Thursday, May 18, 2006

Pat Robertson predicts American tsunami

Some Christians are just weird these days. The Pope and his pals are in a tizzy over The Da Vinci Code. Hatemonger Westboro Baptist Church leader Fred Phelps and his family of myrmidons insist God hates everything.

I guess Pat Robertson was feeling a little left out. No one's paid attention to him since the last stupid thing he said.

Now he says that God told him terrible storms, maybe even a tsunami, may strike the U.S. in 2006.

Sorry, Pat. We've already gotten the tsunami prediction from the Comet Guy, Eric Julien.

In 1998, Robertson predicted Gay Days at Disney World would bring "terrorist bombs... earthquakes, tornadoes and possibly a meteor."

Pat Robertson — what an absolute joke. How can anyone take this boob seriously?

Does everyone have to be Chicken Little? Everywhere we turn, someone's saying God is doing bad things to humans as some sort of cosmic payback for not giving Him due notice and respect. Do we really believe in 2006 that God is a bad-tempered bully who throws tantrums when He's not placated? Have we not evolved at all? Do we have to keep recycling these Old Testament mythical ideas forever?


It's time for a New Understanding about God and Life.

To once again quote God, as recorded in A Conversation with God: The New Revelations:
There are five things you can chose now if changing your world, and the self-destructive direction in which it is moving, is what you wish to achieve.
  1. You can choose to acknowledge that some of your old beliefs about God and about Life are no longer working.

  2. You can choose to acknowledge that there is something you do not understand about God and about Life, the understanding of which will change everything.

  3. You can choose to be willing for a new understanding of God and Life to now be brought forth, an understanding that could produce a new way of life on your planet.

  4. You can choose to be courageous enough to explore and examine this new understanding, and, if it aligns with your inner truth and knowing, to enlarge your belief system to include it.

  5. You can choose to live your lives as demonstrations of your highest and grandest beliefs, rather than as denials of them.
These are the Five Steps to Peace, and if you take them, you can shift everything on your planet.

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  1. The Davinci Code has been highly criticized and its artistic integrity nearly compromised with some countries and people/groups wanting to add a disclaimer to the film stating that it is fiction. It is fiction. In the library and in bookstores it rests in the fiction category. It is interwoven with a theory and many theories (mathematics included) and facts. The book is a smart read and is a mystery novel.
    The theory is that Jesus had a wife and a daughter, named Sarah with Mary Madgelene. The book also states that Mary Madgelene was not a prostitute but a descendant of Hebrew royalty. Marriage is and was a sacrament. To say that Jesus took part in a sacrament is that blasphemy?
    Some people are happy with the way the bible reads that Jesus hung out with a known prostitute or that the figure to Jesus’ left is that of a beardless, effeminate male. John is the effeminate male, from what I have gathered from various Christians, so that means they are okay with Jesus hanging around with an effeminate male rather than a woman? Most good Catholics are void of an opinion when priests are molesting little boys and then placed in the Vatican Protection Plan.
    But, I digress. All of this, in the Davinci Code, is fiction steeped in theory. Theory is not proven yet is it?
    Al Gore’s movie “An Inconvenient Truth” is also based on a theory. We as a people should be more up in arms and offended by Al Gore’s film or documentary because he says the world is going to end in 10 years. This reeks of old time Evagelistic-Fire and brimstone fear techniques. No one is offended or claiming that this movie needs a fictional disclaimer. We know the world is not going to end because of the Davinci Code. We should. If Jesus was married it doesn’t shake my faith or change a thing in the world. The Davinci Code is not trying to use science to change people’s lifestyle or mind’s but Al Gore’s movie is doing just that. The world is going to end according to Gore. Bus loads of high school students are going to see this film. And maybe that’s just as well…the premise and Al Gore seem destined for the dustbin of old , boring high school films anyway.

  2. The theory of John, the Effeminate Jewish male holds no water. All of the disciples followed Jewish laws. Beardlessness was frowned upon.
    Paul was the one to advocate breaking with Jewish law requirements. That was after Christ's death. Paul never met Jesus physically, persay.

  3. I know exactly what y'all mean. It's just like this in Cival War history, all those manly-men and their beards and such and who was shagging whom.

  4. Roy, according to Davinci's early sketches, the effeminate beardless male next to Jesus was in fact the young apostle John. (here's a source from one of those fanatic response books:
    The sketches of the person who created the painting are more authoritative in this subject than Jewish law.

  5. By the way, Spanish journalists found the new interpretation for the Holy Grail :) The Holy Grail = the World Cup.
    Look at Nostradamus vs. Dan Brown


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