? You are a textbook case, I swear!

  35. If I may, with my limited knowledge, Howard Roark is far from the classic sociopath. The classic sociopath, if you were to be so unlucky as to know one, would most likely be someone that you liked. The classic sociopath does not feel the same connections to humanity that you and I do. Unfortunately the classic sociopath has learned to play the game.

    Brother Howard Roark is harsh at times but he is far from exhibiting the signs of sociopathic behavior. I suggest that you leave the psychology to psychologists. I could introduce you to a couple if you were interested.

    It is easy to take exception to things Howard Roark has to say. I have taken exception myself.

    It is important to understand that there is a "hidden conversation" between certain parties on this blog. These parties have a history of disagreement that seems to have exposed itself in several discussion, usually with no relation to the topic at hand.


  36. Ok, so there's no sociopathy. However, the the other points cannot be ignored or labeled as normal behavior for someone who claims to have a valid contribution.

    I don't know why there are those that continuously say "He's harsh but..."
    That's like saying my husband hurts me sometimes because he loves me so much.

    The harshness continues because this group is allowed to get away with it. I wish there would be some concerted effort to recognize this and just can it for a change of pace.

  37. Sol, don't sweat it. The guy is looney tunes.

  38. I may be crazy but I'm not stupid. :-)

    I don't hand over my money every year to Grand Lodges, Supreme Councils and Shrines that have been caught with their hands in the cookie jar. You idiots do. ;-)

    May I also point-out that by calling me a "sociopath" that you have done the same thing that you accuse me of doing: 'ad hominem' attack against the person and not the argument. Of course I expect this from the leadership of mainstream Freemasonry; you guys will stoop to whatever level is necessary to cover up the truth.

    Oh, I notice you are hiding behind a screen name too. If this is a valid argument against me then I guess I'll use it against you too. If what you had to say about me was credible, you would print your name clearly for all to see. :-)

    And, it is certain that you are a part of the leadership of mainstream Freemasonry and that you have been sent here by your superiors. How do I know this? Because the average American mainstream Freemason has no more than a 12th grade education and has no idea what 'ad hominem' even means. Further, concepts in human psychology are far beyond their basic understanding.

    It is your job to come out on the net and attempt to discredit anyone who points out the evil things you are doing to your ignorant but benevolent brothers in the little lodges.

    You guys are scum and I don't mind saying so.

  39. The mainstream Reich must survive at all costs. The blue lodge cult mentality is attack, divert, ostracize its membership and use scare tactics if they refuse to stay in lock-step idiocy to the policies of tyranny disguised as American Freemasonry.

    For years they have used the word regular, recognized, and clandestine as works to keep their membership in tow now the curtain has been ripped down and the words are meaningless. The wizard of OZ has been seen for who he really is.

  40. Reductio ad Nazium.

    Don't look now, Sparky, but I think you just reduced yourself to the new resident nutcase. Ol' Howard was definitely in the running, but the "Reich" remark inched you past him in the stretch.

    Incidentally, regularity and recognition was created so every street-corner hysteric with a Masonic exposure in his hand, who claimed his little blot of ragtag upstarts knew the "true" path of Freemasonry, while the mainstream world was naught but a lot of blithering dupes, could be kept out of the adult swim. Still seems to work pretty well. So do rant on. We're taking bets over here in the big tent as to which one of you will say "Hitler" first. You are close, my wayward revolutionary. Very close.

  41. Yes, the world is truly out to get you and only you.

    Keep going...You're on a roll. Show the world more of what we already know.

    The slaves shall serve.

  42. And I do know what an ad hominem attack is--don't assume that I don't. I'll admit that this is what I've committed, even though everyone knows what was stated is true.

    So, I post with a fake name. Saying that my post is less than credible because of it does not automatically make your posts more so based on my personal choice.

    Really, what is your point in that you have to repeat it over and over? We GET it already. Us=bad; You= the Alpha and the Omega of Freemasonry. We do not deserve your mind that is like fine wine. Instead we prefer Night Train. Leave us to die in the gutters oh holiest one. We are truly not worthy of your great and outstretched hand of beneficence.


    I see why you like to name yourself after an Ayn Rand character: she could never live up to her b.s. either. In the end, she was just a confused 13 year old girl in an adult body.

    Enjoy the sights from your tower of illusion!

    Bro. Igni Ferroque

  43. "Yes, the world is truly out to get you and only you." - Sol

    Nah, there's just a couple dumb-asses like you following me around wherever I post. Everyone else has their eye on that which is of much greater importance. Mainstream Freemasonry has more enemies than they know and create more each passing day.

    It looks to me like the chickens are coming home to roost boys. Glad I won't be there to see it. ;-)

  44. Such conceit that it's all about you. I only started posting because I dislike seeing so much ill-informed vitriol gushing from a single gaping maw. Many others would rather have you just shut up and could care less what spiritual path you invent, or from what bridge you leap.

    So if we should ignore you, why do you still keep yapping? Is it that you crave to be heard? Yes.

    Now go take some meds and go to sleep so you can wake up early in order to see the sky falling.

    --Bro. Igni Ferroque

  45. This comment has been removed by the author.

  46. Sol,

    If it's all about me then what about Brandt and Euclid Lodge, or Halcyon Lodge, or Intrepid Lodge or the brothers at Sirius Lodge?

    In case you haven't noticed other brothers are walking away from mainstream Freemasonry too.

    Maybe - just maybe - one day you will see that the problem isn't me but men like yourself. You keep perpetuating lies about an organization that is morally bankrupt. You allow those who question its unethical actions to be expelled without question. You allow injustice after injustice in the name of "brotherhood".

    When will you learn that there can be no brotherhood in the absence of justice and morality?

    Sad... very sad indeed. :-(

  47. "Maybe - just maybe - one day you will see that the problem isn't me but men like yourself."

    They don't care the AASR is more interested in the worker bees and the money.
    Hey Brent what are you going to do when the Senate Committee demands to see your books, and finances??
    Tell them no? Like you tell the membership??

  48. Things have progressed since I wrote and published the above referenced article. Please read my latest findings on my site here. "Vampires of Charity" is about the Jesters and is available here.
    Thank you, Sandy Frost


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