Friday, September 26, 2008

Massachusetts Grand Lodge's 275th anniversary draws to a close

The Grand Lodge of Massachusetts is finishing up its year-long celebration of its 275th anniversary.

W. Bro. Henry Pierce is a Mason from Amicable Lodge in Cambridge, Mass. He sent these photos to share with you some of the things that have been going on in Massachusetts this year.

The Grand Lodge sponsored "Masonic Night" at a Brockton Rox minor league baseball game. Ben Franklin bobble-heads were given out to the first 1,000 fans through the gate.

There are also photos here of various pieces of literature circulated during the year, of a 275th anniversary paper apron used during the Grand Lodge Annual Communication, and a collection of pins from both the grand lodge and one given by visiting brethren from Brazil.

Click on the images for larger views.

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  1. The aprons are actually screen-printed on sort of a nylon mesh material. I got one for participating in a parade earlier this month.

    The last big hurrah of the 275th anniversary will be "Square & Compasses Day", a state-wide open house. All lodges in the state will be open from 9am-3pm.


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