Friday, February 10, 2006

Westboro Baptist Church's message of hate

Many thanks to the folks at On their AltReligion page they recently linked to the Burning Taper with one very nice word: "Fantastic!"

They were pointing to the article we posted the other day called A Tour of the Masonic Lodge. Thanks for the link, guys, and the kind word!

Today linked to a news article from the Charlotte Daily Mail about what even the Southern Baptist Convention is calling a cult — a Baptist church in West Virginia. "It's Baptist in name only," an SBC spokesman said, trying to distance the Convention from this rather bizarre church.

Westboro Baptist Church was founded in the 1960s by disbarred attorney Fred Phelps in Topeka, Kansas.

The church came to the public's attention in the past year by traveling the country, protesting at the funerals of gay people, gay pride events and other churches. They carry signs with phrases like, "God hates America."

Recently they went to West Virginia to protest a memorial service for miners who died in the Sago Mine disaster. They claimed the miners died because of America's acceptance of homosexuality.

The Westboro Baptist Church group has gained such notoriety that Citywide Baptist Church of Ottawa, Canada, which was called Westboro Baptist Church for the last 75 years, recently changed its name to Citywide to avoid being associated with the protest group.

Read more about this group's twisted and disturbing antics in the newspaper article.

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  1. This is so typical of people with under-average education and are taught the Baptist doctrine of HATE.

    That Church needs an enema!!!

  2. Hey, congrats on the mention.

    On the post, these people really make me ill. Arn't these the same folks who protested a mans funeral, who dies of aids, but who was hetrosexual and caught it through a blood transfusion?

    Crazy, and this is our national "patriotic" base.

  3. You gotta admit though, they sure know how to market.

  4. West Virginians are fags and are inbred douche bags that are do meth. They're two faced people with shit eating grins that shake your hand with the hand they wiped their asses with. They only care for the American dollar or welfare to support their drug habits and egos of being the next Superstar while their kids are left unattended or left in the care of their mothers. They should be enslaved, drink out of hoses from my back yard and hung if they even look at a colored person wrong. It's called TWIST OF FATE. What ya gonna do when the TRUE NAZI'S come down ... on YOU!!!

  5. These individuals may mean well. Of course, it has been said the road to hell is paved with good intentions (if you are wont to take 'hell' literally). I think the Nazis had good intentions, too. I remember when they were at the funeral of the boy who was beat to death because he was gay. Dunne said rightly that each death is a loss to us all. A person's sexual preference is their own business. Nobody should be murdered over such an inconsequential matter.


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