Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Burning Taper blog named "Link of the Month"

We were notified yesterday by Freemasonry.fm that the Burning Taper has been selected to be their "Link of the Month" for June, 2006. You can see the Burning Taper link prominently displayed in the upper left corner of each of their pages.

Their webmaster wrote to us:
Dear Brother,

Your website have been selected as "Link of the Month" for June at http://www.freemasonry.fm.

Congratulations for your great job.

Fraternal regards,

Robert Moray

Thank you, Brother Robert. We are honored that you have noticed our Work, and we greatly appreciate the honor you have given us.

Not familiar with Freemasonry.fm? Check them out. It's a group of Masons from all over the world, who have bonded together to create a truly unique Masonic website.

Here's their "About Us" page:
We are freemasons. Freemasons coming from everywhere in the world. Different cultures, different masonic ways. We are proud of this virtual real fraternity.

Internet is a wonderful tool, with extrordinary ressources for all masonic interests. But it's so large, so huge, so complicated, so changing...

With Freemasonry.fm we create an internet masonic departure point. From here, you can acces to the best of masonic websites around the world. Then, depending of your quest, you will continue your own masonic travel.

We didn't want to make an exhaustive links websites. Too much informations kills the information. Here, you only will find the most representatives, selected, handpicked, masonic websites, but about quite all the subjects interesting for the Brethren.

It's a fantastic work. An hard work: search and visit quite all the masonic websites of the internet and then, select, classify, verify and daily update the best of the best. Today, we are proud of our contribution to the internet masonic community.

We are open-minded. We think it's not our role to promote or expurgate any masonic way of thinking. We only would like to help our Brethren to use internet masonic ressources more easily. We believe you are able to make your own choices and visit or not the masonic websites according to your own decision. We are your brothers, not your fathers ;-))

Sorry for our incorrect english sometimes. It's not the mother tongue of all participating Brethren. We obviously cannot ask for our american or british Brethren to always revise all our texts. So we decided to do our best... with some errors ;-)

For any comment, problem, encouragement, proposal... contact@freemasonry.fm

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  1. Fantastic Brother! That is pretty darn cool... congratulations!

    I've started a blog roll for Mason's and I have included your link on it. Stop by my blog and check it out when you get a chance.



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